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    • No just the year stated from 2019   I had to phone them on Monday and arrange a payment plan. They was really good on the phone too xx
    • Thanks Jackson. But you haven’t heard anything more on the previous closed years now??
    • When you say you bought it from O2 – you mean from an O2 shop or online from O2 – but not from some third-party shop? From the sounds of it you have an excellent report from Apple – and who would know better if not Apple. I don't think you need to do anything more. Have you sent the report to O2? If so when? And what response of the given you? I can tell you that if you send the phone off to O2 NOW and ask them to carry out their inspection, they will take probably a couple of months or so. They may end up simply sending the phone to Apple. Furthermore, they may well tell you that you will have to pay a fee for their inspection. In the end, even if they find that there is a fault, they will probably want to charge you for repairing the phone. It's clear that you have a faulty phone and Apple have confirmed that and that it is not as a result of misuse. Excellent. Not only that, you submitted the faulty phone within the warranty period but even if you hadn't, you would still be covered by the consumer rights act which provides that you are entitled to have goods of satisfactory quality and that they should remain in satisfactory condition for a reasonable period of time. A telephone which needs over £300 worth repair after only one year of use is clearly not satisfactory – especially when we are talking about fault which you tell us has been documented over the Internet. I suggest that you start collecting screenshots and any other information as evidence of the complaints that are being made about exactly the same problem. Assuming that you have already provided the Apple evidence to O2 and they have either declined or not responded then the next step is to send a letter of claim. Unfortunately with these companies, it simply not worth allowing things to drag on too much. The pattern is that it takes the claim papers to produce a response and then they start to take you seriously. Read around this forum about the steps involved taking a small claim in the County Court and make sure you understand the broad pattern of events. If you are prepared to take this kind of action then let us know and we will help you with the next step.  
    • My claim hasn't been finalised as I only ended it in June. So it will be finalised this tax year. 
    • Okay I've gone through the trade and I think I'm up to speed. The last thing I know is that you were advised to write to Amazon or to have some discussion with them to see what their response would be. Have you done this? Anyway, I don't think that you can let it go any longer. £2000 is a lot of money to be out of pocket. Have you read around this forum about the steps required to take a small claim in the County Court? If you are familiar with the steps and you are happy to go ahead then the next step will be to send a letter of claim. This will give 14 days for them to reimburse you or else you will sue them. At the end of the 14 days – day 15 – you click off the claim. If you have any doubts about this then don't send the letter – but frankly if you are prepared to go ahead and issue the claim papers and follow through, then I think you may as well write it all off because nobody is going to help you until you start to get assertive. The County Court papers will put you in control because there will be deadline set by the court process which they will have to comply with. Suddenly there are going to have to start taking notice and respond. Let us know what you want to do.
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Policy cancellation fees - can they charge this?

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I have just cancelled my car policy with norwhich Union because I no longer have my car. I was told that I would have to pay a cancellation charge of £52. Is this right and fair? I pointed out that I had been a loyal customer for years and as soon as I buy my new car this fee will ensure that I do not return my custom to them. Strikes me they are shooting themselves in the foot but i am still left with this bill for cancellation, and how does pressing a cancel button on the computer cost £52.00 hmmm?:confused:

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You need to check your Policy Terms and Conditions re cancellation, however an Insurer may only obliged to return premium if it is they who cancel the Policy, are you just changing your vehicle in which case just transfer the cover with them ?

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The cancellation fee is outlined clearly in all documentation which is sent to you prior to your renewal. These are part of the terms and conditions which you should agree with prior to renewal, as you renewed then you confirmed agreement.

You more than likely would also have had a charge for time on risk upto the cancellation date.

If you are likely to replace the vehicle before the policy would have run out then NU can suspend cover and transfer it to the new vehicle when required. You would still have to pay the policy as usual but would get a refund for the time on suspension once you re-instated cover.

In Insurance, thinking "It wont happen to me" could mean you dont have the cover you want at a time when you want it! - Dont always reject a Courtesy Car or Legal because you find the cost too much! Whats more valuable? YOU or the Policy Premium?


Please add to my reputation if my reply was informative to you. (click the scales);) Replies offered by me are not linked to anyone, and is from my own personal experience.:grin:

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