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Mass complaint ;Add your name here if a dca has acted incorrectly with your account.

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I spoke to the FOS about it and they tried to tell me that they had no jurisdiction.


I told them that after I have emailed every MP in the country and contacted all the newspapers and told them what happened and that the FOS were not interested, then things might change.


I did point out that I had a stack of letters from the FOS including one about mis-sold PPI that said 'sorry not interested' and that perhaps if they did their jobs properly then over 1000 homes a week might not be being repossessed and perhaps if they and the FSA had done their job properly the country might not be over 1trillian pounds in debt.


So, they decided to record the complaint and do something about it.


I have also contacted Trading Standards.


Incidentally, if you call that number from skype they can't trace it - it comes up as OUT OF COUNTRY or something similar, plus it's dirt cheap and if you don't talk it really upsets them.


It's strange that they get so upset when you play them at their own game.

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The name of the Sunday Times journalist is Georgia Warren, her email is


[email protected]


please contact her about their behaviour as I am sure she would be interested.


If you look at Bank phoned dying debtor 313 times - Times Online

Georia writes



Gareth Thomas, the consumer minister, said: “Any suggestions that debt collectors are acting deceitfully or oppressively could lead to the collectors having their licences revoked.

“I will be raising this issue when I meet the debt collection industry next month.”



If you look at Department for International Development you can find the contact details for Gareth Thomas, so I emailed him.



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flm loans dont touch them,they are the worst loan sharks. i was Guarantor for daughter in law,dont have anything to do with them.she did not pay a couple of payments so took it straight out of my bank.3,000 in july paid it of today 2,797.33 i warn you dont go down that road i beg you.

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Repeated calls morning noon and night from credit card companies, namely Barclaycard, Halifax, American Express and the worst MBNA - also a DCA we all know as RMA or NCO - they called me at work when I am not permitted private incoming/outgoing calls and had the audacity (were b....y rude) to start having a go at other members of staff and how they were not co-operating etc., this caused me huge embarrassment etc. Have sent a letter to RMA and American Express as well as MBNA informing them to only contact me in writing and if they pursue the calls then I will take the necessary action against them as I could lose my job following a verbal warning about the call to my work place.

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LloydsTSB phoned on a Sunday at 7:12pm and yes I have the call recorded in MP3 and WAV format to prove it.

I'm not a legal expert. Any help or advice I offer is based upon experience gained from this fantastic forum.

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Barclays called me and I complaint to Ofcom as "silent call" because I couldn't think of anything better. That stopped them!!

Silent calls (when you answer the phone, there is nobody there) | Ofcom

If you do not have the number just type in the customer contact number of that company. Should work! Good luck!

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Got a call from "Fred Barlow" telling me my mother was ill, when she had actually died suddenly 6 weeks earlier.


Emailed the OFT and got this response today:


Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act)

Complaint Against: Link Financial Limited

Licence No: 446835


Thank you for your email received on 24 February 2009.


I am very sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been experiencing with the above mentioned trader however, the OFT has no authority to become involved in individual disputes between consumers and traders so we cannot advise you directly in this matter.


I enclose a list of organisations which can offer you help and advice. For specialist, face-to-face assistance, or intervention, you may wish to seek legal advice either through a local Citizens' Advice Bureau or directly from a legal adviser. The Financial Ombudsman Service can help with most complaints about consumer credit products and services if the consumer has failed to satisfactorily resolve the matter directly with the consumer credit licensee itself.


I can confirm that the business you mention holds a consumer credit licence. Under the Consumer Credit Act, holders of consumer credit licences must be fit and competent to do so and the OFT has a duty to monitor the fitness and conduct of all traders who hold such a licence.


The OFT has issued guidance to consumer credit licence holders engaged in the debt collection industry. The guidance is intended to ensure that debt collectors treat individuals fairly. Non-compliance with this guidance will call into question the fitness of licence holders and applicants. You can view our guidance at: The Office of Fair Trading: Debt collection practices


We have therefore noted the details of your complaint, and we will consider this alongside any other complaints we have received with a view to any consumer credit licensing or other action we may decide to take. If we do take any action against this trader, it is likely that we would need to disclose your identity to this trader along with details of your complaint. I should therefore be grateful if you could sign the enclosed consent form and return it to me. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose any details about any action we may take, due to legal restrictions on the OFT relating to disclosure of information.


Thank you again for writing to us and bringing this matter to our attention.


