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    • Exactly why the other folk resigned.   Not even because they seriously breached the rules like Rasputin, but that ANY infringement by those in power undermines whole process then, now and going forward   As is happening with every hour this goes on.   He should have 'resigned' or been sacked back in April when Johnsons office were first asked about it. Not allowed to carry on in his job or his (alleged) breaches.          
    • I think this political spat that is happening could have very serious consequences in the near future.   With the Summer weather now with us and people wishing to enjoy holidays, as well as day breaks away from home, I can see the social distancing measures totally breaking down.   Weston Super Mare Hospital has had to warn that they cannot take in any more patients A&E, due to a large increase in Covid-19 cases.     These coastal resorts if they start having large numbers of visitors, may see a rise in Covid-19 cases and this will spread, causing the country to suffer a major second outbreak of the virus.   Dominic Cummings is one man, but it is what the news story may cause, that is the problem.   Spain is saying they would welcome British holidaymakers from July, but the Government will require a 14 day quarantine when they land back at home.  I can see many people either totally ignoring the quarantine requirement or just not going back to work for the 14 days, trying to take the time off sick.       
    • Haven't they already implemented changes that allow the tracking and tracing, with or without permission, of people who have or are suspected to have, or are suspected to have come in contact with someone who is suspected to have ..  coronavirus ...   Meets ALL of those criteria doeesn't he   Sure I posted the link earlier in the thread (not the NHSx app - changes to security laws)    
    • At the point they left for Durham only she was showing symptoms. I think it's reasonable that as her husband he feared he may be incapacitated by the virus and indeed he was. I'm not defending him - far from it, just interested in establishing the facts.       As I understand it, it's not certain what security issue Cummings senior approached the police about.     There won't be any investigation, he'll be gone before anyone gets the chance to start one. He's finished and good riddance to him.
    • I rather suspect that any investigation will favour Demonic's version of events and let him off scott free. 
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Overdraft collection.

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I have an overdraft with Abbey National for £2,500 and after excessive charges they brough to my account and the time taken to resolve them, I changed bank.


Naturally Abbey decided I no longer qualify for such an overdraft and re-set my limit to £0. I am not in a very good position to pay this back and I still tried to phone them to come to an arrangement where I could pay something back every month and I was told no, and that I'd be better off waiting for them to issue a default notice on the account and forward the case to a debt collector.


Can they legaly do this even tho I have tried to sort it directly with them?

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Yes, unfortunately, overdrafts are 'repayable on demand' and the OFT guidelines (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-bailiffs-advice/55579-oft-guidelines-debt-collection.html) are designed to cover accounts after default so they don't have to accept payments over time yet. Why they won't though is beyond me, a debt collection agency will take a cut of the original debt from abbey for their 'services' so from a business point of view they stand to lose out. I'm guessing whoever you spoke to just isn't capable or willing to accomodate you.


Your obviously want to avoid a default notice so you could try writing to them (don't phone again) and offer a repayments as you can afford. If this fails perhaps you can arrange an replacement overdraft with your new bank to cover it, a bit like a balance transfer on a credit card. You'd be best to try this sooner rather than later as getting sufficient credit after a default has been registered will be considerably more difficult.


Be wary of abbey adding charges to the current balance now that they've removed the overdraft, if you act quickly enough it may save you having to go through the process of reclaiming them again.


Good luck :)

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