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@BigMotoringWorld car broke down within 6 months - denied repair/replace and reject

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Bought car YK18YRN on 8-April-2023, TPMS issue occurred the very same day post collection in 10-15 min of Drive, Sales centre closed by then ( We have collected the car at 5:30 PM) and couldn’t report the issue on 08–Apr-2023 as we couldn’t reach out to anyone.

Reported the TPMS issue and received acknowledgement on 10th April 2023

Attended the TPMS issue appointment on 03-May-2023 , however Big Motoring world service centre was unable to fix the issue

Second Appointment scheduled for 14-June-2023 (which we couldn’t attend due to priority meeting at work . Kindly note it is 55 miles away from my place and takes 3 hrs of drive plus the additional time to check / fix the issue )

Third Appointment Scheduled for 18-Jul-2023 and they weren’t able to fix the issue again.

Fourth Appointment Scheduled again for 16-Aug-2023 which ended up again in Vain as the issue couldn’t be fixed by Big Motoring service centre   . Note : This is the third time in a row where the service centre couldn’t fix the issue occurred on Day 1 of purchase .

Fifth Appointment Scheduled for 18-Sep-2023  as the TPMS issue is still alive  . Unfortunately , Drivetrain Failure occurred on 28-Aug-2023 and I have reported it on the same day and followed up next day as well And there is no reply or no one contacted me back on the DRIVETRAIN issue email.

Spoke to Big Motoring world live chat on 29-Aug-2023 & 30-Aug-2023  the representatives told that big motoring world won’t look into the Drivetrain issue

Took the car to BMW vines of Gatwick nearest BMW Service centre after no help from BIG MOTORING World and was charged a Bill worth £2232 pounds with replacements of mechanical parts  We paid the repair costs ourselves and collected the car after the issue resolution on 13-Sep-2023

Drivetrain issue surfaced again on 02-Oct-2023 and we have reached out to Big Motoring world over the phone to inform them of the issue and check-out for the appointment. We have also contacted BMW vines of Gatwick about the reoccurrence of the issue and checked availability for the next appointment

BigMotoring world contacted via email to allocate the next appointment for fixing TPMS Issue alone without mentioning anything about Drivetrain Issue. and sent an email on the date of appointment  . Decided to talk to them directly about the Drivetrain problem once I go to fix the TPMS issue on 06-Nov-2023.

Couldn’t attend appointment on 06-Nov-2023 to fix TPMS issue and discuss on the Drivetrain Failure due to medical emergency at my house, written email 

Spoke to an After sales team member on phone on 06-Nov-2023 about the Medical emergency and requested to reschedule the appointment to check on the TPMS issue along with the Drivetrain issue. However , the representative was very adamant , shouting and responded that they would neither repair the car nor look into the Drivetrain issue

Wrote an email on 06-Nov-2023 after call mentioning the entire list of the remarks of the car and asked BIG Motoring world to repair the car and no reply received for the email

Took the car on 08-Nov-2023 to Vines of Gatwick BMW to check on the DRIVETRAIN Issue and received an invoice for £10,870 requiring a GEARBOX replacement on 10-Nov-2023 to fix the DRIVETRAIN Failure.

After receiving an invoice from Vines of Gatwick , we have sent an email ( Dated 10-Nov-2023) to BIG MOTORING WORLD again on top of Email sent on 06-Nov-2023 attaching the invoice about the repairs cost as it was way beyond my capacity and could not afford a penny more on the car . I have already exhausted all my savings for a car which was absolutely of no use to me any more

Very strange but after reporting the Drive train issue with a detailed invoice and multiple follow ups , I haven’t received any response on this email as well .

Tried to contact the BIG Motoring world via phone and explained that the car broke down on Oct 2nd 2023 and they told me to check with Warranties team and I have contacted them as well and they informed me back that they won’t help with the issue (Warranties team email)

Completely devastated at the situation as a customer, who purchased the car with £16,899 and paid for additional repair costs , ended up now in a situation that I cannot drive it and the car completely broke in August. Which is literally a 4 month period for a spend of £ 20 K .

No help around with the BIG Motoring service , we have reached out to the Citizen Advice Bureau and they have been suggested to send a letter in writing with all the details to Big Motoring World detailing all the issues and agreement for rejection of the car. As suggested by the Citizen Advice Bureau , we have sent a letter sharing information and discussing all the points on 29-Nov-2023 via POST.

