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    • Hi   I assume this is a Gas Boiler and is so the first thing I would do is ask Your Repair for the Gas Safety Register Number of the 2 individuals they sent to your property to carry out that repair as they should be Gas Safety Registered.   Once you get that then check those numbers on the Gas Safety Register:   Find or check a Gas Safe registered business - Find or check a Gas Safe registered engineer in your area who can fit, fix and service your gas appliances. WWW.GASSAFEREGISTER.CO.UK Find or check a Gas Safe registered engineer in your area who can fit, fix and service your gas appliances.   What I would also do is send Your Repair a Subject Access Request (SAR) asking for 'ALL DATA' that simple phrase cover whatever format they hold your data in whether it be phone calls, emails, written etc. They then have 30 Calendar Days to respond and that time limit only starts once they acknowledge receipt of your SAR request
    • Hi . I also been motability customer for many years but this is my 1st diesel .  And I have to say motability staff are the cream of the cream  best of the best  100% amazing staff  but this time in particular when I said what happend  just like I said     The reply was  they must been a mistake I'll send them an email to remind them   Then I said I want to make a complaint about them as they was rude  dismissive and I dont really want to go back to them .  Then she said  this is a complaint  I'm doing it now and I'll send them an email to remind them  And I had nothing  off them since .  Also I left it on there feedback on there Webb site review.  (the dealer )  Which they replied in a bog standard click and paste reply  saying they  contact me and deal with  they never did  even left follow up feeback to the review.    I was shocked by the lack of response from motability  of the potential fraud  that could be going.on ..  As far as I'm concerned it is fraud  they know it's free to motability customers  but still try and charge  even argue with customers in middle of the show room  and that was there manager   david /dav .  
    • Hi   I myself am a Motability Customer and have been for some years with numerous cars.   What I will say is you won't have been palmed off by Motability as your complaint will be noted on their system with that specific dealership and they will have asked that dealership to respond to your complaint.   With Motability it will take more than one complaint against that specific dealership unless very serious for them to take corrective action on that specific dealership.   When you contacted Motability did you make it clear that you were complaining about that dealership and the adblue charge?   What exactly did Motability state to you after they had carried out their investigation? (Motability would have contacted that dealership for a response)   Did Motability offer to change you to another local dealership for servicing of your car? (they can do this if you are unhappy with that specific dealership)   I note you state your sister husband who is disabled took his car and was charged £30 for adblue for their car but could you clarify:   a) Was this at the same Dealership you went to?   b) Was this car a Motability Scheme Car?  
    • Thanks for the reply DX100uk   The lady said hard copy asap. I recall a previous letter with guidelines stating 14 days. i'll certainly submit an email version also as courtesy.   If its 7 or 2 days, then fantastic   but i also found this 'Accordingly, in the absence of a specific direction, witness evidence should be filed with the court at least 14 days before the final hearing date. statements. As per CPR 32.4(2), the court will order a party to serve witness statements on the other parties.'   https://www.lexisnexis.co.uk/legal/guidance/in-relation-to-witness-evidence-under-the-civil-procedure-rules-what-are-the-time-limits-for-filing-a   i have however found this: 1 Oct 2020 — 17.1 The witness statement should be headed with the title of the ... that the claimant must file the trial bundle not more than 7 days and ...   https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part32/pd_part32#witness   but i cannot find that tect in the actual web page, i have found though: AGREED BUNDLES FOR HEARINGS 27.4 Rule 39.5 provides that the claimant must file the trial bundle not more than 7 days and not less than 3 days before the start of the trial.   so slightly confusing  
    • Nobby_v   Just to clarify for you yes you can post that link you have provide in your post.   Here is the full link: (Remember to got to 5.2.3. Tyres)   5. Axles, wheels, tyres and suspension - MOT inspection manual: cars and passenger vehicles - Guidance - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Inspection processes and rules for car, private bus and light commercial vehicle (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicle) MOT tests.    
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gordylar vs HSBC ****WON****


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Lattie lots has been up,


Sorry been unable to reply sooner been in-undated at work.

Right I contacted the court yesterday and asked the lady who I spoke to about my claim and where I stand, why I was allowed to press for judgment etc. She informed me that I should not have pressed for judgment, the reason she gave me: It was in case they (dg) send me a letter admitting that all monies are owed to me, only then could I press it to apply for judgment against them. I told her that I was under the impression that the claimant was unable to press for judgment unless they had won, she informed me this was a standard thing on mcol and I should not have pressed it .


Now I must fill out a form which she is sending me to ask for the judgment to be removed.






I also received the papers from the court today which says:

"In accordance with your request, judgment was entered against the defendant on the 7th February 2007.

Do you think I should inform DG of my error? or just fill out the court form and return it, possibly hoping that DG might just pay up after they receive their letter from mcol saying judgment has been entered against them.


