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Nationwide Directors want to hear you !!!!

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So why not give them a visit!!



The following comments are easily findable on the Nationwide Web site

Apparently the directors attend these events

Can we use this thread to pull together some good quality questions to be raised and perhaps some informative leaflets to be handed out at the meetings


Note that you need to register to attend


Forthcoming events


TalkBacks start at 6.30pm unless otherwise stated

25 January 2007 - International Study Centre, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury

With Graham Beale and Charles Reed

14 March 2007 - Emirates Stadium, North London

With Graham Beale

31 May 2007 - Hampden Park, Glasgow

With Graham Beale and Peter Leydon






About Nationwide - Listening to you - Talkback booking form


If you cant make it...


About Nationwide - Membership matters - Putting you first


My first draft for a question would be along these lines but then I'm an idiot





You state that are only accountable to us the members rather than shareholders. If deliberately,mistakenly or otherwise it were shown that Nationwide had unlawfully or illegally acted against the interests of a large proportion of its members it would doubtless hurt the Society.


Accordingly, given the issue that has been raised over unlawful charges by a number of members, and given the fact that Nationwide has in every case recorded thus far on the Consumer Action Group Website "caved in" and settled out of court amounting to probably not less than £XXXX refunded to NNNN members - questions arise.



Is this a defacto admission that Nationwide cannot defend its position


and so does the current strategy represent Members best interests?



1) If Charges have been unlawfully levied should you not make appropriate provisions to refund all members effected without requiring them to take individual action?

2) In the meanwhile is it appropriate that our poorest members, will typically bear the burden of greatest charges disproportionately?

3) Could we by coming "clean" attract new business opportunities and actually become the heroes of consumers, rather than "evildoers"

4) Are we not exposed to the risk that a legal precedent may be forced by members of the Consumer Action group.




Is the current strategy of brinksmanship failing and seeking multi-track court allocation actually shooting us in the foot




It means we bear the costs of legal advice which is either in small claims track so irrecoverable or in a precendent setting judiciary where we would not want to risk the precedent.



It seems that in either case early settlement would be preferable as contractual interest accrues faster than our cost of borrowing - (:pHint pay us off) so long as a large proportion of cases do not back down




If this is the case, why put members through the distress instead of simply giving back what is theirs, when we will in fact lose any court action


If it is not the case, why are we settling when we need not?:cool:




It seems that the Corporate Governance issues of the board relating to duties in respect to lawful behaviour and serving members have at the very least been compromised.:o





See you there !!!:rolleyes:


21/12/2006 SAR

Next Step 31/1/2007 - Prelim / S.A.R Enforcement


21/12/2006 SAR

13/1/2007 - Prelim

Next Step 27/1/2007 LBA


21/12/2006 SAR

Next Step 31/1/2007 -Prelim / SAR enforcement


20/12/2006 Prelim with Schedule and SI £640

5/1/2007 LBA with revised schedule CCR £867

Next Step 20/1/2007 CLAIM

PC World - Refund Faulty goods Preliminary Letter 13/01/2007 - Consumer rights are getting addictive


Don't get angry get even:D



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How does one get in? Tickets?

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