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Abbey dragging it out?

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I have just received a reply from Abbey concerning my County Court claim against them.....It reads:





"We are in the process of reviewing this claim and preparing our response. A defence will be filed in due course.


In the meantime, we note that you have claimed the sum of £987.60 in respect of charges that you say have been made on your account.


As you will appreciate, you will need to produce evidence to the court regarding these amounts, and this information should have been supplied by you when you filed your claim. We should be grateful if you would provide such details to us as soon as possible"


I'm not sure what Abbey are requesting here, as when I filed my claim I attached all the dates and interest that I am claiming back. I used the calculator on this site, entered the dates from and to, and printed that off in triplicate....a copy each for Myself, the court and Abbey.


If anybody has got to this stage yet could they please advise me as to whether I have supplied sufficient information in doing this.


Abbey have now defaulted...as from 28th Dec, so I'm eager to press on


Many thanks.....Steve

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Sorry....I may have that last bit wrong regarding defaulting,...They have indeed replied by the 28th, but I'm sure that I've already supplied sufficient information.



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I think they always do the "you need to provide details" routine (so pathetic) but did you explicitly refer to the claim details in your Particulars of Claim and attach it (even if Abbey had already got copies) ?

Abbey £8370 settled 17 Apr 07

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Thank you for your reply.......On my claim form I stated that I am claiming back bank charges of £783 plus interest @ 8% of £188.20 and costs of £16.40...totalling £987.60.


I also attached to this a print-out of the specific charges, and dates incurred, also the amount of interest incurred to date...I printed it off the consumer action group site...Just to hammer home my point I attached photo copies of the 4 special delivery slips I've used in corresponding to Abbey.

Abbey have a copy of these and so do the court.

I'm sure that the Court would have no problem in understanding the information I attached...It seems fairly self-explanatory to me.


Thanks once again....



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Just to make sure, when you preapred your schedule of charges you set out the date the charge was applied, the amount of the charge, interest charged, date and the type of charges as well?


If you have then you should send them a further copy and copy it to the court.


Ignoring them could cause you a problem if they claim they havent got the info.


I know its a drag but its best to be safer than sorry.






Then you total

Kick the shAbbey Habit


Where were you? Next time please



Abbey 1st claim -Charges repaid, default removed, interest paid (8% apr) costs paid, Abbey peed off; priceless

Abbey 2nd claim, two Accs - claim issued 30-03-07

Barclaycard - Settled cheque received

Egg 2 accounts ID sent 29/07

Co-op Claim issued 30-03-07

GE Capital (Store Cards) ICO says theyve been naughty

MBNA - Settled in Full

GE Capital (1st National) Settled

Lombard Bank - SAR sent 16.02.07

MBNA are not your friends, they will settle but you need to make sure its on your terms -read here

Glenn Vs MBNA

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