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    • Hi   I assume this is a Gas Boiler and is so the first thing I would do is ask Your Repair for the Gas Safety Register Number of the 2 individuals they sent to your property to carry out that repair as they should be Gas Safety Registered.   Once you get that then check those numbers on the Gas Safety Register:   Find or check a Gas Safe registered business - Find or check a Gas Safe registered engineer in your area who can fit, fix and service your gas appliances. WWW.GASSAFEREGISTER.CO.UK Find or check a Gas Safe registered engineer in your area who can fit, fix and service your gas appliances.   What I would also do is send Your Repair a Subject Access Request (SAR) asking for 'ALL DATA' that simple phrase cover whatever format they hold your data in whether it be phone calls, emails, written etc. They then have 30 Calendar Days to respond and that time limit only starts once they acknowledge receipt of your SAR request
    • Hi . I also been motability customer for many years but this is my 1st diesel .  And I have to say motability staff are the cream of the cream  best of the best  100% amazing staff  but this time in particular when I said what happend  just like I said     The reply was  they must been a mistake I'll send them an email to remind them   Then I said I want to make a complaint about them as they was rude  dismissive and I dont really want to go back to them .  Then she said  this is a complaint  I'm doing it now and I'll send them an email to remind them  And I had nothing  off them since .  Also I left it on there feedback on there Webb site review.  (the dealer )  Which they replied in a bog standard click and paste reply  saying they  contact me and deal with  they never did  even left follow up feeback to the review.    I was shocked by the lack of response from motability  of the potential fraud  that could be going.on ..  As far as I'm concerned it is fraud  they know it's free to motability customers  but still try and charge  even argue with customers in middle of the show room  and that was there manager   david /dav .  
    • Hi   I myself am a Motability Customer and have been for some years with numerous cars.   What I will say is you won't have been palmed off by Motability as your complaint will be noted on their system with that specific dealership and they will have asked that dealership to respond to your complaint.   With Motability it will take more than one complaint against that specific dealership unless very serious for them to take corrective action on that specific dealership.   When you contacted Motability did you make it clear that you were complaining about that dealership and the adblue charge?   What exactly did Motability state to you after they had carried out their investigation? (Motability would have contacted that dealership for a response)   Did Motability offer to change you to another local dealership for servicing of your car? (they can do this if you are unhappy with that specific dealership)   I note you state your sister husband who is disabled took his car and was charged £30 for adblue for their car but could you clarify:   a) Was this at the same Dealership you went to?   b) Was this car a Motability Scheme Car?  
    • Thanks for the reply DX100uk   The lady said hard copy asap. I recall a previous letter with guidelines stating 14 days. i'll certainly submit an email version also as courtesy.   If its 7 or 2 days, then fantastic   but i also found this 'Accordingly, in the absence of a specific direction, witness evidence should be filed with the court at least 14 days before the final hearing date. statements. As per CPR 32.4(2), the court will order a party to serve witness statements on the other parties.'   https://www.lexisnexis.co.uk/legal/guidance/in-relation-to-witness-evidence-under-the-civil-procedure-rules-what-are-the-time-limits-for-filing-a   i have however found this: 1 Oct 2020 — 17.1 The witness statement should be headed with the title of the ... that the claimant must file the trial bundle not more than 7 days and ...   https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part32/pd_part32#witness   but i cannot find that tect in the actual web page, i have found though: AGREED BUNDLES FOR HEARINGS 27.4 Rule 39.5 provides that the claimant must file the trial bundle not more than 7 days and not less than 3 days before the start of the trial.   so slightly confusing  
    • Nobby_v   Just to clarify for you yes you can post that link you have provide in your post.   Here is the full link: (Remember to got to 5.2.3. Tyres)   5. Axles, wheels, tyres and suspension - MOT inspection manual: cars and passenger vehicles - Guidance - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Inspection processes and rules for car, private bus and light commercial vehicle (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicle) MOT tests.    
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Hi lattie / netty,

sorry about my previous thread, just got things confused in my head, you know when you look at a word and think it is spelled wrong, but isn't that was my moment.

I started thinking I could only claim the 8% interest from the date of the mcol, although it is from the actual date of the charge that I can claim the interest, be it last week or 6 years ago.

Trouble is my initial charges calculations were using the charges calculator on the Martin Lewis website, where you put in the date and the amount and it worked out the 8% interest, which is approx £751.42 on the £3,340 charges.

I worked all this out at the beginning when I went through all my statements, it would probably be more as I should have reworked it when I did the mcol.

Tried using vamps spreadsheet but had to input charges dates reason for charge then I had to work out the interest, got very p****d off as it was taking bloody ages then the panic set in :o.

Was wondering if it is because i've got an apple mac that the spreadsheets did not automatically workout the interest ( not the best with computers me )

just dont want to mess this one up.

Thanks again guys :lol:.

