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Hi new here With an issue! HELP!

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Do i have a case?


In a nutshell

I checked my bank account 2 days before my car insurance was due and it said i was stil £255 WITHIN my overdraft limit, with my insurance being just £95 i realised i had enough money in the bank for it.


Anyway, i got a letter yesterday stating that the direct debit could not come out as i didnt have enough money in my bank, and i'd been charged £38, obviously i was shocked so i went into bank!


They said that as my insurance company TRIED to get money that wasnt there they have charged me £38 effectively immediately. Well i obiovusly thought they'd paid the withstanding amount and thats what the charge was for. BUT the direct debit DIDNT come out, I DIDNT lend a penny and i DIDNT go over my overdraft limit, Even after they charged me!


So now im at my overdraft limit, my car insuarance hasnt been paid, they'll try get it again on monday, so by monday i ave to now find £94 for the insurance, and £40 for their charges! I dont get paid until Thursday so effectivly i'll get charged ANOTHER £40 when my bank TRY UNSUCCESSFULLY to get the money. Then il have t find £175!


I'm a student, so i only work like 15 hours a week!


What do i do

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First of all ring/or go into your bank and ask them to explain why the DD was not payed as you had £255 available on your OD and why they didn't pay it.


If you don't have any luck then ask to speak to a manager and if possible show them that you had the money available to pay this DD and ask for the charge to be credited back to your account. (be nice and dont lose your cool;))


Have you had other charges on this account and what bank is it?.


Also ring your insurance company and ask them to hold off taking the DD until the day you get paid but ring them asap.


If you dont it wont be here:x


Let battle commence!!!!!:mad:

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