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Im going to start a new thread instead of hijacking the other NCO one


I had a very distressing phone call from NCO today, I explained that I was not going to answer their security questions address etc, the caller got abusive, i told him not to call me again & that i would complain, he taunted me with "who are you going to compain to?" I put the phone down, He called back 4 times hanging up each time I anwered within the next 10 minutes just to prove a point. Then called again 20 minutes later.

I want this twisted vindictive w*nker fired.


Who can I complain to? I am fumming. how much right does NCO have to persue me for a capital one default? (who demanded a £800 payment that they knew i couldn't afford before defaulting me 14 days later & passing my details on to NCO)


I want to make a Harrasment claim against NCO. Anyone know how?

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Scroll up the main page and read the threads on OFT guidelines to debt collections.

Theres also Trading standards.

Lots of laws in place to use but before you do that you need to read up a little.All the answers are here !!:)


Have you started to address your charges with Capital one ? You should do it if not already.

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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dont wanna hijack the thread or owt but i have the same issues with NCO. i would do what Martin has advised and start to address the charges with Cap 1. at the same time if you do wish to speak to TS then do do. I am currently dealing with w. yorkshire TS about NCO's harassment and was informed this morning that the TS national database does not show a lot of activity against NCO, i.e. there arent many complaints against them giving TS any indication of issues, so if more people complaint TS nationally become aware of the proplem :) but do address the charges.


with respect to NCP and their legitimacy to chase you up, if they are only chasing you on behalf of Cap1 and the debt hasnt been sold then a polite leave me alone, or a failure to deal with them, other than in writing with a swift letter advising the debt is in dispute and as such do not contact me until it is resolved.


If they know own the debt, you could request proof that the debt has been sold and proof of the credit agreement. There are standard letters in the templates section,and im sure someone more wiser will be able to assist you in relation to such requests being made of NCO.


but dont let some sad individual harass you on the telephone and leave you feeling powerless, take the bull by the horns and do not let them disrespect you, whether you have a debt or not, you are still a ahuman being who deserves respect!





23/11/06 HSBC **SETTLED**

30/12/06 - GE Capital - **SETTLED**

30/12/06 - MBNA - charges and interest **SETTLED**


30/12/06 - Welcome Finance - Prelim sent for mis-sold PPI



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If you have a BT line have a look at their "choose to refuse" service. It allows you to block all calls from designated numbers and from the last number witheld call made to your phone.


Alternatively you might consider getting some call recording equipment (or a Skype like service). Record any more calls from this chimp and keep a log of all calls you receive from them.

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Thanks for your advice guys, Capital One defaulted me after i claimed back some charges, it was not for the duration of my card with them but for the last year, I just wrote one letter telling them that they were being unfair to me as i was putting money in each month but they were charging me excessivly because i was not reaching my minimum payments of approx £600 although i only have a £2000 credit, I was wondering why they asked me to sign to get the refund? grrrrr i hope i did not shoot myself in the foot.


I have drafted a letter to be posted out recorded delivery on Monday......

Does anyone dealing with NCO know who the best person there to send this personally to is?

I do not appreciate being taunted by your representative, being called “immature” because I would not affirm my address; it is my right in light of identity fraud security not to have to.

I do not pay the phone bill of the number you have for me, it is not my phone line, and hence a nuisance to the bill payer for your company to be calling excessively to speak to me

I do not appreciate the representative upon my placing the phone down as he was disregarding my wishes for the conversation to cease, and my polite request for all correspondence to be carried out in writing, to then phone four times within the next 10 minutes each time hanging up on me, when I told him I would complain I was taunted with “who are you going to complain to?” He called for the sixth time arguing with a family member who had picked the phone up.

You will take this complaint seriously. It is clear harassment and if it does not cease I will be contacting the police and getting a crime reference number for this.

The postcard which you sent stating that someone will call, is a clear privacy breach, as anyone in the household as well as royal mail workers can clearly see your implication of a bailiff visit, for which you have no legal right, only a court summons could give you authority to do so, it is as you well know unethical practice which is against the Office Of Fair Trading policy. Intending clearly to cause distress and alarm, as indeed your phone calls are.


