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Clare Spottiswoode appointed as Policyholder Advocate following nomination in February 2006.


Have you seen what they are paying her?


Norwich Union have a lot of money that they are anxious to give away but if you have an endowment policy don't get too excited.


It might be legal but they are considering giving most of this money to shareholders despite so many customers with endowment mortgages looking at a shortfall.


If you do have an endowment policy with this company I would encourage you to object to the proposal.








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Hi John,


I have only recently read the information sent to me by Norwich Union and don't really understand in full the implications of agreeing to the lump sum or bonus they may or may not offer for me to withdraw my rights. Have you any other advice to give on the subject? - Many thanks

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What gets me is the Norwich Union say they are "planning to reorganise or reattribute PART of the money that has built up on the CGNU Life and CULAC with-profits funds. This money, known as the inherited estate, is above the expected amount needed to meet policyholder and other commitments." (excerpt taken from their December 2007 letter).


Could it be the reason this lump of cash has "built up" because we have not been receiving appropriate bonuses over the past 4 years??


Seems to me they are hoping to buy us out of any future windfall pay outs. The words "smell" and "rat" come to mind?


yours cynically

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Take a look at the "Explanation of terms" section (page 16) of the "Your Questions Answered" booklet sent out by Norwich Union December 2007.

The term Excess Surplus concludes "and which it would be unfair to policyholders not to distribute" - then surely they have not been fair to us policyholders in the past, by not distributing this excess surplus.

Certainly the Regular Bonuses declared over the past 5 or more years have been less than fair.


Many thanks



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I've just read the latest figures. It seems they have about £4 billion pounds in a surplus pot and they want to give us a few hundred each!!


How big a hole does that fill in a mortgage shortfall?


You have to say NO.


Check out this page to read more about it. It's an article in the Financial Times.

Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste web address.



If you have PowerPoint have a look at this as well

Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste web address.



I still hope that enough people will get involved and let Norwich Union know that they can't buy us off cheaply, but it's going to be a tough job.




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