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Help please! Letter received with offer..

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I have received an offer from Halifax without getting my bank statements through. An offer of £786 with a list of charges they have provided me with for £819.


My account with Halifax was taken over by Payplan and so there is an outstanding balance of around £250 for that. Within my letter this morning they say:-


"The account is still open and currently under our Hed Office control therefore any refund made would be credited to the account. I am unable to agree to this refnd being made to you by cheque".


Now I thought they would clear the outstanding balance and send me the balance.


Does anyone know how to go about this or has this happened with them?


Any advice would be much appreciated.

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As far as I remember. When you fill out the MCOL or the N1 there is a section in which you specify how/where for them to pay when you win, ie all on your terms. So it shouldn't be a problem.

However, if you are settling before court you are effectively on their terms and they can pretty much put in any clauses they like because you will agree in order to get the money!

It's just one of these big decisions - which way do you go?

Only you can decide.


Good luck



[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]"Another charge by the Bank?"


1st Claim (Current account)

30/11/06 WON! £3146.41


2nd Claim (Mortgage charges)

27/3/07 WON! - £277


3rd Claim (Credit card charges)

14/5/07 WON! £300


4th Claim (Old account 97-99 £444)

20/4/07 Prelim sent

9/5/07 LBA sent

Can't remember now but I WON!!!

My current thread - An A-Z - My previous saga



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Ok so do I trust the Halifax with the list of bank charges they have stated - has anyone found they are correct and not trying ot pull a fast one? They have listed dates, what the charge was and what I was charged for.


If so, then I thought I may as well accept their offer, save waiting around for my statements.

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Absolutely not! Have they included debited interest etc? I doubt for 1 minute they will be completely up front about it! Anyway, why are you thinking of accepting less than the full amount. Tell them you want the stats & you will then submit your claim for the full amount in the proper manner. Dont let them tke control. Also dont agree to terms you are not happy with on payment. ITs your claim not theirs. They have got you into this mess in the 1st place. Be firm with them. Look how much they have had to pay out already the highest of the lot and thats not by being straight and up front with people!

Sorry rant over but I do find Halifax the pits of the earth they would try and con their own granny

HSBC 1st preliminary letter £3692 10.10.06 LBA sent 24.10.06

HSBC 1st Preliminary Letter £3280 10.10.06 LBA sent 24.10.06

Capital 1 SADR 11.10.006

Halifax Visa SADR 11.10.06

CITI SADR 12.10.06

HSBC Gold card SADR 23.10.06

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