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    • Enjoy your shitf-shellfish Southerners   The simple fact that the London area has both a hosepipe ban, flooding and sewage overflows should demonstrate to anyone just HOW broken this system is, and anyone squealing 'exceptional circumstances' should look at how often and much these issues are  recurring, and be aware of how little time will pass before this is likely to occur again.   That the boss of their promotion agencies 'answer is that everyone goes on water meters and pays more, while the companies are making huge profits for a few (mainly large shareholders and top bosses) while building not a single reservoir and leaking 25% of the water they transport due to simply NOT doing even basically adequate investment and maintenance of the infrastructure says to me that EVERY SENIOR BOSS AT THESE ORGANISATIONS should be fined what they have profiteered.   No, they shouldn't be renationalised, they should be regulated into undoing the damage they have done with profits limited to a fixed  portion of investment and boss dividends and bonuses scrapped (and share options confiscated) until the company has rebuilt the infrastructure and cleared the debt mountain, with failure to do so acted upon as gross negligence.     That A member of OFGEM has resigned, no doubt to maintain some shred of credibility for her income, is little more than a headline That one of the reasons is that 'they should have done more to protect energy resellers from collapsing, without qualifying that this would be better done by:   1. Ensuring the companies were credible to start with and not largely some mechanism to make its head a millionaire while leaving the taxpayer to pay the bill 2. Ensuring core supplies and suppliers weren't working hard to rip everyone off    .. is telling   My brief experiences of 2 of those failed companies indicated they should never have been allowed to start up - AVRO especially seemed to me to appear to be run by people and in a way that even NPower would wince at. Special mention to the customer service manager there who made the NPower manager I ended up dealing with; after (also) overcharging, multiple unaddressed complaints and months of failure to repay a large credit balance after leaving; seem competent and professional in comparison.       Safer Seas Service Interactive Map • Surfers Against Sewage WWW.SAS.ORG.UK This interactive map is our online version of the Safer Seas & Rivers Service, tracking real-time CSOs (combined sewage overflows) and PRFs...  
    • So anyone who disagrees with the government can be viewed as an extremist. Afua Hirsch mentioned remarks made by the PM which are there for everyone to see.   Government bans Afua Hirsch from Whitehall over criticism of Boris Johnson - Voice Online WWW.VOICE-ONLINE.CO.UK Author labelled an 'extremist' for calling PM a racist, as freedom of speech-loving Rees-Mogg turns snowflake over Johnson's hurt feelings  
    • Director of Ofgem resigns because she doesn't agree with how the energy cap is calculated.   Government 'asleep at the wheel' as Ofgem director quits over energy price cap change NEWS.SKY.COM Ofgem recently changed the method it uses to determine the price cap on energy bills and Christine Farnish disagreed with giving suppliers six...  
    • Contact Energy Ombudsman with details of how long this complaint saga has been going on.  You may find out your meters were never correctly registered to your address and will be confused with neighbours until someone goes into central database to separate out the records.  EDF may never have legally taken over the supply and under energy legislation Scottish Power are the suppliers without your consent.   /images/bitmap/ombudsman-share-image.png Energy Ombudsman: Here to help with gas & electricity complaints WWW.OMBUDSMAN-SERVICES.ORG Do you have an unresolved complaint about your gas or electricity provider? Find out how we may be able to help.  
    • I wasn't sure where to put this. Water companies again - this is awful.   Sewage polluting UK beaches as swimmers warned to avoid water at 50 seaside hotspots WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Leisure spots at Bognor Regis, Newquay and Yarmouth have all been affected  
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In my 60ish years on this planet that is the first time I have ever heard a Shakespearian reference made relevant to modern life, I salute you sir!


Now when I think back to all those wasted hours struggling with 'the bard who never says what he means' in order to gain an English Lit O level, it was still not worth it all 🤣

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