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    • And the UB asked if there were more common colds, would there be more “positive” covid tests.   It depends. It depends on what you mean by “positive test”!   People want perfect tests: no false positive, no false negatives, so 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity, with resulting 100% “predictive values” (both pos and neg predictive values).   but those tests only exist in theory, not in practice.   As the number of tests change, the sensitivity and specificity don’t: they are a function of the test, not of the number of tests.   However, the positive and negative predictive values change with the prevalence of the condition. more tests for whatever reason:  more false positives : in direct relation to the number of tests, as the sensitivity and specificity hasn’t changed.   But, with a falling prevalence of covid : the same number of “more tests” (due to more colds that aren’t covid), the same number of false positives still, but the number of true positives falls, so the positive predictive value of the test falls ……..   (and PPV and NPV are what matter to the individual : “what does my test result mean to me”, whereas sensitivity and specificity matter more to the scientists and statisticians…..)     As for “cycle time” : the lower the cycle time the more of the “target sequence” was present.   A high cycle time can mean a false positive (the “target sequence” was never really present, but got created during the process as an incidental effect of doing the PCR, and then gets “amplified” to the level of detection, so “signals positive” late in the process)   For targets where the organism can colonise, a late CT can reflect colonisation. As an example : Almost all of us have our “respiratory tree” colonised with Pneumocystis jiroveci (what used to be called Pneumocystis carinii, the bug that causes Pneumocystis pneumonia in the immunocompromised). It isn’t causing an infection, it is just residing there minding its own business.   So, if I said “hey, do a bronchoscopy on me for fun, and send lots of PCP PCR’s!” : I’d expect them eventually to get a result that was positive, with a high cycle time. ”Positive test” but doesn’t indicate disease.   So, all tests should be interpreted in the light of their PPV / NPV, the “cycle time” (where relevant), if the organism can colonise, and the “pre-test probability” of the test.
    • Turnaround specialist Alvarez & Marsal has been appointed as administrators of Utility Point, which ceased trading last weekView the full article
    • My wife has now received a Letter Before County Court Claim from ParkingEye. Should I ignore it or just send them a snotty letter ?
    • @brassnecked So does that mean when we have loads of people with common colds, that there will be a big increase in positive covid tests ?    
    • It is having a record of notifying them of your new address.   If they got a Court judgement using your old address, when they had your new address, you would apply to have the judgement set aside, which would enable you to receive a Court hearing where you could defend.   I cannot remember seeing any UAE debts being subject to Court action in Scotland, as I think it is more difficult than England/Wales.   But you need to keep an eye out for any letters and always open/read.   Come back for advice if they are advising that they will be starting any Court action.   *** Very important -  Make private any social media accounts, such as Facebook, Linkedin.  Be careful, if you are contacted via social media, as it is not unknown for debt collectors to make contact using social media accounts in an attempt to embarrass people. ***    
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antonyuk30, have you filed your claim at court yet?


Ive just finished filling in the forms and will be posting it tomorrow. Am now claiming for two accounts at the same time. Ive also sent off a SAR for a 3rd account which they are well over 60 days now and I still aint received my statements! The 3rd account will be my biggest claim so I wish they would hurry up and get the statements out to me!!


Anyway wishing you all the best with your claim and hope it starts to go more smoothly for you :)

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Hi all,

Got a reply from the Halifax concerning my letter before action. They have decided to make a full and final offer of £960.50 this is just over half of the amount I am claiming. I have just finished writing a letter rejecting their offer. Did they really think anyone would write off almost £1000, and they had the cheek to call this a good will gesture because they still claim they are not at fault?

With the debt that they have passed on to a collection agency I would be left with a little short of £400. Halifax Bank is having a laugh at my expense. They now have until 26/06/2007 before I take them to court for all that they owe me plus interest at (8%) this will take my claim over £2000. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis so the longer they stall the bigger the cheque.

Will keep you all posted and thank you for all the advice and support it has all come in very useful.

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hi all done my court bits,they acknowledged on 25th may,28days up on 22nd june. what do i need to organise if(when) i get court date as cant see them settling for me at2600 and wife at 4300. any help appreciated. stumpi

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Great news folks. 24 Hours to go to the deadline for court action. Halifax transferred £960.50 into my account; this Is after I told them I was rejecting their offer. Called them to confirm rejecting offer then they asked if I would accept a new offer of £1800. So I accepted that offer as it was only £35 less than I was after. So I now join the ranks of the little people who fought back and won. Thanks to all on here who offered help and support when I needed It. Good luck to all of you In your claims I hope they all get paid out and we all end up as winners.

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Hello my names richard, im new to this forum and im going to to try and claim charges back from the halifax, i have one question when writing to the bank to claim do i write to my local branch or the head office?

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Hi its the head office

Halifax plc

Trinity Road




if you need any help give me a shout, i recently claimed my charges back

Hi my claim with the Halifax, they paid the full amount into my account on 19th june 2007 £5635.05.

N1 filed 23rd May 2007

Deemed served 25th may 2007

Acknowledged 1st June 2007

Keep on fighting and you will get it.

Heres some helpful numbers 01422 391096 or email

[email protected]

Today 20th June I discovered that 2700.00 had been taken out of my bank, I rang Halifax and was told it was interest on a loan, I told them that I didn’t have any loans so she put me on hold and came back after 5 mins and said there’s been an error I will get someone to call you back in 5 mins (I smoked 5 cigs in 15 mins) got no call back so I rang them and they said sorry about the error your account as been refunded with the 2700.00 what a cheek?

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Hi Everyone


I have been chasing my bank for a measily £155 and have taken advice from 'Moneysaving expert.com'. So far I have gone through the Small Claims Court (Money Claim Online) and have got to the stage where they had my Judgement rejected. So it looks like they are not going down without a fight and it is going to the County Court. I must admit I am begining to get nervous. I would be grateful for any advice anyone out there can offer me. Thanks

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