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    • So which are you disputing there and why   Is it   A mandatory smartphone app would be a significant measure, both legally and culturally,”   or   “Our view is that there would need to be a clear and detailed legal basis for a mandatory system, set out in specific legislation.”       or are you actually claiming that it wouldn't be made compulsory despite the changes in law I referred, and handcock quite clearly saying that optional is only if enough people voluntarily install it and that 'mandatory' is an option already available to them and which they will use?       or are you just spouting fog to try to confuse the facts?  
    • I think this was more to reduce the footfall.  Local stores were only allowing 10 people in at a time.. by allowing only single shoppers, they kept their queues down. 
    • Hello people, My case is almost similar to others here who have been stung by VCS and I am hoping to get help regarding the current situation I am in.   In the middle of Februrary this year I happened to drop off my mother-in-law at three in the morning at East Midlands Airport. I am aware of no stoppage signs around that area because I also happen to work in the same industrial estate which is also owned by East midlands airport but a little further from the airport.   So the organisation I work for has an office in the same industrial estate and they have their own parking but obviously at 3 o'clock in the morning it wasn't very convenient to park next to the office and then walk about 2 km to the airport. Anyway I had made sure that I did not park on the double red lines as marked on almost all the roads in that area. I've pulled up away from the road and away from the double lines into a small piece of land which had no restrictions on it.   I had seen the spy car while parking up but I assumed that it would be safe because I am away from the road and I'm away from the double right lines into another plot but clearly that wasn't the case as per VCS. So I received a PCN asking me to pay hundred pounds which I appealed and I replied to them that I was not parked on the road or on the double lines but it was rejected by VCS . They started sending me letters of claim and the last letter now I received says letter before claim and I think they are hoping to take me to the County Court to claim £160 as well as the court fees which is £25 if I do not respond to them by 21st of June. I've also attached a letter with information redacted.   I'm hoping to get some advice on what should I do next because I do not really want to pay them £160 for something which I believe is a rip off practice by VCS and others like it. I had taken plenty of pictures when I pulled up that morning which show the car is parked away from the road and away from the double red lines which I had sent to BCS but they did not entertain.   VCS EMA - Nimbus.pdf
    • "Anyway. Does anyone remember that 80's sitcom with Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton - Ever Decreasing Circles................................."   Yes I do. Felicity Kendal, and some other people in it .No wait a minute. no that was the Goodlife wasn't it? Both had Richard Briers though.
    • Was it the unfair terms or something which was mentioned earlier.   Wont help. the 2015 act
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junglescot v's the A & L

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Well the last straw was just before christmas. I went into my branch of the Alliance & Leicester and comlained about 2 charges on my account. The girl was really cheeky and said " i had no chance of getting these back ". so i sent of the SAR by recorded delivery on the 22nd Dec. I also called the local Sheriff court and they said once i had the correct amount to come in and they would give me the forms as they had them already typed up for every eventuality. She also said that none of the actions has ever come to court so here goes! Wish me luck! :)

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Hi Junglescot


Before you start please have a thorough read of the FAQs (there’s a Step by Step guide here too). You should print both of these out to refer to, so as to avoid having to ask basic questions later. Our aim is to make you aware of your rights as a consumer, enabling you to fight back against unlawful bank, credit and store card charges. In the website you will find information on how you could get your money back


Then look at other threads in your bank’s forum, so as you know what you can expect to happen. You can claim back your charges, and a few are trying for the payback of Early Redemption Charges on loans and Mortgages.

You need to spend 2 or 3 days gradually getting your head round everything. If you find a forum/thread/post of interest, save it in your Favourites, so as you can always find it easily.


There’s a lot to take in, but it’s time well spent and will ensure that you succeed in your claim without problems. Remember it’s not a race, don’t rush, just follow the guidelines one step at a time.


Take your time and have a good read around this site. Then come and join us in our forum. Here we can guide you every step of the way. Please remember, we are here to help you help your self.


When you feel confident that you understand the process and the various stages involved, start a new thread in your bank’s forum and post your progress and any questions there and you’ll get plenty of help.

If you any questions please do come to the forum and we will only be too happy to help you!


All the info to get you started is here:


There are more links below to assist you get around the site.


Good luck



Some useful links.


Making Posts

Letter Template Library

Bank Contact Details

AQ Guide to Completion

Court Fees

Data Protection non Compliance

Witness Statements for Court Bundle

Banking Code Website

Limitations Act

Fast Track Costs

A-Z Index

Mis-Claim Tutorial

Step By Step Instructions


Remember: The Ark was built by amateurs-The Titanic by professionals.


Please click my scales if you find my advice helpful !


If your claim is successful, please donate 5% so that it can continue to help others.


Your decisions and actions are your own, and should you be in any doubt, please seek qualified professional legal Help.



Please be aware of acting on advice given by PM .Anyone can make mistakes and if advice is given on the main forum people can see it to correct it ,if given privately then no one can see it to correct it. Please also be aware of giving your personal details to strangers





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Yes, ive read all the material, i'm now well and truly on the road to recovering my money. The 40 days for them to respond to my SAR will be the 31st January. i expect to give them a couple of days leeway but hope to hear something by the 2nd Feb. If there are people in Scotland reading this please dont be put of by the limit on small claims. The sheriff court is very helpful in this regard and can point you in the right direction. :)

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