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    • Back to school on Monday Some children not happy at all   https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/31/mps-furious-about-forced-return-of-physical-voting-to-commons     and who saw the Rabb say they are following the scientific advice and avoid the question on NHS advice being given to ordinary folk while Cummings was doing whatever he liked   .. right after the person who is arguably THE top UK covid scientist say 'it aint the medical science ..    
    • So which are you disputing there and why   Is it   A mandatory smartphone app would be a significant measure, both legally and culturally,”   or   “Our view is that there would need to be a clear and detailed legal basis for a mandatory system, set out in specific legislation.”       or are you actually claiming that it wouldn't be made compulsory despite the changes in law I referred, and handcock quite clearly saying that optional is only if enough people voluntarily install it and that 'mandatory' is an option already available to them and which they will use?       or are you just spouting fog to try to confuse the facts?  
    • I think this was more to reduce the footfall.  Local stores were only allowing 10 people in at a time.. by allowing only single shoppers, they kept their queues down. 
    • Hello people, My case is almost similar to others here who have been stung by VCS and I am hoping to get help regarding the current situation I am in.   In the middle of Februrary this year I happened to drop off my mother-in-law at three in the morning at East Midlands Airport. I am aware of no stoppage signs around that area because I also happen to work in the same industrial estate which is also owned by East midlands airport but a little further from the airport.   So the organisation I work for has an office in the same industrial estate and they have their own parking but obviously at 3 o'clock in the morning it wasn't very convenient to park next to the office and then walk about 2 km to the airport. Anyway I had made sure that I did not park on the double red lines as marked on almost all the roads in that area. I've pulled up away from the road and away from the double lines into a small piece of land which had no restrictions on it.   I had seen the spy car while parking up but I assumed that it would be safe because I am away from the road and I'm away from the double right lines into another plot but clearly that wasn't the case as per VCS. So I received a PCN asking me to pay hundred pounds which I appealed and I replied to them that I was not parked on the road or on the double lines but it was rejected by VCS . They started sending me letters of claim and the last letter now I received says letter before claim and I think they are hoping to take me to the County Court to claim £160 as well as the court fees which is £25 if I do not respond to them by 21st of June. I've also attached a letter with information redacted.   I'm hoping to get some advice on what should I do next because I do not really want to pay them £160 for something which I believe is a rip off practice by VCS and others like it. I had taken plenty of pictures when I pulled up that morning which show the car is parked away from the road and away from the double red lines which I had sent to BCS but they did not entertain.   VCS EMA - Nimbus.pdf
    • "Anyway. Does anyone remember that 80's sitcom with Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton - Ever Decreasing Circles................................."   Yes I do. Felicity Kendal, and some other people in it .No wait a minute. no that was the Goodlife wasn't it? Both had Richard Briers though.
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This week I went to the local county court and filed a claim against Halifax. What I wanted to know is what should I expect to happen next? the county court clerk said Halifax will have 28 days to respond.....in peoples experiences what have Halifax's response been?



Halifax - WON:D (£1,000 put back in account)

Abbey National - WON:D (£521 nice shiny cheque)

Capital One - WON:D (£200 cheque)

HSBC - waiting for court decision:rolleyes:

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Haven't quite got that far yet (next week), but from what I've been reading up on in preparation, Halifax seem to take it right to the last moment, say they'll defend but settle just before you actually have to step into a courtroom.

I'm sure those who have actually experienced the sequence of events will inform you better:-)


30th Oct 06 - 18th Jan 07 - Success in claiming £3617.95

HALIFAX 2nd claim

5th Mar - 16th Apr - Success in claiming £176

EGG (3 accounts)

20th Jan 07 - SAR posted

17th Mar 07 - Paperwork received - bits missing

19th Mar - Non-compliance for missing bits posted

9th Apr - ICO complaint filed


20th Jan 07 - SAR posted

21st Mar - Statements received

23rd Mar - Prelim posted

31st Mar - Offer for £30 rec'd

10th Apr - LBA sent

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Basically they have 14 days to respond to the court from the date the paperwork is considered served. If they acknowledge inside the 14 days then it is extended to 28 days total.


Most of the banks acknowledge and file a defence. The defence in some cases is simply to send the cheque. In others they go through the whole procedure of allocation and dont settle until days or even hours before the court appearance.


I would expect the halifax (from reading other threads) to submit a worded defence and go through allocation.

Alliance & leicester:Settled 8/9/06 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/alliance-leicester-successes/19700-tamadus-l.html?highlight=tamadus

Capital One:Settled 22/9/06 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/16644-tamadus-capital-one.html?highlight=tamadus

MBNA 2 accounts:Settled 22/9/06 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-institutions-successes/13831-tamadus-mbna-i.html?highlight=tamadus

Smile:Settled 15/11/06

Egg Card:S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent 2/10/06

GE Money:S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent3/8/06 LBA sent 26/9/06

Abbey:ERC prelim sent 14/9/06. LBA sent 2/10/06. Now it's getting interesting so keep watching

Barclaycard:In criminal default watch this space

Lloyds TSB:In criminal default watch this space


If my comments have been useful please click the scales and let me know.

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Best thing to do mate is to give them a ring on wednesday and make sure theyve received it, Go through to rachel hincliffe (direct number on here somewhere). Halifax have a habit of not receiving the claim forms. If they havnt she will ring the court and get them to fax it through. Give them a week, u'll recieve ur acknowledgment of service from the court and 2 days later u'll get ur letter from them settling, if not u'll have the funds in ur account already:)

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