On the very same day , I got a reply from BigMotoring world telling that they have requested third party to do  Independent Inspection on the car and I informed Vines of Gatwick over phone that someone will be coming for an independent inspection.

However I was informed by Vines of Gatwick that some engineer from Big Motoring world ( as against to independent inspection)  has ALREADY completed inspection which I am not aware of and took some reports and also accessed the car in private Unattended

Later I was informed by Big Motoring world that they don’t feel there is a problem with the car at the time of purchase as per Independent Inspection report which they didn’t even share with me as on today and informed me that they are also not going to support Repair costs . Also they have informed me that they won’t accept rejection of the car even though

The TPMS issue (as agreed and accepted by them) occurred on Day 1 of purchase , which shouldn’t have been the case at all as they have promised for the 200 point check when the car is sold . This was absolutely  miss of checks done for the car and pathetic that the issue was not fixed after 3 attempts ( If it was such a big issue that it needed more than 3 attempts to fix , why it was in a first place sold out)

Car broke down in less than 6 months of purchase, which should have been a valid cause for right to Repair/Replace or rejection . 

Big Motoring world was neither ready to look into the issues, nor paid off repairs and also denied my rejection of Car Unilaterally On Dec 12th 2023. All the requests were completely rejected and not even considered to look into the issues though it was very evident that major Issues happened within 6 months of purchase.

I Have approached AA Cars about the same on 01-Jan-2024, they contacted dealer and BIG Motoring world told they have a report to confirm that issue is not present at the tome of purchase and they have nothing to do with Drivetrain Problem. AA Cars shared me the report which looks like a self written one

AA Cars team has insisted on Independent vehicle inspection that i can go for another independent inspection with their suggested partners if i feel that the current investigation doesnt seem independent. BMW Vines of Gatwick team is saying its not possible to tell if the problem at the purchase anyways. I sent the report from BigMotoringworld to ScotiaVehicleInspection Services.

My car is still with BMW Vines of Gatwick and i dont know what i have to do, i am unable to sleep from 4 months and my health situation is also going bad due to this issue.

I request your kind help and guidance to end this 5 month suffering as soon as possible 

i already feel lot of depression loosing my two year savings and unable to cope with my current situation.



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  • BankFodder changed the title to BIG Motoring world @BigMotoringWrld car brokedown within 6 months - denied repair/replace and reject

Do you have copies of any of the inspection reports which were carried out?
Are there any copies of any inspection reports which you do not have? Which ones?

Tell us about the car – make, model, mileage, price paid.

Since taking delivery of the car, how much have you spent of your own money on repairs – please list these out in a bullet pointed fashion.
When you bought the car did have an MOT? Was it a new MOT? Who did the MOT?
You should probably get an MOT done right now just to see what its roadworthiness condition is.

You said that on the advice of the citizens advice bureau you sent a letter. Please can you upload a copy of that letter in PDF format.

Did you purchase a warranty?

Why have Big Motoring World refused to carry out repairs to the drive chain?


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 Model of the car is BMW 2 Series Active Tourer M Sport 220d Automatic

I have spent 2232 Pounds for repair so far and yet to pay more money to BMW Vines of Gatwick for Diagnosis of the car for the Drivetrain Problem second time (May be 250 Pounds for Diagnosis) total will be 2500 Pounds paid from Pocket

Pending Repairs cost is 10850 for gear box, another 2000 Pounds for TPMS issue and Disc break replacement

Last Mot was done in 2023 March by BIG MOTORING WORLD Itself

MOT was done on 46000 Miles however the car was sold to me on 46547 Miles dated 8th April 2023. I am currently not sure if this car is sold to someone between march and april and returned back.

BIG Motoring world has asked its child company Warranties2000 to conduct a Inspection in the mean of Independent Inspection , currently i am trying to get a new Inspection to be done as i felt their inspection doesnt seem like Independent. Also their report seem like they are aware of the some issues with this car.


Attached Bills and Report




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Please stand by for a reply later on but for the moment you should also book it in for an MOT.

I suggest that you do that straight away.

I did ask you if you knew the reason why BMW had refused to carry out certain repairs but you haven't answered that question. Is there a reason for this?

Still waiting for the answer to my question as to why BMW refused to carry out certain repairs.

