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    • Hi It's been a while since I posted here but I'm in need of some advice again, after my last post a good few years ago I got the result I wanted with the help of you guys so I thought I would see if you could help me one last time? The DWP sent me a letter stating I owe them nearly £3k !!! From an over payment of income support from 1991. After racking my brain i managed to work out the last time I got any kind of help from the government would of been 1985 so where this has come from is a total shock . The letter basically said you owe us £3k here is how to pay nothing stating when it was from so I rang them asked if they could explain what date this was from they told me March 1991 to August 1993 I'm pretty certain I was working at sea as a self employed Deckhand earning a good wage so why I would apply for income support? Now my question is surely they can't send me a letter stating I owe them without paperwork work to back it up ? Is there a way I can get my hands on this supposed claim I made ?  Many thanks Gloryhunter01 
    • With regards to my defence, I want to make the following points; 1) That the photo at the entrance to the airport is vague as it demands No Stopping, but does not state where the No Stopping requirement will be enforced. Clearly, it's impractical and illogical to suggest that there exists a No Stopping requirement throughout the entire airport. Otherwise, how could passengers alight from vehicles? It is left therefore to the driver to make an assumption that the rule cannot apply in all areas of the airport. Consequently it should state on the entrance sign that there is No Stopping on the access road, or that there is No Stopping in the areas covered by repeater signs. There are lots of such signs on the approach to the terminal, plus on roundabouts, but very few in other areas, if at all. If the driver is allowed to assume that No Stopping does not cover the entire airport, then they should be allowed to assume that where no signage is present, the rule does not apply.   2) The [Code of Practice]/[Road Traffice Act]/[Code of Practice] - not sure to which they refer - states that signs need to be facing the driver at an appropriate height, reflective, and legible. The signs at the airport in many cases are neither driver-facing, at an approporiate level, reflective (in a useful manner) or legible. Many are even obscured by other signs, or by vegetation. This unfairly impacts on a driver, who may be led to believe that they are in a zone not covered by the No Stopping rule. 3) The Claimant was only contracted to provide car park management services and is not capable of entering into a contract with the Defendant on its own account, as the car park is owned by and the terms of entry set by the landowner.  Accordingly, it is denied that the Claimant has authority to bring this claim.  The proper claimant is the landowner" because my case is about stopping at a bus stop/stand rather than a car park. 4) The addition of £70 costs was not made clear at the time of the alleged contract being agreed. It is therefore illegal to attempt to impose further costs at any stage afterwards. As an aside, and a question to the legal boffins on here, what is the difference between the VCS-claimed airport clearway and an urban clearway? VCS stated in their rejection of my appeal letter right at the beginning of this palaver thusly;   If VCS are relying on a Highway Code symbol for a Clearway (No Stopping) and also mention Speed Limits, are they therefore forfeiting their claim that this land is private, and entrance subject to a contract? As I understand it, the Highway Code does not apply to private land, and nor would a speed limit. That there exists a clearway, in accordance with, as they appear to be claiming, The Highway Code, and a speed limit in place, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, would appear that they are admitting that it isn't in fact, private property? Because if so, -if the Road Traffic Act applies, the reading on https://theorytest.org.uk/when-may-you-stop-on-an-urban-clearway/ would be very interesting, as it states that it is permitted to stop on an urban clearway to pick up passengers.   Your thoughts please?
    • many thanks for your support  PapayoohZoom
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