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Leaseholder charges- major works poorly done

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We own a leasehold property where the local authority own the freehold.
Major works were carried out 4/5 years ago to replace the balconies. Ours was not in disrepair nor had any issues that we were aware of, but it was done as part of the rounds.
The replacement balcony was a nightmare with the contractor being changed half way through ( i think from memory due to quality) our balcony was started by one contractor and finished by another.
The works took a very long time to complete as a result. The new balcony that was fitted now has puddles regularly outside the doors as well as a couple of safety concerns.
Because of the nature of the issues we do not believe it was ever inspected prior to being signed off- it would not pass a safety inspection. We have not chased the local authority to pay the 5K that the work is costing us as we are not happy that it is worse then the one taken down and also we feel unsafe.
We have asked for proof that it was inspected on completion but they were unable to provide anything. We have been in talks with them to get it checked 2 years ago but they stopped responding (I assume the staff member left) and have today received another request for payment and so we are back at the start- explaining that we are not happy to pay until the work is finished to a decent and safe standard comparable to before the works started.
If it was any other goods or service the contractor/ goods provider would surely be expected to make good?
Are we within our rights to expect a decent standard of work before paying the bill?
Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered
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I think you need to make a Formal Complaint to the Council (who are obviously the Factor/Managing Agent for your properties).


You need to point out your previous correspondence about this issue and at that time they failed to respond.


You now require the following:


1. Clarification who the initial Contractor was before being replaced.

2. Clarification who the second Contractor was that completed the Balcony works.

3. Copy of the Risk Assessment carried out for these Balcony works.

4. Copy of the Inspection/Handover Paper work once Balcony was completed for my Property.

5. You require this Balcony to be Inspected due to (insert fault here) by a competent person.

6. Copy of your Complaints Policy (not the leaflet)

7. Copy of your Health & Safety Policy (not the leaflet)



Separate to the you also send them a Subject Access Request (SAR) simply asking for 'ALL DATA' that simple phrase covers whatever format they hold that data in whether it be emails, written, recorded calls etc. The then have 30 Calendar Days to respond once they have acknowledged your SAR Request.


You can if you want insert a specific date period from - to but still put ALL DATA for that period and make sure this request is completely seperate to your Formal Complaint above i.e. a separate letter.


Sending a SAR you then get to see what data they hold on you and it is now free.

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I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

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