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Lloyds continuing to charge...

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Guess what, checked my account this morning and found yet another charge because Lloyds took five days to clear a direct debit paid to me which put me £14 over my limit. In an effort to make this stop I have composed this letter which I will send today. I imagine the response will be standard but I am trying to avoid court for every b****y charge in the future. We'll see. letter below....


Dear Sir,

I note this morning with some regret that your automated system has charged me the sum of £30 directly out of my account which I believe to be in response to my account being drawn over my overdraft limit.

The limit was breached by the sum of £14.27 for less than one day on the 4th of Dec 2006.

I fully understand that Lloyds Tsb must incur an expense when it is necessary to either return a payment or notify a customer when an overdraft is exceeded.

Please note that I am happy to reimburse the banks expense in this instance, but the sum of £30 charged appears excessive for the posting of a computer generated letter. However I am more than willing to concede this point should Lloyds justify the sum in total.

Please note that banks have a fiduciary duty towards their customers and have a duty to deal straightforwardly and in utmost good faith. I therefore request that you send to me a breakdown of your charge to quantify the amount so that I can reassure myself that this is a charge for a service and not the penalty which it appears to be.

If for whatever reason you are unable to do this, in order to maintain a trusting and fruitful business relationship with Lloyds Tsb, I respectfully request that you remove this charge and reimburse me forthwith, also please ensure that no more charges of this nature are levied on my account.

Yours truly,


What do you think?? Will they stop charging? shall I ready the pigs for flight? icon7.gif

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..... also please ensure that no more charges of this nature are levied on my account.


It's a very nice thought but unfortunately I think your pigs will have more chance of flying than that happening. ;) But I'd imagine this letter will get the charge refunded with a very standardised apology from them.


Unfortunately they do continue to charge - even after filing a claim against them. I think the best approach is to being using a new account and be extremly careful with money. If you no longer use your Lloyds account you won't have more and more charges building while you're trying to reclaim.


Lucid :)

Mindzai & Lucid vs Lloyds TSB

*Won unconditionally with contractual interest (29.85% compounded)

Lucid's Account - £749.62 * Joint Account - £2019.64 * Mindzai's Account - £595.65

*All settled in full - 6/2/07

*Hearings - 7/2/07

*Prelims sent - 9/8/06


GOT A COURT DATE? A guide to the later stages



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Pigs on runway awaiting clearance from the control tower. Ah well... but the thing is, and I think this is common to most of the victims of lloyds, I watch my account pretty closely but sometimes, due to the fact that we all live close to the wind financially something slips through. This is what happened here... a payment made to me by Bacs took five days to clear instead of the usual four and now the charge has taken my over my limit AGAIN so I have to fight it again next month. And so it goes on.

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