We can help you but you will need to deal with questions and also engage with this thread more closely and more quickly please

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As mentioned in my first post, they ignored to address me initially and later refused to look into the issue saying it happened after 3 months of purchase even though it happened in 4th month of purchase.

When BMW Vines o Gatwick gave estimates for Repairs which is costing almost equal to the price of the car they refused to pay for them and started refusing to repair them,

I took warranty for 3 months which dealer provides as this is what they gave me when i purchased the car and post 3 months the company denied warranty due to outstanding issues.

I have also reported the last MOT and my case to DVLA

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28 minutes ago, Iwantmymoneyplease said:

As mentioned in my first post, they ignored to address me initially and later refused to look into the issue saying it happened after 3 months of purchase even though it happened in 4th month of purchase.


This doesn't seem to make much sense. You please have a look at it closely – the dates that you are referring to.

On 25/01/2024 at 22:40, BankFodder said:

Do you have copies of any of the inspection reports which were carried out?
Are there any copies of any inspection reports which you do not have? Which ones?


I understand that you posted some inspection reports but it would be easier if you would also tell us the answers to our questions and which reports refer to which answer. It will also help if the reports or any other documents that you post could be named in a way which will give us a clue as to what they contain.
Also you haven't answered the second part the question whether there are any inspection reports which you do not have.

I understand that you didn't buy warranty but instead you relied on the three month warranty which apparently they gave you as part of the sale of the vehicle. Is this correct?

You have provided an inspection report from an independent vehicle inspection service. Who commissioned that? Who paid for it?

I understand that you paid about £22,000 for the car.
I understand that you now have a quotation for additional works of about £8000 and that you were already out of pocket by about £2000 – is this correct?

Have you had the car fully inspected and are you satisfied that a further expenditure of £8000 will put in the condition that you wanted it when you bought it?

Will you be satisfied if the car is repaired to a proper standard or are you expecting to be able to return the car?

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  • BIG Motoring world didnt acknowledge Drivetrain Failure nor replied to my emails sent in August 2023.
  • After getting the vehicle checked by BMW Vines of Gatwick and started providing the list of the estimates they provided i also followed up to speak with on calls 
  • Sometime they say we will do it, sometimes we wont look into it, which is again in-consistent
  • However they never provided any Appointment to look into the Drivetrain issue or confirmed they will look into it.
  • All the times when said they wont consider to look into issue they say the issue happened after 3 months of purchase and they are not responsible for it.
  • There is lot of delay in Appointments as they constantly deny a slot being available
  • At one instance i said i will come anyways without an appointment on phone and i was told not come over to the facility without an appointment and if i come it will be an offense.
  • Post December 12th 2023, as they conducted the inspection from their side they are using their report it to tell they are no more responsible as they feel the Visual Experience and Past experience help them conclude the issue is not present at the time of purchase


Coming to the Expenses:

Car Price : 16899 £

BMW Vines of Gatwick : £2232 (First Diagnosis, they have to do lot of cleaning of something to diagnosis the problem and labour cost in here is nearly £1600 Pounds) this is where they told the car is in very bad state when it comes to engine and Transmission units are concerned and not well maintained. 

Then on the second round of Diagnosis: they error codes provided shows replacement of Gearbox (Estimates provided is  £10850) 

Also they told that existing issues and advisories about TPMS issues and Disc break replacement an additional cost £2000 including labour costs.

NOTE: BMW Vines of Gatwick has also said even given these parts are replaced right now, they are not sure if any further part replacement are required. they are not assuring me a successful resolution and asked me to talk to BIG MOTORING WORLD to ask for repairs or replacement

Cost of Repairs : £2232( Initial cleaning and Diagnosis)- Paid by me

                              £10850 (Gearbox estimates) Not paid 

                             £2000 (TPMS issues & Disc breaks Replacement) Not Paid

All the above repairs are almost coming in par with the Cost of the Car and i have been advised to reject the car with so much of expenses involved and Big motoring world is also breached the contract by not looking into the issues occured nor provided any appointment for the issues happened within 6 months of purchase




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Has the work for the TPMS issue breaks etc been carried out?

