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    • An update:  Letter dated 17th May 2022   Reference:  Parking Charge Notice - xxxx   Dear Sir/Madam   We are writing in relation to the Parking Charge incurred on 4 August 2020 at 15.08 at Asda Clapham car park.     We would like to confirm that this charge has now been cancelled and there is no outstanding payment due.   Yours faithfully   Parkingeye Team   So it worked your letter from Zimbabwe - see below:   TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN   DCBL REFERENCE NO.  INCIDENT DATE:  4th August 2020 PARKING CHARGE NOTICE NO:  VEHICLE REGISTRATION xxxxxxxx   Please note the car with Registration xxxxxxx was scrapped  and taken off the road in August 2020 when I left the country.   My brother rented the flat:  xxxxx, Battersea, London xxxxx for 2020 but has since moved to a new address.  The address you have used in Battersea, is not my address and no family member lives at that address.  It has been tenanted to someone I do not know.  Please only contact me at my Zimbabwe address, where I have been living for the last two years.   It has taken 3 months for me to receive a Final Reminder from DCLB due to the fact they sent the Final Reminder to the wrong address.   I have written to the CEO of ASDA explaining that I forgot to collect my free parking ticket whilst shopping at ASDA and that I am a loyal customer.     I do not intend to pay your charge as you are already charging over the new code of practice issued by parliament, which states you can charge £100 only otherwise any amount over that is considered a “rip off”. You are supposed to observe the law according to your agreement with BPA, furthermore it is likely you have not applied for planning permission with is also defined in the new CoP.   I suggest you drop this unnecessary case.   Please note that I live in Zimbabwe and any letters addressed to Battersea will no doubt be binned.  If you want to continue to pursue this case, then you will have to contact me at my address in Zimbabwe, but I warn you letters do take a rather lengthy time on occasion.   I look forward to hearing from you regarding the above appeal.   Yours sincerely      
    • I have done but it mentions computer typing and I don’t have one or access to one so if Its handwritten do I have to sign it or still just print my name the same 
    • My second son (not the 3rd one we have helped in the past!) was having a stag do and parked at the Saunton Sands hotel for roughly 2 hours to get to the beach.  They went through the hotel but have no proof of any purchase, even though they argued this in their appeal.  The appeal was rejected and then he went to Zimbabwe for a period of time as he has been suffering from severe anxiety.  He needed to come home and be treated.  He arrived back in the UK 10 days ago and received a "Letter Before Claim" from CST Law on 11th May 2022.   The total outstanding is £170.  Can you make any recommendations?   Smart Parking Charge Notice was dated 3 July 2021 Location:  Saunton Sands Hotel, Braunton   The Parking Charge Notice:   "Smart Parking Ltd have the right to seek payment of the parking charge for unauthorised parking of the vehicle on the land on the relevant date as owner of the land, on the basis of a contractual right to occupy or to have possession of the land, or acting as agent of the landowner.   A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is payable with respect to the vehicle registration mark ...... for the alleged breach of advertised terms and conditions within Saunton Sands Hotel, Braunton on 3/7/21.   The signage, which is clearly displayed at he entrance to and throughout the car park, states that this is private land and the car park is managed by Smart Parking Ltd.   A Parking charge Notice of £100 is now due for payment and must b e paid before the end of the 28 days from with the date of the notice.  If the parking charge notice is paid before 28 Jul 2021the amount of the parking charge notice will be reduced to £60.  If you were not the driver of the vehicle and you wish to provide the driver details, lodge a dispute appeal or query this must be made on line or in writing.  Please follow the instructions overleaf.   Following the landmark Supreme Court ruling of Parking Eye v Beavis, it has now been established that a Parking Charge Notice issued on Private Land is enforceable.  The Court rejected claims that such charges are extravagant, exorbitant or unconscionable and advised that such charges Acta necessary deterrent of breach of contract.  A full copy of the Supreme Court Judgement can be found on line at https://wwwlsupremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2013-0280-judgement.pdf.  If you feel you have sufficient grounds to appeal this notice you will find full details of the appeals process overleaf.  If you pay the PCN you are therefore accepting full liability for the charge, and are no longer eligible to appeal this notice. Yours  Smart Parking Limited  
    • Purchased a corner unit sette a LazyBoy brand from Scs in horwich for 5 thousand pound.  Yet on Scs website much cheaper. Furthermore salesman told me made in usa.  I discovered sette are made in far east, with massive complaints from review websites nearly all claiming that qualitu doesnt match Scs showroom quality. Have not yet had sette delivered but told by Scs i will lose 25% if I cancelled now before delivery date. I just want Full refund and not to lose 1250 pounds from my 25% loss for cancelling. I hope any advive can help.
    • do you really expect us to understand things from that 2 line block of text..   explain your story properly with sentences,  punctuation and a bit more detail with dates etc please   dx  
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Just posting to say hello to everyone on the forums. My name is Neil [edited] and i have just started the ball rolling in claiming my charges back from Barclays Bank.


From what i have read so far, this site has tonnes of information on it and you have already helped a colleg of mine claim back his charges from Lloydes.