Yours sincerely


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I am now being harrased by RMA daily by phone and text. Sending harrasment letter today but don't expect this to stop anything, these people seem to think they are above the law.


I actually spoke to one earlier this week and she was a vile woman who said "What about your moral obligations?".........HA!! And this coming from someone who harrases people for a living

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Hi out of the red,


RMA were chasing me for two cards. I told them the accounts were in dispute and in one case emailed them the account in dispute letters which had not been answered by the card company. I got a letter from RMA yesterday saying they were sending the account back.


For the second card they said they could see the correspondence on their files and agreed I was waiting for a response so I haven't heard from them on that one either.


They didn't suggest I email them, I asked for the email address and told them I would forward the letters so you could try that. I think they have different email accounts for each company, so you'll need to ask them for yours.


Hope that might get them to back off a bit.



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I wrote to them at least two weeks ago telling them the account is in dispute and they still called, I told the woman on the phone the same thing and they have texted me again today.....I'm having no luck with getting these creatures off my back. I'm sending the harrassment letter by RD today and see if that has any effect

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I actually spoke to one earlier this week and she was a vile woman who said "What about your moral obligations?".........HA!! And this coming from someone who harrases people for a living


I had one last week (JB debt recovery) who questioned my responsibilities as a parent by refusing to pay an unenforceable debt:confused:.


Whatever they try it isn't going to work. Ridiculous amounts of interest; paying £200 a month to see £195 of interest added on - and no agreement to confirm they can charge this interest in the first place!


I think feeding my kids has priority over paying them a penny;)


Nat West Bus Acct £1750 reclaim - WON


LTSB Bus Acct £1650 charges w/o against o/s balance - WON


Halifax Pers Acct £1650 charges taken from benefits - WON




GE Money sec loan - £1900 in charges - settlement agreed

GE Money sec loan - ERC of £2.5K valid for 15 years - on standby

FirstPlus - missold PPI of £20K for friends - WON

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A friend of mine, when he gets random calls from sales people etc says "Hang on a minute, I'll go get him/her"


He then just ignores it without hanging up. Once, he said they were still waiting there 15 minutes later. :lol:


They must get fed up with that and while they are waiting, they can't call anyone else:lol:


What would happen if we all did that? :roll:



I'm not a legal expert. Any help or advice I offer is based upon experience gained from this fantastic forum.

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Link financial for constant harrassment on work phone, leaving ambiguous messages not saying who they are, just to call back urgently despite me asking them not to call me on my work phone in writing.

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Capquest - battled for ages to get them to admit debt was unenforcable

Buchanan Clark & Wells - clearly phishing, have not replied to my CCA request sent in August 08 (never had any dealings with Aktiv Kapital)

Red Debt (Lowell Portfolio) - again, clearly phishing. never had a 3G mobile!! They have also not responded to my CCA request sent in December 08

NatWest Claim 1 - Won

Natwest Claim 2 - Won

Natewest Credit Card - Won

HSBC Claim 1 - Stayed


For the OH

Capquest - Admitted Statue Barred

BuchananClark & Wells - Awaiting Credit Agreement

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Littlewoods - phone upto 5 times a day, starting at 7.30 am sometimes - despite letter requesting them not to phone.

Roxburghe - same - although they have now stopped, after having to send 3 letters asking them not to phone. Account is now in dispute.

Iqor - again, same thing, but have now stopped, after a long battle.

If I have been helpful in any way, please tip my scales :lol:

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Link unwilling to except unenforcable agreement sent me false letters to try and trick me into making payments, and now refuse to deal with me and just say your letter has been noted but it changes nothing please make payment in full asap.


If they would only deal with it properly thing would surly be better for them as well.

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I had debt with barclaycard for around £2,500 which was sold on to wescot financial services I was paying this of at £55.00 per month.

In June 2007 I was in a position to clear this debt fully and phoned wescot

for a discounted figure to clear the debt,This turned out to be £934.00

which I sent the same day the cheque cleared around the 6Th July 2007

I asked them for a letter of confirmation a couple of times but never received due to computer problems at there end. Now 18 months later I receive a letter from Cabot telling they have purchased the debt from Barclaycard and want the payment in full for the original amount.

After explaining the debt was payed in full and to take the matter up with wescot they have asked me to send a copy of my bank statement showing the cheque cleared luckily I kept this statement. and plan to send this. where do I stand now as this debt will show up on my credit reference.

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