Has anyone else noticed this on their mcol?


In my judgment box it said continue, So I continued, it then mentioned about the defendant admitting to all monies owed. so I clicked on next, It then gave me 2 choices


1. Defendant has admitted to all monies owed.

2. Defendant has not paid all monies owed.


I entered the first one. Seems to me now that this should be the stage after the claim has been to court or they (dg) make an offer that is accepted (perhaps).


So on with the claim :???:.



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wow, don't know what to say...............and that IS unusual.

seems to me it was mcol's tech. prob. you just pressed the button - i've always said, and believed, you couldn't press it until it was ok to and only then were you able to - the fact that you got passed that bit before time - well, i kind of wish you hadn't called the court - just pressed on- so to speak! maybe you could hold off sending that court paper back that she is sending you - just sort of wait and see what dg makes of it when they get their paperwork from the court. i think what you are seeing is just the bit that it would have progressed to had they not entered a defense in time (which, they didn't, sort of......) so, think i'd hang on and see what happens next. you could...............ring dg when you know they aren't there and get voicemail and give them your name, claim number, telephone number and just leave the message, "i just want to know when i can expect to see this settled?" obscure enough to cover anything??!!

guess what gordy, i'm waffling here - think you are on your own deciding what to do.... but i'd be tempted to let it ride, on the court side of things and just see what happens. i bet crusher would have an opinion. i'll see if i can get him round to look. keep in touch.

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I'm in the same mind as you about holding off sending the form back to northampton. Good idea though about dg think I shall do that first thing monday morning. Don't need to worry about not speaking to anyone I only ever get the answer phone :mad: . Then they ring me back and leave me a message on my ans phone.

p.s. waffle on :).

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DG are no fools when it comes to litigation....they know the rules.


Its likely they will apply to have this set aside,although there is a chance that they will then settle.

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gordy, i don't think your'e gonna get any answers tonight from anybody that knows which direction this is going, but i don't think you should worry yourself too much - what's another day!


on a lighter note... i've spent many a brilliant time in sunny ol bournemouth - have loads of connections there. one of the biggest decisions of my life was made on the beach at hengistbury head, just around the corner lol - never looked back!

If i've been helpful in any way....then tip my scales over there!

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Cheers netty,

It's just in case I don't get on over the next day or so.


Rainy ol b'mouth at mo, been to brum a few times. My bruv married a brum lass and settled (could be you ;) ),sis.

Imagine I,d have a mamie lattie and a sis netty :D , and we'd all be rich thanks to HSBC :D:D:D .

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dear son,

i take it martin meant the judgment. i know nothing about any of this - but i think it's worth letting that part of it go through - just to see where it gets and i don't think it will affect the claim as such (my little fear was wondering if you know the courts have screwed up - should you tell them and press for them to get it right - still don't know do we?) as we've said before - sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. so, just keep busy at work and see what happens next. we're here when you want us - that's what families are for!


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Thanks m.l.

I received an answer phone message from Rachael at DG today asking me to urgently phone her. So I did and guess what I got straight through to her .................




..........ans phone, SURPRISE SURPRISE :mad:.

Anyhow will keep trying and leaving messages, hopefully it could be an offer :rolleyes: .

Will update later, fingers crossed.

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hi gordy

just so you have them handy:

0121 455 2111 (Debbie)

0121 455 2701 (Rachel)

0121 455 2196 (Kate)

0121 455 2206 (Alan)

Fax 0121 455 2150

try ringing all of them til you get an answer!!


oh good luck - hurry back and let us know pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

If i've been helpful in any way....then tip my scales over there!

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Thanks, mam lattie / sis netty,


Rachael called back yesterday, asking about the judgment and that HSBC had not admitted owing me MY money. I told her that on mcol it let me continue and that it mentioned about the defendant admitting to all monies owed. So I applied for judgment and it was accepted :razz: (just played dumb on this).

However they have applied to have the judgment removed as it is invalid (which after speaking to the court I think we knew). Rachael also said it might cost me £35 for having it removed, and it might benefit me to write them a letter asking this, stating that it was an error on my part (could save me the £35). Must say though she was very nice and helpful, makes me feel a bit sorry for them having to sort out HSBC's mess (only a bit).

As regards to my claim she said it is in the system, and they are going through my breakdown etc...

So unfortunately no offer from DG as yet :( .

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Lost no weight, I put some on drinking too much guinness :o not as young as I used to be :smile: .


Received an n244 form today from mcol to have the judgment removed, it will cost £35 :mad: , and it was sent on the 08/02/07 and I have 7 days to return it from the date of the letter (tomorrow), idiots. Otherwise it will have to go to the district judge for directions, which may mean (in their words) your case will not proceed.

Great more phone calls and being held in a queue :-x to try and sort this out.

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