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Parcel lost by Evri ***Settled in full before trial and without mediation***

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I clearly wish the case to be heard in my local court (Milton Keynes), so do you think it worthwhile sending another DQ reiterating this request?  It appears that EVRi have made two submissions even though I have only seen one of them.

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If you have stated Milton Keys on your DQ then that's where the claim should be heard...you cant submit another DQ but you can inform the court they have made an error you are the litigant and Milton Keys is your local county court ask them to transfer it.

We could do with some help from you.



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A final update on my claim against EVRi:

In October Evri offered to settle excluding court costs which I declined.  I made a counter offer to waive interest if they would cover loss plus court costs which they declined. I repeated this offer last month and they accepted with the result that I received full pay out of my claim today. 

Thank you to CAG for guiding me through the process.  It is clear that with your help, persistence and a little patience a satisfactory result can be achieved.

I have made a donation in thanks for your assistance.


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Thanks for this update. Well done it's a good result.

Typical of this company EVRi – they dangle you around for over a year and then tried a quibble to try and save a few quid – but actually it's not about saving money it's about saving face.
I don't see why they bother to save face because they have no shame.

They were prepared to smash up your mother's birthday and then refused to pay you out a paltry 75 quid or so – even though they know full well that you have third-party rights and they know full well that the little insurance scam is contrary to section 57 and section 72 of the Consumer Rights Act.
I wonder what they would do if it was their own mothers?

Well done for standing your ground. Well done for resisting mediation which would simply have added an extra stage to the process and of course they would then have threatened you to keep quiet if you revealed what had happened.

You can see they are desperate to avoid further judgements against them. They know that what they are doing is unlawful but it is making them huge profits and they don't want to rock the boat!

Hopefully you have learned enough that if this kind of thing happens again with EVRi or any other company, you will feel confident about taking it forward although of course we will be here to help you and support you as you need.

Thank you for the donation. I am sending you an email about this.


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  • BankFodder changed the title to Parcel lost by Evri ***Settled in full before trial and without mediation***

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