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    • hey i typed in dpd in our search...look what i found as the very 1st hit.......😇    
    • I see on November 8 I suggested that you read around all the stories especially the Hermes stories on the sub- forum. Yet you just have reported that you wrote them and suggested that you go to some kind of ADR. Why is that? Have you seen that mentioned in any of the stories on the sub- forum? What ADR did you have in mind? Do you think that such a scheme exists anywhere? We would love to know. If you want to move on with this then you need broadly to follow the advice here and that begins with reading all the stories and then taking the same path. Sorry to say but you've wasted three weeks. If you want to take control of this then you need to read the stories, take the suggested action. My site team colleague above has suggested the next step although that was clear from many stories which are already on this sub- forum
    • Update:  Apologies, it's a bit of a lengthy read.  I’ve been back and forward with Virgin Media after requesting a SAR using their online request form.    I didn’t wish to provide proof of my current address.  The SAR is in relation to my Virgin Media account at my previous address.   I don’t have any utility bills from my previous address so I sent alternative documents with my address in an attempt to prove my identity.  These were not accepted.  In addition, I’ve provided a copy of my driving licence with my old address details and am currently awaiting a response.   Time is ticking so after taking advice to support a mortgage application  in an attempt to improve my credit file I ended up phoning Virgin Media (recorded the call) .  The outcome of which was that I paid but this has not been positive for my credit file.    I spoke to an advisor and was asked if I wished to pay the £75.15.  I explained as per original post, said I didn't owe the outstanding amount etc.   I can enter details if it would be helpful.  I was told that it is not in their hands now, that I don’t owe virgin media, it’s been written off now.  Again, I was told that I don’t owe Virgin media anything.     I explained that my credit file went from 0 missed payments to a default of £75 after raising a complaint and that I received no information as to what the outstanding amount was for.  I stated that my post had been subject to re-direction with Royal Mail.  I re-iterated my complaint and what I wanted to resolve it.  I was advised that Virgin media don’t deal with that, so I asked if there was a department who does deal with that?   I was then transferred to the collection team where I explained everything again.  I was advised that the last bill was already generated on their system.  On reflection, I don’t understand how it was the last bill if they’re saying they did not receive confirmation that I cancelled.  I re-iterated through out the call that I was not aware of what the £75.15 outstanding charge was for, that it was different to my usual monthly bill and that my credit file was marked as up to date until I raised a complaint.  Then a default appeared and I don’t know what it’s for?   I was told that if I paid today that Virgin Media would remove the default.  They would accept payment today and it would be removed from my credit file.  I went back and forward re-iterating my issues.      I was told it  had already been through the process, it was final and so the money has to be settled. I was also advised that my account had gone through valid processes.  I said that there were issues with processing requiring an explanation as I’d not been advised of any charges and re-iterated the issues; credit file, DCA’s requesting differing amounts, correspondence, complaint responses, lack of compliant responses;cancellation, lack of response to 2 deadlock request letters.     The advisor then gave me her word that the default would be removed from my credit file if I was willing to pay today. She said I have her word. I asked for clarity that if I paid that she was stating that the default would be removed and not marked as satisfied.   She assured me it would be removed.    The advisor acknowledged there was still an open complaint.  I asked if she was saying the best she could offer me today to resolve my complaint was that I pay and the default be removed with no other explanation to the issues raised. She said she guaranteed that if I Pay 75.15. you have my word it will be removed when we receive payment.  They could not tell me what the bill was for nor provide a breakdown only that it had been generated.   I said it didn’t resolve my complaint, but I would pay based on what I’d been advised regarding my credit file.  I asked for the complaint be kept open as it was not yet resolved.  I asked for an email address for customer service, complaints, or the person dealing with my complaint.   I was told they don’t have a customer service e-mail address and that they are the complaints team as well.   Again, I stated the compliant was not resolved.    I asked how it could be resolved and  I requested an e-mail address/contact number for customer service/complaints/phone number.    She did offer for an advisor to call me back.    It’s been two weeks since I paid.  I remained on the phone while she said she was requesting the removal of the default.  However, the default remains outstanding on my credit file.  I didn't  receive a receipt as advised.  The money has been taken from my bank account. I have not received any correspondence either.   I'm awaiting the SAR still. 
    • Thank you. As there doesn't seem to be an address in their website, is the Companies House  address the correct place to send the letter of claim? https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/01421773        
    • you do a letter of claim for DPD and send it to their registered UK address.
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PJB2007 v HSBC


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Hi everybody, my name is Phil and I am new to the site.


Firstly I would like to apologise in advance for some of the questions I am going to ask in this thread, they are going to seem really silly to some of you, but I really am clueless on some parts of this whole process.


