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Warning from TFL

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  • 2 weeks later...
8 hours ago, BazzaS said:

No one would ever get prosecuted if:

a) They accepted that prosecution would have a disproportionate effect,

b) for someone who MIGHT consider (let alone actually then CHOOSE) a career where a conviction might be a bar.


There is also an alternative viewpoint they might take : if your career choice is so dependant on a clear eDBS, then the answer isn’t to offend and then plead for mercy, but instead : don’t commit the offence.



a) make it much more firm WHY you need a clear eDBS, and stress

b) it was a single occurrence, out of character.


This, of course, relies on your stated comment that this was a one-off, although the fact that you initially lied about your identity too won’t help you pleading your case.


9 hours ago, Waterbottl said:

Hi, I received an email today from TFL stating that they are not persuaded that in my case there are any exceptional circumstances that would persuade them to discontinue a prosecution.


Namely that I didn’t provide any evidence for a criminal record affecting my career choice as a teacher and now I don’t know what to do. 

You can ask the employer to write a letter stating that if you get a criminal record, they will fire you


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Sorry I thought you had a job and you had an employer.

If you have long-term illness such as high blood pressure, you can tell them that prosecution could negatively affect your health because it can make your blood pressure higher or lower than normal.

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Yes, I know it was a big mistake.


On 20/04/2022 at 01:29, BazzaS said:

Which employer?

the OP doesn’t have one that requires an eDBS yet, nor even an intended one, from what they have posted!


So, who are they asking to write that letter?

”Hello, firm that doesn’t employ me as a teacher.

I was fare-dodging, so please can you write me a letter saying that you wouldn’t employ me if I got prosecuted, even though you don’t employ me as a teacher, and I’m not yet even sure I want to be a teacher” isn’t likely to result in a letter to send to TfL as ‘evidence’.

You should apologize to them and

don't do it again. Be honest about that.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi all

I have a problem.

3 month ago I got caught because I used grandmother's freedom Oyster card by mistake only once.


I received letter they asked me to reply with in 10 day, then I sent email and I explained that I use it by mistake 


2 weeks ago I received email (they dispose of this matter by means of a warning)


I am worried now, because I am not sure if this warning affect my citizenship application, and not sure if I have to declare this warning.


Please help me, and sorry for my bad English. 



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  • dx100uk changed the title to Used G'Ma's Freedom pass once by mistake - given TfL warning Letter - will this hurt my Citizenship Application?

Thanks, I am worried because on the citizenship application they ask if I received warning, I am not sure if TFL warning this the same police warning or not?? 

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Hello all
I received warning letter from TFL because I use freedom oyster card by mistake. 

TFL mentioned in the email   "I have taken into consideration all the facts of this case and the public interest
and have decided on this occasion, and without creating a precedent, to dispose of this matter by means of a warning.
Although this warning is not a criminal conviction Transport for London will retain a record and it will be taken into account in any decision to bring a criminal prosecution against you, should you be reported for a similar offence within the next 12 months."


Does this warning letter affect my citizenship application? 
Does any one had the same letter and affect citizenship application or not??   

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