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Legal Direct Recoveries/CCA request/info wanted

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Hello, I hope someone can help, Ive read lots of threads for advice and at the begining of december I sent a cca request to westcot. I was after 10 days forwarded a letter. (which was sent to my old address dispite clearly giving westcot my new address) The letter said wescot no longer had the debt and it had been returned to their clients Legal direct recoverys, The origanal company is littlewoods extra. westcot returned my £1.00 cheque with this letter. Do I now re send my cca request to littlewoods or Legal direct recoverys who I was not aware were involved nor do I have an address for. and does the time span re set?. I know westcot had the debt and I was not told prior to this request for the cca that it had been forwarded to this Legal direct recoverys. Would be greatfull for any advice. I wonder if this is a delaying tactic or some other [problem]!

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Not sure about this personally if you post this in the debt/bailiffs forum you will get some answers.

Ex CAG helper ^_^

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Hi welcome to the site.

Its not unusual for more than 1 dca to be involved in the collection of a debt,but Wescot are known to distance themselves if they get a CCA request and cannot comply through lack of paperwork.

I am not sure if these other people are the usual agents that deal with/for on behalf of Littlewoods.

If the debt has been sold then your issues with dealing with it will rest with the DCA,although theres nothing to stop you from sending Littlewoods an s10 notice asking them to refrain from further processing your data to third parties.

A check on your credit files should show who actually owns the debt now and who registered the default,together with the dates and any recent re-registering.

Each new owner has to re-register the default in their name.The 6 year limitation will kick in again if you acknowledge or admit liability.

Are you certain that its Legal direct recoveries and not Direct legal recoveries ?

Anyway I turned up this for you.

Legal Direct Recoveries

Sun Alliance House 35 Mosley Street , Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 1YF

Tel: 0870-263-1000


Send them the cca request.

You do not say as to whether you are challenging any issues with Littlewoods.....if you are then you can ask LDC to suspend any recovery action as the original account is in dispute.

I am moving your thread to Baliff and debt,as there may be others there who have had dealings with LDC and will be able to advise further.

Keep your thread updated.

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Its a good idea to check your credit reference file - cost £2 each from the three companies - and to start making a fuss if this matter has been registered as a new default and not just switching the name of the owner. Some debt collectors are known to do this, it is illegal and they should be told to amned the record or face legal action for costs and damages if they don't. If this has happened in this, or any other case, the **** responsible should be reported to the Information Commissioner and their fitness to hold a data processing licence questioned.

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