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Tall Man vs Natwest

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Just logged on to this site on my own as previously someone else was helping me. Firstly just want to say that its a breath of fresh air to see so many people willing to help each other out.


I am currently going through the process with Nat West but they seem like right buggers! Taking it all the way etc. I have now got to the stage where I will be moving forward with court action. There are a couple of things I wanted to know though


1) Can I still charge them interest on my claim if when I was charged fees I was overdrawn?


2) These charges go back up to 6 yeras, I read somewhere this could be a problem, is this correct?


3) I have looked around the site for help with the legal jargon I need to include on my letter to the court. (I have registered with the on line court claims people). If anyone can point me in the direction of an example letter so I have a starting point for my letter I would be really grateful. Im sure its in an obvious place


The Bank owe my over £2,500 and I have been desperate to get one over them for years so cant wait to bite a chunk out of there ankles!


Thanks everyone :)

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Hi - take a bit of time to read up first to make sure that you have the facts before going too far ahead. Read the FAQs and template letters then have a good read around here to see how others are getting on.


Keep any progress on your own claim or questions that arise in a new thread in the forum for your bank to make it easier for others to follow and advise you. There's a set of links in my sig below that will help you find where all this useful information is. Well done for getting started! :)


You can claim back interest charged on charges - there's a set of spreadsheets for this.


Charges up to 6 years old are reclaimable without problem (5 years in Scotland).


Have a look at the links below for template letters, but first of all please read the FAQs.

Jeep (The Wife & I)

Halifax joint a/c (£3800 charges + £40 interest on charges over 11 years) - paid in full 23/06/06

Halifax joint a/c new charges £1100 - LBA sent 02/08/06

Halifax 2nd a/c (£1500 charges + £150 interest on charges) - partial payment received 13/07/06 (no s69 interest) - AQ filed 07/08/06 - Court awarded 50% of s69 interest (Bank didn't turn up!)

Halifax Visa (#1) Data Protection Act sent - statements arrived - £350 so far

Halifax Visa (#2) Data Protection Act sent - refunded £170

DONATE - Support this site, it supported you!

Follow the route: FAQs > Template Library > Parachute Account > Bank Forums > Spreadsheet

All advice given in good faith and without prejudice or liability, to be taken at your own risk!

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Ready to take this to the small claims ct now, have researched what I can and cant ask for just concerned about the wording I can use to submit the claim. Does anyone know of a template / tick list of the procedures I need to go through now I am at this stage. I have worked out my interest etc just want to file the claim now...


Any help would be greatly appreciated as they owe me over £2.5k!


Thnaks everyone for your help!

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Right, all is looking good. I have submitted my claim to the courts on moneyclaim.com. I filled in a letter in the very small space they give you to fill in the Particulars Of The Claim. Then in the end I found that you have to send your interest sheet by post to Northampton as you cant attcah this to your claim.


The buggers have acknowledged the claim though which means I have to wait until the end of Jan before it is formalised one way or another. They say they are willing to take it to court though. Is this normal for anyone?


Be good to hear from anyone who has got to this stage. Has anyone actually had to fight it in court?

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This is normal, nothing to worry about, it is very very unlikely you will ever get to court! :D



HSBC WON three times!!!!! Read about my continuing battle (claim FOUR!) Link HERE

Capital One WON Link


GE capital (5 accounts) WON link HERE

Lloyds bank account WON second claim starting! link HERE

Budget insurance cough up WON link HERE

Principles WON link HERE

A&L (Mrs Crusher's account) claim link HERE

Barclays claim link HERE


Any advice given is on an informal basis only and without prejudice or liability. In in any doubt, consult a qualified lawyer.


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Hi your posts moved into Natwest Bank group.

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