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MOT - mileage incorrectly recorded in 2019. Now cannot sell my car

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Hi there.

In 2019 a garage incorrectly recorded my mileage for it's MOT. It was recorded as 46k instead of about 36k judging by my normal mileage per year.


I didn't notice this, so the following year, I took my car to a different garage for it's next MOT and they highlighted that the odometer was showing less miles than the previous year's MOT's recorded mileage.


They recorded the correct mileage for that MOT which means I ended up with a discrepancy.


I'm trying to sell the car now and because of the discrepancy, no trade will take it.


I went back to the garage that made the error and they agree they've made the mistake but have no records showing what my true mileage was.


Even more frustrating is that they also did a service on the car at the same time but copied over the incorrect mileage to my service book. 


DVSA say there's nothing that can be done as I can't prove what the mileage was at the time.


The garage say they can't do anything because they have no records of what they true mileage was.


It's there anything I can do? I'm stuck with a £12K car I cannot sell!

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I am sure other will be along to assist so please be patient.


I can see where you are coming from as to any prospective buyer if they done checks on your car it would look like your car has been clocked due to the mileage discrepancy.


Now the Garage that done the MOT and recorded the incorrect mileage although they has said this was there error do you actually have that in writing that they have admitted it?


Anything you do with the garage that recorded the incorrect mileage you need to stay off the phone and put everything in writing as you need a paper trail of this.


Did you go through VOSA Complaints procedure due to the mileage error and get a decision for there examiner's assessment? (if so exactly what did there outcome state?)


If not IMO you need to write to that garage and ask why the incorrect mileage was recorded on your MOT after your (discussion/phone call on XX/XX/2022) where they admitted the incorrect mileage was recorded and how they are going to rectify this issue with VOSA. 


You also need to send that specific Garage a Subject Access Request (SAR) (giving them all your vehicle details) asking for 'ALL DATA' the simple phrase covers whatever format they hold that data in whether it be written, email, recorded phone calls etc.


They then have 30 Calendar Days to respond only once they have acknowledged receipt of your SAR request, they may ask you to provide ID to confirm who you are which they are allowed to do.


As said please be patient others will be along to advise.

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Thanks for the reply.


I will have a look at the VOSA complaint route as I haven't done that.


When I spoke to the DVSA, I asked them whether a letter from the g garage confirming the error would help and they said no. The only thing that DVSA can accept is a document ( Service stamp with correct mileage) or documents from garage with correct mileage). They were very clear on that.


The garage say they have no files on my vehicle.

I could go down that route of SAR but they are not going to come up with anything. The garage already checked their computer system and it just had a copy of my MOT invoice and service both showing the wrong mileage.


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