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i like your way of thinkin!! i've got bailiffs on my back for £250, and my dad on my back to pay it because he dont want his door or windows to suffer if they unlawfully try to get in (its his house i rent)...


i set up a standing order today to pay the bailiffs weekly but then after readin on here that they've charged me about £60 too much in fees (if i've read correctly) i'll be cancellin the standing order, dad thinks i should just pay it and get them off my back for the sake of £60.... i said dad you know what i was like taking the bank to court to get my penalty charges back!! i love winning'


why should these people be able to bully people into paying things just because the majority of us dont know where we stand and wont chase it up!!


anyway just wanted to say nice work



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That is what they rely upon, If as your dad thinks his house gets damaged ,have no hessitation but to sue them you could come off majorly on the winning side.


I'm not sure what they should be charging you, But if its me I would not pay them at all keep my windows and door locked until statute time runs out. Trust me when they know you're no push over they will go get themselves an easier target.


Over stating their powers is a common practice check out the site all you need to do is a search on google for Equita it should either be at the top or the right hand side under sponsered links


Hope it helps

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You are taking one very big risk with your website.


You are putting yourself at risk of a claim of libel against you unless you can show 100% your evidence is factually accurate.


UK law makes the web host or (person/company with control of the server connected to the internet) legally responsible for any libelous content hosted on their server putting them at risk of action being taken against them. See Laurence Godfrey vs. Demon Internet Ltd.


You must re-host your website and domain name in the American state of California where the law specifically excludes you and your web hosting company from any liability for publishing factually inaccurate content on a server connected to the Internet.


My site is hosted on my servers in Arizona and the site is factual ......the site theyre talking about is not my site and its also hosted on Arizona servers this time owned by Go Daddy Yes I have seen the Godfrey vs. Demon case

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