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primrosea they are ignorant to everyone!


and they dont head to your letters! see attached the letter i sent to them:


On 25 October 2006 I wrote to NCO with a financial statement and a repayment plan. At the same time I took the opportunity to complain about the harassment received from NCO staff. Incase this letter has gone missing I quote the relevant sections:

I would also like to raise the issue of cold calling, and abusive treatment at the hands of NCO staff. In October I was subject to a cold call from a very rude member of staff, who advised if I didn’t pay the debt off she would send people round to take goods from my property. I did speak to another member of staff who apologised for the treatment I received. However, this member of staff’s actions was a breach of the OFT’s guidance on debt collection; sections 2.1, 2.2(b), 2.4(b), 2.6(f), 2.6(g).

Again, today I was told by a customer service adviser of NCO that he would not accept ten pounds payment, he would only accept the full balance as the account had gone to “field agents and they would be round to collect the money”. This member of staff refused to put me through to his manager as I wanted to complain about his attitude and told me “I could deal with him and him only”. I was also informed that I had not made any payments since March 2006.

I sent cheques covering the monthly payments every month to NCO offices in London, which is the office that wrote to me originally. It was confirmed by a member of staff at NCO at the start of October, that they had received my payments, as I had found out that the London office had closed after doing a Google search, and learning of others’ experiences.

I rang back a few moments later and a member of NCO took my payment. To end such harassment, I would appreciate it if you would accept my monthly payment in the form of a cheque that will be sent to your office before the 26th of the month.

I would also appreciate it if I am not contacted via telephone by any member of staff of NCO. Your telephone calls are in breach of the Office of Fair Trading guidelines. If you continue to telephone me after the receipt of this letter an official complaint, together with a log recording the times and frequency of the calls will be passed both to that office and to the Trading Standards office.

For your information note that all telephone calls are recorded. Take further note that continued telephone calls after the receipt of a request not to call may constitute a criminal offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. This type of debt collection method is contrary to the ‘Administration of Justice Act 1970’ in that it is intended to cause alarm and distress to the recipient.

I was quite surprised when I had an automated voicemail asking me to ring an 0870 (again a breach of the OFT guidelines). When I rang that number I got a member of staff at NCO wanting to confirm I had made a payment in November, and when would I be making December’s payment?

As this information would be available to the member of staff on your computer database why then did I receive a telephone call when I explicitly asked for the telephone calls to be stopped?

As it seems that you have completely ignored what I wrote on 25 October 2006, I have forwarded all letters to NCO to my local Trading Standards office and asked them to look into my complaint, and deal with it as appropriately. I am also keeping a log of all telephone calls that NCO make to me, even though I have asked this to stop.


As I am sure you are aware Harassment of Debtors is a criminal offence in England and Wales under Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970. Furthermore, continued telephone calls after the receipt of a request not to call may constitute a criminal offence under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. In addition every individual has a right to be free from harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.


The offence of causing harassment is arrestable under the provisions of Section 24(2) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and attracts the powers associated with such offences. Additionally Section 3 enables a person who is, or may become, the victim of behaviour prohibited by Section 1 to take civil proceedings against the perpetrator.


Further it is my contention that your company is in breach of the Office of Fair Trading guidelines on harassment. If I should receive another telephone call from any person from your company at any point then I will be contacting the police to report the criminal office of harassment and will be naming you in my statement to the police.


I trust that I have made myself clear and that all future correspondence with your company will be in writing. Please note as per the agreement I have to make a payment by the 23rd of the month, this will be received at NCO offices in the form of a cheque for the correct monthly amount.

I do hope you adhere to my requests.




sadly they dont listen so i have reported them to trading standards so now i do get to tell NCP wen they ring up to speak to the trading standards officer instead!


keep fighting, dont let these bar stewards get you down and do complain to trading standards as their national database doesnt have enough complaints relating to NCO!





23/11/06 HSBC **SETTLED**

30/12/06 - GE Capital - **SETTLED**

30/12/06 - MBNA - charges and interest **SETTLED**


30/12/06 - Welcome Finance - Prelim sent for mis-sold PPI



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