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lucy vs halifax couple of Qs

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HI everyone i,ve sent off my lba and received a reply a couple of days ago saying that it had been forwarded to customer relations where it would be investigated, my first question is does the 14 days start when my own branch recieved my letter or when customer relations recieve my letter? Second question is, my account is a joint account but ive only put my name on the letter, have i messed up already???

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1) 14 days are from when you send the letter, but it's always advisable to give a couple of days posting grace;


2) If you both have equal authorisation on the account, then no need to mention the other account holder apart from clarifying the Account Names. I'm in the same position where my joint account is with my husband, I've only stated his name for Account Names purposes, other than that he's had no involvement...i.e. Account Number xxxx Account Names Mr & Mrs Crash.


Even if you didn't mention it before, it's not a major problem.


Good luck.






DAY 1: 12/09 - S A R to British Gas

DAY 45: 27/10 - Data Non-Compliance sent off

DAY 67: 18/11 - N1 Deemed served

DAY 114: 03/01 - Judgment served £60 cheque rec'd; Prelim sent for overpayment refund of £393.06

24 Days: E2Save Settled in full £70

59 Days: Barclaycard claim Settled in full £134.39

162 Days: Halifax Settled in full £1543.80

179 Days: Barclays1 Settled in full £2450.45 + £447.02 in costs

254 Days: Barclays 2 Settled in full £1450.91


Advice & opinions offered are personal, and are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Should you be in any doubt, you are advised to seek the opinion of a qualified professional.

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Hiya, If you took the letter into your branch then you can start the timeline from then as it gets faxed to the customer relations dept from there, that is what I did and I had no problems. I got 100% refund few weeks ago. That was also a joint account but I never mentioned my partners name in any letters so you shouldnt have a problem.


Good Luck



I give advice not as an expert on law, only as a guy who succesfully claimed back £3385 from The Halifax. Followed by another £2611.


Lloyds TSB settled in full before hearing


Cap One offered full settlement and default removed.


If I help in any way then please donate to the site when you are succesful

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Thanks to all for the help.:)

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