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9 days latter and the ROYAL mail (maybe they should consider dropping the royal bit!:shock:) have failed to deliver a recorded delivery letter to Halifax notifying them of inpending court action.....


Phoned them yesterday, amid profuse apologies and re-assurance it was being delivered today.. (like heck it is...)


Phoned them today...."sorry sir, we dont know where it is, all we can tell you it hasnt been delivered,you will have to wait 15 days before we confirm that its lost!"


Thursday 14th December

Its a bleak overcast day that looks like rain (only guessing here) as I step out of the house, I pull my collar up over my chin as I make my way down the frosted path (guessing here too!).

I nod at the milkman as the bottles clink when they hit the doorstep.

I reach the gate, and wait for the milkman, turn then and drop the latch.

Its still dark as the train sounds and pulls out of the station.

In trepidation I make my way across the park and look up at the sodium light defusing the drizzle, as I turn the corner, there in the distance an illuminated sign..... THE POST OFFICE.



You know the rest..I go in, hand over another £1 for recorded delivery and send it again......

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Or better still...............




It's a complete waste of time and money. The fact that your letter does not show as being delivered on the systems does not mean that it is lost, it simply means that bulk deliveries to locations such as banks will never include the time it takes for someone to sign for everything.


Generally, if the postie can be bothered, there will be a general signature covering all items that is supposed to then be used to update all items in that delivery.


It very rarely happens.


For any interested parties - use PROOF OF POSTAGE certificates which are FREE. The court is only interested in knowing the item was sent, not that it was delivered - which is a 'given' after 2 working days.

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Opinions given herein are made informally by myself as a lay-person in good faith based on personal experience. For legal advice, you must always consult a registered and insured lawyer.



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Point taken


But if I pay for a service that doesnt do what its supposed to do (and all previous recorded delivery letters were signed for) and the post office dont ensure that when they deliver they get a signature, they are going to have to pay compensation because come 15 days, if it aint confirmed DELIVERD...Im claiming!


Thanks for your advice. I will save my money and I will also save myself a trip down the frosty path to the post office too!


(previous recorded delivey letter is proof of posting)

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Considering that with Recorded Delivery all you are paying extra for is NOT that it will definitely get delivered, but that you get a signature at the other end, surely the Royal Mail are not completing their side of the 'contract'?

I know my letter got through to the Halifax, but according to the Royal Mail by the 15th it will be considered 'lost'. Even though I know the letter was delivered, I'm tempted to claim compensation as the RM did not do what they promised for my extra 68p ie get a signature.

Have now learned that Recorded Delivery = waste of money and will be taking Jonni's advice for further correspondence.


30th Oct 06 - 18th Jan 07 - Success in claiming £3617.95

HALIFAX 2nd claim

5th Mar - 16th Apr - Success in claiming £176

EGG (3 accounts)

20th Jan 07 - SAR posted

17th Mar 07 - Paperwork received - bits missing

19th Mar - Non-compliance for missing bits posted

9th Apr - ICO complaint filed


20th Jan 07 - SAR posted

21st Mar - Statements received

23rd Mar - Prelim posted

31st Mar - Offer for £30 rec'd

10th Apr - LBA sent

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