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West Yorkshire Police Speeding Ticket

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I have received a NIP in the post as per the attached.

I don't recall driving this speed on this road as I have recently completed a Driver Awareness Course and have been very diligent since.

Is it worth appealing or just admit it and take the hit? 

speeding tucket_Redacted.pdf

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There is nothing you can appeal.  It's simply a notice informing you that they intend to prosecute the driver of the car for speeding as per the notice.


What you have to do is to comply with the s172 requirement to name the driver within 28 days, otherwise you commit a rather more serious and expensive offence.  (Failure to identify the driver, 6 points, a large fine and paying a lot more for insurance for the next five years).


You could ask if they have any photographs you could look at "to help you to identify the driver".  (Do NOT phrase any question you ask so that it sounds like you are asking for evidence of the offence itself.  If you do, they will likely refuse to help).


If they give you photos they might indirectly confirm the offence for you or - if you are very lucky - they might show the driver isn't you or that it isn't even your car.


In any case you must reply naming the driver within the 28 day limit.

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West Yorkshire Police provide photographs if you wish to view them. Go the portal mentioned in the notice www.westyorkshirepas.com.


It states in there:


"This website allows you to view media and documents associated with your offence, as well as general information and FAQs relating to road traffic offences.

You can also nominate another driver, saving you postage costs and enabling you to speed up the process of discharging your liability."


Given that it was manned equipment it may have pictured the front of the vehicle and the drivers face. This could be of great benefit to you - or not as the case may be.

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Just to lay one thing to rest, you say you do not recall driving at that speed on that road. But do you recall driving on that road at the time mentioned?


Assuming you do, after you have responded to the request for driver's details you should be offered a fixed penalty (£100 and three points) for that excess. If you don't fancy accepting that the police will prosecute you through the Magistrates' Court and if you are convicted the result will be much more expensive.


If you want to defend the matter, the police will almost certainly produce evidence that your speed was measured by an approved device operated correctly. Without a defence from you, that will be sufficient to see you convicted. To defend the charge you must cast doubt on the evidence provided by the police to the extent that you must show that the measurement of your speed cannot be relied upon. Unfortunately turning up and saying you do not remember travelling at that speed will not cut the mustard.

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Thanks for the notes everyone. I've just accepted it. No point making a mess out of it. Chalk it down to experience and pay more attention to the bloody road.

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It's a tempting place to put the old foot down. Having been held to 10mph round the Armley Gyratory you come off on the bypass and the dual carriageway opens up. It used to be 70mph only now it's 40mph. There's a lot of roads like it. Good of you to accept that you were in the wrong. Honesty is the best policy!

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