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BoS knockback

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Recieved letter last week

" thanks recent enquiry etc......

I regret to advise that having fully considered your request we are unable to make a refund of the charges....

I advise that under terms and conditions of the account HBoS can levy charges when there are insufficient funds in the account to cover items.. entering into a legally binding contract with us......no error on part of HBoS.

....any more information contact above customer service team...."


Do I go to the next stage of small claims court letter?

Advicer appreciated.

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Hi Ricardo

Not sure of where you are upto exactly on your claim.

The letter you have received seems to be the basic stalling letter (also the one they hope you are going to beleive them and give up.)


Ignore the letter, and just keep going following the stages as per the advice on this site.


Hope this helps



  • Data Protection Act sent and statements received
  • totalled up charges amounting to just under £7k
  • Prelim letter sent - amount £295.00 (this is an amount that was already in process of being claimed)
  • No response to prelim
  • LBA sent via recorded 22/07/06
  • Small claims lodged
  • Refund received without going to court:D
  • Letters sent for start of BIG claim (approx £6,00)
  • GTF received to first LBA - 17/10/2006:sad:
  • Calling Date for Sum Cause 1 - 20/12/2006
  • Summary Cause Lodged £1450.00 - 2/11/2006

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Riccardo this sounds like the typical reply for the prelim letter (1st letter yoiu sent asking for it back) if this is the case send the LBA and again they will give you standard responce saying they will offer you a goodwill gesture usually under half the amount and of course without any liability. If the responce was after your 2nd letter which would be unusual then file at court.

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Thanks for the advice

LBA letter is which one, the one i`ve prepped is district court threat, is that right?

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Hi ricardo. Not wanting to sound nasty or anything, but make sure you've got the process clear in your head. Read through the notes here, as if you don't have the process straight in your head, then they might just trip you up with something they throw at you.

BoS:- D P A sent 09/06 Prelim. request 29/06 £1755 plus interest

1st claim Filed 5/10/06 SETTLED 19/10 £747.80 plus £534.31 interest

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