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BIg motoring tried to fix TPMS three time before drivetrain failure issue happened but they couldnt fix. They tried 3 times as of 16-Aug-2023 as thats the last time i drove to their snodland facility before Drivetrain problem occured


TPMS issue is also not resolved so far, its still as mentioned in their inspection report as well

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Have you been without the use of the car at all – and if so for how long in total?

Is the car driving at the moment?

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Yes the car is with Vines of Gatwick from November 8th 2023 onwards, before that it was in my Parking garage for one month.

Its not in use from October 2nd 2023 onwards. Vines of Gatwick team is chasing me to do something with the car, either take it off or get it repaired.

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It is clear that you are going to have to bring a claim against them.

When you bring a claim for less than £10,000, even if you lose, your costs penalty would be limited to the money you spent to bring the claim which for a claim of £10,000 is about £500 to bring the claim and about £350 if it goes to trial – so about £850 altogether.

If the claim is for more than £10,000 then the claim for will be 5% of what you are claiming and about £550 if the claim goes to a trial. However if you are claiming more than £10,000 then you will be liable for some of the cost of the other side which could include some solicitors fees.

It is pretty clear from what you say here that your contract is broken down. You have spent a considerable amount of money carrying out repairs and it has already been off the road for about four months.

This means that you have been deprived of substantially the entire benefit of the contract to you and this would allow you to repudiate the contract and consider that it is void because of the breach of Big Motoring World

You could sue them to bring the contract to an end although effectively would have to sue them for the entire purchase price of about £17,000 and so this puts you at risk of some costs if you lose.
Frankly I don't see you losing that it is a risk that you take.

The other way you can deal with it is to start to sue for small amounts of less than £10,000.

Have you got a firm quote for the cost of the repairs to the drivetrain? You have mentioned the figure of about £10,850. This takes you over the £10,000 limit and it would be a good idea to see if you can get a quote to bring you slightly under the limit.

We could help you bring a legal action. You can do it yourself – it's not terribly complicated – and there is a good chance that Big Motoring World would put their hands up and agreed to take car back – although this is not guaranteed.

Separately you would also want to sue for the £2000 or so which you have already incurred in repairs.

I think you need to decide what action you are prepared to take. It will be legal action. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the only way to get this company to take any notice of you.
At the moment you have got a £17,000 car sitting around doing nothing. You can either choose to pay for it yourself or you can decide to sue the sellers with an extremely high chance of success.

If you wanted you could simply begin by suing them for the return of your £2000 and the cost of repairing the TPMS problem – then this would be in action for about £5000 or so.

However I'm not sure this would repair the car and it would probably still be sitting in the garage.

I think you need to make a decision about taking legal action. If you have the money then really you should sue for all of the value – the car, the repairs that you have incurred so far, the warranty that you pay for.

I suppose that you will be suing for about £20,000. To begin that action at 5% would cost about £1000. You would also add 8% interest to the money you are claiming

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  • 5 weeks later...

The last messages were posted on this thread on the 28th of January.

That is a full month ago.

Where have you been since then?

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We don't have a format or template because every case is different.

You could either look at letters that other people on here have sent about their cars and adapt those or tell us what you want to say to the dealer and we'll help you to refine it.


Illegitimi non carborundum




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You haven't answered my question as to where you have been for the last month.
I notice that you have suddenly popped up again on Facebook. You seem to be asking for help there. You also now say that you have a consultant solicitor who has given you certain advice.
Presumably you are paying that person some money.

You are asking for help here. We are very happy to help and we are probably about the most aggressive source of help that you will find – but simply because we don't charge you money, you don't seem to take us very seriously.
We are volunteers. We do everything free of charge. We are happy to help you but we don't want you to waste our time – and it seems that that is what you are doing at the moment.

If you want to have a good chance of settling this matter then you need to decide where you are going to get your help from and stick with that.

What do you mean by a "letter for repair to protest"?


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This solicitor contact is a neighbour of my colleague at work. He will charge only if i give go ahead to file case.

Also i involved AA cars in the matter as part of ADR and they insisted inspection report to be done with their prescribed agency and i got that done.

Which says seller to pay for repairs.

Big motoring are saying they want to do independent inspection with a new agency again.

My car is due MOT next week , i am planning to get it repaired as its condition is degrading sitting undriven. 

i informed AA about the same two weeks and there is no help except another inspection

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  • dx100uk changed the title to @BigMotoringWorld car broke down within 6 months - denied repair/replace and reject

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