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Chris v Halifax - and so it begins

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Hello, like many other people posting I have just finished typing my initial letter. I did all this back in September and sent a letter to Halifax asking for all my statements, charges etc for the last 6 years. I never heard anything back from them. And I never followed it up, very silly I know. I listened to a friend who had claimed his charges back successfully and copied his letter, I didn't send a cheque, and even more importantly I didn't send my letter via recorded post. I've been meaning to send another letter, this time with a cheque and by recorded post but have been too lazy to do so, which is ridiculous especially as I could be getting a good grand back from them. So after seeing some articles on the BBC news site and looking at the templates they've made I've finally come to my senses and written my initial letter out, a cheque for ten pounds will be enclosed and on the 2nd of jan I will be sending it via recorded delivery to the HO address. I probably have a pretty complete set of statements from the last 6 years but I'm hoping Halifax might just pay me what I'm owed and save me the hassle, I can live in hope, eh?

I will keep people updated, any advice would be appreciated.



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Tut Tut (LOL) - leaving it all that time, what are you like...!


You'll be aware that they have up to 40 days to comply with the request, and seem to0 get your statements out in the post just before that time limit.


In the meantime, do a lot of reading on here to see how others have handled their own cases, and what to watch out for - like the Halifax sending a letter saying they'll reply in 4 weeks, when you only give them 14 days.


It is worthwhile spending time on this as you'll then be a lot clearer in what to do and when, rather than have a vague recollection of seeing something someplace, but not being able to find it again. Personally, I created a folder in my 'Favorites' (darn those yanks and their bad spelling!) of Internet Explorer and have added useful threads to that as I went.


Be prepared for a wait to get your money back, as the letters go back and forthe. More time for reading further on this site though...?


It's doubtful they'll give you an instant refund just because you've asked for your statements, there's a bit more work involved before you get an offer from them - but it should be worth it if you stick to it now you've started.

Be good to those who give you advice that helps - click the star to give them your thanks by way of a reputation credit.


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Thanks for the feedback Hillards, I've read a lot of posts and bookmarked these for future reference.

I received my letter from HBOS acknowledging that they had received by request for a list of charges/statements and I should expect them by February 12th - the date I had pencilled in as a date to expect them by.

I guess it's just a waiting game now......

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Hi - welcome and good luck. Please have a look at my thread - jaxads - to see how I fared with the Halifax. This site is excellent and the help, advice and support is amazing. Keep reading the threads whilst you're waiting for your statements and it'll give you more background info so you know what may happen. This site is totally addictive - don't know what to do with my time now may claim is (almost) settled. Perhaps I'll have to get back to the ironing and housework - lol!! Best wishes. jaxads x



Halifax - £2281, successfully refunded all charges after LBA letter & telephone call.

Have been offered the difference between the £20 and £12 charges from Capital One -- am sending LBA for remainder.

GE Money - Received settlement of £441, being total charges requested. No interest though.

CCA'd Bank of Scotland / Blair Oliver Scott to produce CCA Agreements on two Credit Cards - well in default, although still chasing payment!!!

EOS Solutions "ceased action on account" on behalf of a friend.


All in all, quite busy at the moment and enjoying every minute of it




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