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    • Homer did say not to contact DR+.   If that's all the paperwork you have, sit tight and see if a letter before claim/action turns up. If you get one - and you may not, come back here and we'll help you to write back.    Or if you get more threatograms, let us know and we'll let you know if you need to take any action. In the meantime don't write to anyone and keep any correspondence for now.    HB
    • Hi DX   That is the only info letter I have we can't locate the first letter or original parking fine notification My wife said there wasn't  anything on the car windscreen. Do I ask the DC for the original notification ?   what shall I do just wait until they pursue through court ?   apologies for lack of info  Cancookwill
    • Hello, I've been following this thread and have some experience to share... Stand by for lots of words.   About 6 weeks ago, the engine seized on my car - 10 days before planning to use it for our 2 week trip around the UK!  I searched the internet for companies who could replace/rebuild the engine and get it back to me in time... One company that came up was 169 UK. I called the number and explained my predicament and the chap on the phone (who called himself Lee - I'm not convinced this was his real name) promised that if the vehicle got to him the next day or so, he'd have it done in time for our holiday!. He gave all kinds of reassurances about the types of vehicles they work on, from Porsches etc, even people from Spain taking their cars to him.. All work came through 3rd party websites (how i'd found them too) so you generally wont find reviews.    I was weary going into this, but you got to put your faith somewhere, right? so off it went on a trailer to Essex. NOW... I'd already asked where it would be going and I also tracked it by leaving a mobile phone hidden in the car. Interestingly, the place i was told i'd be collecting it from was not the same place the recovery guy (called Patrick?) told me he was delivering it to..    Anyway, they get the car and straight away tell me that the sump is full of diesel and that my ECU is faulty and its locked open one bank of injectors - causing the failure. All of this is feasible, but it meant that the car would not be ready in time for my holiday  He also tells me the DPF's (i'm sure it only has one, but he referred to there being more) were also completely blocked solid and needed to be dealt with (in this case, drilled and mapped out - which is also illegal) All of these little extras have now taken the cost from £3500 to nearly £5000  - as he was " putting together a special package for me" I tell him ok, i'm now away for 2 weeks so you have a little more time, i'll collect it when i get back.  I call him on the Friday before we travel home, asking how its going... he says "well, we aven't done it.. you said you were gonna be away for 2 weeks" apparently he marked to dairy wrong. So i call him again on the Monday following, I say I want to collect it that Thursday... not unreasonable. He then starts with the excuses that he has loads of guys off sick at the moment etc.. BUT, The car IS in the workshop and the boys ARE getting on with it. I say, OK.. but keep me updated daily as i need to make arrangements to come and get it. Tuesday passes without a word, so Wednesday morning i txt him asking for an update. He called me back around and hour later to tell me that the ECU they sourced for me is also faulty (they tested it before fitting it as they're nice like that) and it has water damage so he has to get another one, but that isn't going to get to him until the following Tuesday - which brings us up to this week.   Everything up until this point has been feasible if not a little annoying, BUT here is where is gets good...  On Sunday i happened to be in Essex on other business so decided to swing by Basildon and see if i could find my car. Knowing where it had been dropped off before the tracking phone died, i had a good idea where to look. And i also had the address of the garage where i'd be picking it up from. Hoping to not find it too easily - after all, it was being worked on on the Monday; Imagine my surprise to find it in the exact location it had been dropped off 4 weeks previously!  I lifted the bonnet - nothing had been touched.  The amount of dust on the bodywork and distinct lack of any hand prints etc strongly indicated that nothing had been touched and it certainly hadn't been moved in all that time. He may well have taken the ECU out to test but put it back, that's easy to do - but there is now way to tell from there that the DPF is blocked without removing it, or having full access to the ECU - which is faulty, remember?  It had all been LIES.  Now i am annoyed, but informed and he doesn't know that i know he's been lying to me.  I spent the next couple of days talking to various people i know and arranged my own recovery to get the car back - even if that meant effectively stealing it back. Long story short, i had it collected and got it back to me last night.  The guy who collected it went to the garage i'd been told i'd be collecting it from - Unit 28 Noble Square( Essex car and Commercial) and asked for Lee... Low and behold no-one by that name works there and the car (and others parked in the same place) were nothing to do with them! but then one guy did say "oh hang on, i think i know who you mean, let me give him a call"... 10 minutes later, 'Lee' showed up.  My man then had to endure conversation with this charlatan, but did glean some information that might be of interest.  "LEE" doesn't directly do any of this work... he takes on jobs, maybe up to 30 at a time and then farms them out to local garages. This explains why nothing had been done and why so many others get stuck in this net.   I was surprised that he was calm and didn't get the hump about me taking the car back, i still don't really understand what the scam is, but there definitely is one.  I think i've been very lucky that no money has been paid, i owe him nothing and i got out of there.  The amount of mental anguish and anxiety this has caused me has been extreme.  Now i'm back to square one, still with a broken car. But i'm only £500 out of pocket (for the recovery each way) and not £5k that it was supposedly going to cost... at some point, who knows when!     
    • Good luck from me as well Dixon, fingers crossed.    HB
    • Last time, the Judge provided me with, I would say, the most amount of time to speak. She started with HMRC, and they moved on to me. Essentially, since HMRC last responded to me (the original document I scribbled notes on), I feel it's right I should go first and just comment on each of their responses.   I'll leave sending that link to them, just in case HMRC then find something against it. I'll just bring it up, and mention the above quotes.
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RM says item delivered but eBay buyer saying they have not received.