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i think you'll have to go with what you've got - you've filed, your particulars are now lodged with the court - i think you have to take it that that was the way you did it and just forget it now - i've not heard of anyone not getting money back because of the way they did the interest calculations - they may question it and offer you less because of something but it doesn't mean you loose. just hang in there - take up karate or something. just let it go its course now. ok? not all uptight now are you? i think it's too late to even worry about vamp's s/s or why anything - just have some faith in the system. relax..........................

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Mrs gordy cuddles always few and far between at the moment, baby blues and all that, but I do try and be the modern hubby,try to give wifey lots of cuddles, get shot down but will never give up, learnt by the 2 previous gordy babies(with same mrs gordy).Certainly not mistakes just improvements on myself,

lattie your a star you make me feel good about myself, going to start calling you mum. :D

gis a hug!

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i do great hugs, be it from a short level - i'm 5ft nothing and my 2 lads are 6ft (grown but not flown). mr. lat gives good cuddles every so often. go get mrs. gordy some flowers - that always does the trick. and yes, you can call me mam (that's 'ull speak for mum).

and another HUG!

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Blimey! mam,

I didn't realise the time I posted last night 01:54, had darts match down pub which finished late (lock in) got very drunk (urrggghhh the hangover today) serves me right.

Mrs Gordy huggy today ;), flowers on way tomorrow (bit difficult this time of year though, not many in gardens yet).

No news from DG yet (didnt really expect any), just playing the waiting game now.

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Of course not, can't believe you would think that :eek: .

any hugs always most welcome, please can I have my hug back now :sad:

then I can be :D again.

Bought Mrs gordy chocs at w/end helped eat them too :lol: .

I know it's late again tonight lots of paperwork etc.. to do, not drunk this time.

"gis a hug"

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Hi all,

lattie had darts 2nite I know its late (not intoxicated though), been a good boy ;) honest.

Quick update on things so far: been mega busy, no time online. No news yet from dg at all, now going step up the frequency of faxing to twice daily also will now start nuisance phone calls. Don't really want to wait till aq stage :( but needs must etc...

Really wish sending faxes this time of night was as annoying as early morning phone calls (never know they might have someone there trying to catch up with all our claims :rolleyes: .

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don't think i can stand the pace - it's another 2 weeks until they have to file a defense on yours, yes? i wouldn't want it to go to aq stage either - but more and more are - , as you say, so be it.......

just keep at them - i think it will pay off. have you rung to ask if they have received your breakdown. do it again and ask where they stand with your claim. you'll most likely get the new " we are 2 -3 weeks behind, blah, blah" but it's better than sitting there doing nothing.

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Hi mammie lattie,


I received ANOTHER OFFER today from Mr Langdale "for the full amount of the charges" This would have been ok 2 weeks ago, but now the 8% interest is added plus the court fees so I shall have to respectfully refuse his kind offer :razz:, so here goes another standard rejection letter. He seems to be very behind now I did let him know I was at mcol stage and the interest and court fees are now included but there was no mention of them.


With regards to DG, I have been faxing them more copies of my charges (another to follow after I log off) ;) .

I phoned all the numbers for DG today got answer phone for each one :mad: so I left them all the same message. Debbie D'Aubney is away till friday (must need a break from all the extra work) Rachael was away from her desk (or couldn't get to it due to all the claims) :D. Kate probably got so p****d off with all the calls she turned her's to ans phone.

Anyways shall continue my pestering tomorrow and just let them know that if I don't get offered before the AQ them they will have to add it to their offer (only trying to save them money lol).

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Now my heart is pumping just been on mcol and it said in the judgement box continue, so I did and it came up defendant accepts all money owed and I continued and guess what it accepted it, and said judgement had been passed I also put that all monies owed were to be paid immediatly.

Bit dumbfounded at the moment does this mean I,ve won?

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Been back on mcol and it now says in the judgement box requested, then says it has been submitted to court for final validation before being issued.

I suppose it could be overruled (still fingers crossed).

Still unsure as to why I could request judgement, it did say defendant had admitted all monies owed, not heard of this one before though.

Hope DG made a mistake and not the courts, or maybe they just threw in the towel.

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as far as i know - you have just won - however, don't get too excited as i think we saw this once before and they still allowed dg to enter a defense up to 7 days after. so, cross you fingers and, were it me, i'd ring the court to ask what's up. keep us informed.

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Hi lattie,

not counting my chickens just yet, bit puzzled because DG had 28 days after acknowlegment and its only been 14, seems a bit strange that they have admitted all monies owed, mcol status is still requested in the judgement box,

will also keep checking bank account, who knows might even get to send in the bailiffs :D, That would be fun.

Watch this space............

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Email Address


Enquiries: [email protected]


General Contact Numbers


Switchboard : 0845 6015 935 General Fax : 0845 6015 889

Her Majesty's Courts Service


that's all for mcol stuff - there is lots of stuff in the claimant info.

could help.


this is too good an opportunity to pass up - we all wanted to press that button but couldn't - you better follow it up tomorrow and see where it goes.

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