I have sent 2 template letter to HSBC, used the usual methods of recorded delivery and waiting 14 days from each letter being received.


The second response from Colin Langdale came today, with the usual NO as the answer (we stated our charges, complain to the Ombudsman etc)


I only heard about calculating interest and claiming it back when I joined this forum, until then I heard nothing about that part.


My first question is "How do I calculate my interest?"


As in....whats the formula for calculating it? What info do I need to do so?



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great, found the right place! let's start again, i'll put some of what i said before over here for you to look at:


pjb2007 - first welcome to the forum, you now have your own place where you can keep track of your things and you can ask questions you need answering and it is much, much easier to find you again - if you have your own thread. refer back all the time to this: Newcomer? Here's A User Guide, read them until you are familiar with them.

you are asking about figuring interest - are you talking about the interest that is added on at the claim stage or overdraft interest on your statements. can i ask if you've included overdraft interest in your initial calculations as to what is owed back to you?


it is to your benefit to come to grips with the charges you are asking back before you proceed to the LBA which should be your next letter - but first, have you used a spreadsheet to figure your interest? maybe i can help you understand the difference between the interests and how to work them on the spreadsheet by sending you this link. after you have read the faqs and step by steps on this site, you will be ready to make a list of your charges you want to reclaim look at post number 9 on this thread:HONEYGIE sees you HSBC! (multipage.gif1.

once you've done what it says - you will then have a schedule of charges (your spreadsheet including overdraft interest, if you want to reclaim it but not yet including the 8% interest that you can claim at the court filing stage.) Your spreadsheet is your schedule.

then you will be ready to go back to the library template letters and send an LBA and include the breakdown. I would consider you have already sent a prelim. approach letter and are now ready for the lba - but read up first and see if your list of charges is as you want it before you send it off with the lba. ok?



so in answer to the above - the spreadsheet does it for you.

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Thanks for taking the time to help me!


Yes I am talking about the interest that is added on at claim stage and no I have not included overdraft interest in my initial calculations.


Is this interest part a necessity? Must it be included or is it just possible to include if you wish?


The term LBA, what does that stand for? The 2 template (prelim) letters I have already sent, are they LBA's or is this something different?


I will have a look at that link in detail thanks!

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yes, the link e xplains it - lba is letter before action - you need to actually tell them that you are going to file a claim if they don't pay you the money back within a certain time, this is a legal requirement - use the template in the library. the charges should be on a spreadsheet - if you don't want to add the overdraft interest portion which you could reclaim - you still need to do a spreadsheet as it will figure the 8% interest which is a part of your claim and is added on at the filing stage. have a look at the honeygie thread,

just for comparison sake - my initial charges were 1500, adding on the overdraft interest using the spreadsheet added about 300 and the 8% at court stage added another 300. whether you add them on depends on your circumstances but was well worth the time it took for me. took me about an hour to do the spreadsheet and i'd never done one before. that's why i wrote it up, to help others understand how to do it.

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thanks I am going to attempt the spreadsheet when I get home from work tonight. It might take me a while because I have not used excel for years haha.


The second prelim letter I have sent to HSBC informed them that if they did not give me a definative answer in 14 days that I would register my claim.


So first thing I will do is attempt this spreadsheet (although it will be a nightmare for me probably)


Then do I need to send another LBA or will the one I have sent already be sufficient? After all I di inform them and they said there response letter was their final answer on the matter.

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I am in the process of modifying one of the spreadsheets in the links on this site. Where you type the date/amount in and it works out the 8% interest.


The only problem is, between the period of 2003-2004, I have incurred the charge amount of £18.00 exactly 7 times. I have no idea what this charge is for, can anybody help me with this, it must be a standard set charge for something.


Called HSBC and being there usual un-helpful selves, they said they cant tell me what specific charges are for, I will have to write in.


Is it important that the spreadsheet states exactly what this charge is for?

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just call it what they call it (what do they call it: total charges?).

i'm sure bong or lively lad would be happy to look it over if you care to pm them and ask them. if you put it on here - be sure to xxx out anything like acct. no. or anything else you don't want seen by the world.

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Have finished my spread sheet (I think) and just need some helpful soul to have a quick scan over it to make sure its correct before I take my next step.


What hosting site would be best to use so I can put it in this thread?


Yes I have deleted all my personal details from it!

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you could pm someone to look at them for you - you might try lively lad - or any of the site helpers or moderators. they maybe can tell you how to do it - i remember someone saying once you have to take a shot of it or some such thing - really don't know - if you reallly want someone to look at it - i'd say pm somebody.

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