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Hello all, I am back on the group!


currently have an issue.. 


So back in May, I sold an item valued around £600. The customer needed this next day as the person was leaving to go to India. The item was for a friend. 

I suggested to the buyer that I only really use UPS rather than RM but the item would have arrived on the day he was leaving with UPS. I advised that I recently I’ve had problems with RM (which was true) but he insisted I used RM. I proceeded and now have this issue.

RM delivered the parcel to his flat (flat consists of about 6 flats in a building). The customer claims he didn’t get it.

After RM investigation they said the post man/woman delivered to the right address as per gps location. They also said that the post driver delivered to a Romanian woman (I find this very random and odd tbh, how did he know the person was Romanian and why did he deliver to that person). 


I went with escalations and now it’s with the postal review team. I have argued that even though it was delivered to the address it wasn’t delivered to the right flat. The address was something like 26 ‘RoadName’ but when looking at google maps the building shows there are flats 21-26 in that building. 


I have argued that despite it being in the location that doesn’t prove that the driver delivered to the right door. 

The customer has said RM left no notice to say it’s been delivered to a neighbour either. 


It’s hard to believe whether the person is genuine or not but now he has come back and insinuating I should refund him. He took this with eBay and they closed the case in my favour as it was delivered.

It’s left me so frustrated as I’ve done nothing but go out of my way for this guy even when eBay closed the case. He’s just arrived back from India so I’ve asked him to check with his neighbours as it’s a flat of about 6 flats. 


Is there anything that protects me at all? I really don’t believe RM should have given to a neighbour even though it wasn’t requested especially for an item I marked as valued over £600. I believe this is their fault and very lazy as a driver to go ahead and be so careless.


Thank you

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Have you checked on the Royal Mail Address Finder whether each flat is listed as a separate address?


Postcode Finder - Find an address | Royal Mail Group Ltd


That will confirm whether the RM national address database recognises Flat 26 [using your example] as a separate address.


If it does then my understanding is that RM will deliver onlyto that address unless either the occupants or the sender have authorised RM to deliver it elsewhere if no-one was at home.


So if RM recognise Flat 26 as an address on the national address database, and if they say that's where they delivered it (ie someone in Flat 26 accepted it), then IMO you are entitled to accept that it has been delivered to the address you sent it to. I'd ignore the stuff about a Romanian woman. Even if true it's irrelevant. Note that RM do not have to deliver to the person named on the package. Their legal obligation is only to deliver to the address.


Maybe it's a try on by the purchaser, maybe it's a genuine misunderstanding, maybe it's a scam. Who knows. But if RM confirm delivered to Flat 26 then I think you should hold firm and just say 'No' to this purchaser.  RM have confirmed they delivered. End of discussion. Remind them they instructed you to use RM as the delivery company.


Was it sent by any sort of RM tracked or signed for servcie?

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Hi there,


many thanks for your response I have checked the address and it does not show as flat it shows as any flat number in that building.


just 26 Ridley Close. So really RM are wrong.


i have attached the response from RM they gave today.


i actually believe the person is genuine but it’s not easy to tell!


im just worried if I end up having to pay for this even though eBay closed the case in my favour!


i also used RM special delivery so they can’t deliver to neighbours has to be the named person at the address from my understanding..


2022-06-24 RM reply.pdf

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What I find strange is the Buyer from the start after you explaining pervious issue with RM as you always you UPS insisted it had to be RM.


UPS could have delivered this item next day so why was the Buyer so adamant it had to be RM something just doesn't add up from the Buyer as this person the item was for was going to India the next day and needed the item.


How did the Buyer inform you this item had not been delivered and have you given that evidence to RM?


How did the Buyer pay you for this item? Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal etc.


Have you researched the property address as its flats to see who owns then whether is leasehold/ private/ council/ housing association?

(the reason I ask this if Council or Housing Association due to this being flats most have CCTV around and inside but also door entry which will be logged)


As this is Flats and only if it does have door entry to access the building you could ask RM how there delivery courier was able to access that building. (there will either be a service button which they can press to get access or they have been given a key fob for that entry system to access the building or the entry door has been left open)


You could also ask RM to Clarify that the GPS Location they state that the item was delivered whether this is the RM Delivery Vehicle GPS Location at the property or the exact GPS Location of the exact Delivery Address.? (something tells me it will be the vehicles GPS data)







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