Look forward to posting how things progress.



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Hi and welcome to the site,



You've definately taken the first step into claiming back what's rightfully yours.


Spend time reading the FAQ's and the Step by Step guide as this will stop you making mistakes along the way. Use the letters and spreadsheets in the Templates Library as these have all been tried and tested in successful claims. Read as many threads as you can especially ones that relate to your bank. This is a SELF HELP site and won’t do the work involved for you. However, everything you need is on here somewhere.


Don't be afraid to ask any questions, no matter how stupid they may seem, but please remember that any advice that you receive is normally based on experience only and that you should seek expert advice if required.


Once you start the process of your claim remember to open a thread in the relative bank forum, this will enable you, and others helping you, to keep track of your claim.


All the best in your claim!! :wink:



Useful links to help with your claim



http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/


Letter Templates

http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/


Interest Spreadsheet

http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html


Court N1 form

http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html


Mcol Particulars of Claim

http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html

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Don't be like the banks - give a little back



:D NAT WEST - WON - £4282.36:D


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Hi Neil,

Welcome to CAG. Do plenty of reading around the forums, and especially the FAQ's. Then stsrt your own thread in the Barclays forum and keep it updated with your progress. Post any questions there too. You will find lots of help and support on the site.

Good Luck


[CENTER][SIZE=2][I][COLOR=DarkOrange]Any advice offered is only my opinion, based on my experience with my claim [/COLOR][/I][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=2] I won my case because[/SIZE] I READ THESE FIRST[/COLOR][/SIZE] [URL="http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/"][COLOR=red]http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/[/COLOR][/URL] [/CENTER] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=magenta][COLOR=Black][SIZE=3]Halifax[/SIZE][COLOR=YellowGreen]-[/COLOR][/COLOR][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red][COLOR=YellowGreen]SETTLED IN FULL[/COLOR] :D:D:D[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=magenta] [COLOR=SeaGreen]Prelim letter sent [COLOR=Black]10/07/06[/COLOR] Moneyclaim issued [COLOR=Black]07//08/06[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Settled in full[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]15/08/06 [SIZE=2] [/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=magenta][COLOR=Black][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]Survey completed. Donation made[/SIZE].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [/CENTER] [CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=magenta][COLOR=Black][COLOR=Navy]Thanks to Dave and Bankfodder, and all who have given their time and advice[/COLOR]:)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [/CENTER] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=red][COLOR=Black]Co-op Bank Visa[/COLOR] Settled after LBA (only £61 but hey ho, every penny counts) [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=#00bfff] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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Hi all, My name is Ian and I have just registered after reading about it in the email i receive from moneysavingexpert.com. I am of course looking to reclaim from my bank, but I don't know where would be best to start. I know I need to read all the faqs first, its just there is so much information available, and I'm having a little trouble navigating the home page. Plus Ive never used a forum before and for all i know ive posted in the wrong place or something. My apologies if i have, could you please direct me to the correct one. Many thanks in advance from a forum newbie. lol.



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Hi Ian


Ummm, yes, you've hijacked someone elses thread which is a bit naughty, but we'll let you off this time :p


If you set up a thread/threads in whichever forum is relevant to your claim/s, and add posts with and news, or queries that you have, we are all lovely, helpful people who are around to assist :)

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Hi and thanks very much. i will click on your scales very soon, but for now i just need to know how to create posts. i registered with abbey group, but cannot seem to find how to contact them or view their posts. when i go to new posts it just shows a list of current ones, not how to start one up. well to me it does anyway. lol. hope i havent upset anyone for hi-jacking their space. thanks again, ian.

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This is all abit new to me just getting used to the web site and im doing to read the faqs i have downloaded some templates from MoneySavingExpert.com ad-free, free to use, Consumer Revenge!, but if you know of any better templates, please let me now.


Many Thanks and good luck to everyone making claims.

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Hi Cara,


Please see my comments to Ian re hijacking threads:)


I would say that the templates on this site are a lot better, along with the advice given. Please check these out before doing anything else, and set up a thread in the relevant forum.






Best of luck


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Hi Ian.


Go to the Abbey forum, you will find this on the CAG front page but here's a link to get you there now.




To start your own thread click on the New Thread link which looks like this




This will then start your thread where you can give it a title and enter your first posting.

Every time you or someone else makes a posting on this thread it will move to the top of the list.

If you ever loose your thread, say because you havn't visited the site in a while, then you can view your subscribed threads in the Quick Links drop down menu near the top of each page.


Hope this helps.



Don't be like the banks - give a little back



:D NAT WEST - WON - £4282.36:D


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More Newbies coming in,


Please move away from the doors and make your way to your bank's forum.

That will give us a bit more room in the entrance hall.


Good luck with your claims, all of you.


Regards, Rooster.


If this has been useful to you, please click on the scales at bottom left of post. Thanks.


Advice & opinions of Rooster-UK are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Please use your own judgment.


LOOK! Free CAG Toolbar.

Follow link for more information.



Please donate,

Help us to help others.





Forum Rules.


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