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Staff shortages make me want to leave retail - where to go?

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I work for a supermarket. On Sundays, the staff shortage is a total joke. On Sunday, just THREE of us were on checkouts all day. One of them was from another store. Two colleagues are on holiday and two on sick. One of them we are very doubtful she will ever return. See another post by me about the issue. Then had two colleagues dismissed one for non attendance and another for headbutting a customer. Colleagues have left the store in various depts and not being replaced. 


I cannot cope anymore. The management are not supportive or care for my well being. I had a migraine that developed during the day which I still have some of it remaining now. I am not one for developing headaches and only had one migraine before when stressful times in my family 18 years ago.


Customers are being forced to use self scan - though there's a kiosk which is only for small transactions. Customers should not be forced to use self scans like this. We are losing customers, not even changed their shopping day. It's getting beyond the joke now as been going on for 3 months when the dismissed colleague for non attendance was dismissed and the constantly sick one went on sick again.


Sundays are the worst for staff shortage. No one wants to do overtime anymore in my store. The shortage is causing my anxiety to get worse (on antidepressants) and affecting my physical health. I just want to leave retail as well as the staff shortages, we are getting more rude and abusive customers. Then I heard this Sunday, its THREE staff again - esp its Fathers Day. I am dreading the abuse from customers who have NO CLUE in how stressed we are. Its going be like this next few weeks unless the management pull their fingers out as the regular staff all have annual booked in July, Aug and Sept, which is the norm for all employers. I am certainly DREADING these times.

No idea what to look for in terms of work as certainly don't want work in retail ever again - 14 years. Then my previous roles have been in call centres, which I deemed too old to work for them now (early 40s) as I remember from my CC the oldest colleague was 3 years older than me. Also done admin work. Nor I want to do sales - customer or business. I use computers a lot outside work, but potential employers want experience of computer work in work which not done since I started my current role. No to care work either. Any ideas or organisations that take free or cheap career advice will be brilliant.


As my store has a staff shortage, the management rely on certain staff to do certain things. I am one of these. Leaving the store will be a massive shock to the management as I do the work of three colleagues as when I'm off - annual leave or sickness, they can't cope.

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You need to develop a plan, if you want to move on. But stay in employment, while you look to change and don't resign any job, unless you have another job already lined up.


Suggest identifying the jobs that are available locally.  Research online websites, such as Indeed, Total Jobs, CV Library.


Think about the jobs that are of interest and then review what education level, skills and experience are required. The following website has some useful information.  Also worth contacting National Careers Service as they can help with advice, CV reviews etc.



Find out what a job involves and if it's right for you.


What about an education/skills course to help you change career ?


Government have funded skills bootcamps



Also Reed the employment agency has many low cost online courses available.




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We could do with some help from you.



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LinkedIn is another good place to look. My Son put his CV on there and had 20 offers of a job in 36 hours. been promoted internally 3 times since October last year when he started there. Were looking at another promotion again some time soon and a 12 week all expenses paid trip up North for him further work. 


OFT debt collection guidance


Please remember the only stupid question is the one you dont ask so dont worry about asking the stupid questions.


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