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    • There won't be a quick solution – and you properly had better get used to that idea. You certainly weren't following my advice. I specifically said that you should begin their complaints process immediately - and I think that you should do that. If you think that I didn't advise this then I would suggest that you start reading my posts – and the other threads on this forum rather more carefully. I think that your correspondence should keep to a minimum the amount of information which is necessary to be communicated to achieve your ends. Unfortunately is too late to re-call the email which you have sent – but it looks like a load of bluster and it will simply bring comfort to Hermes who are well used to this kind of thing. You don't seem to realise that they probably receive hundreds of ranting emails every week – and they all get consigned to the bin. The more it blusters – the less seriously they take it. I suggest that you start reading up about the pre-action protocol and how to bring a small claims in the County Court. That would put your time to good use
    • Hi, this alleged infringement occurred in 2015, do I try and get picts in situ now or wait for their witness statement.  I have posted CPR.31.14 registered post.
    • I am very pregnant and very frustrated and want a quick resolution. I thought I had followed your advice, but do accept bull in a china shop analogy. Thank you for offering to review further letters.   By the way, why is it too detailed at this stage? Won't that just save a lot of back and forth communications?
    • Well I think you are rushing at it like a bull in a china shop. You should begin their complaints process so that you can show that you have gone through the proper procedures and exhausted them. Because you are claiming third party contractual rights, it is part of the contract that if there is a problem then you should follow certain procedures. Also, your letter is far too detailed. You shouldn't be disclosing this kind of thing that this point. I suggest that if you want to send any more letters, you post them here first so we can have a look. Also you are already threatening court action – well that's fine – but have you ever issued a county court claim before? Have you any idea of the steps that you need to take? I think you ought to be more careful, more steady – and more subtle and understated in your approach
    • No I've written direct to customer services and copied in the CEO.   Actually, I had complained to Hermes via Resolver previously so I guess I have been through a standard process already yes.    They just said 'Paclink issue nothing to do with us' so trying a more direct approach now.   
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Recieved DG letter of intent to apply for a stay had already responded with human rights and hardship letters as payments from child benefit and tax credits taken from my account to both judge and DG does anybody have a link to the patricia hewitt letters on hardship cases as in court on monday


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Hi, I can email them you as I dont know how to get them onto this site. PM me with email addy and I will send that one and the reply from Ian Mullins BBA.


Hope this helps



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