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Ingues harassment


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Hi all, I'm fairly new to the Ingues program after being forced into in from the job centre. I'm a single mother, with one child being severely asthmatic. I stupidly gave consent to third parties as they sold it to me as -They will just send my CV to suitable job roles on my behalf. Now knowing that's not the case I would like to withdraw my consent...does anyone have a template letter I could use to withdraw this please or any advise?


I am being totally harassed by the employment adviser, she is calling me most days and at times totally unsuitable such fist thing in the morning, at school pick up time and as late as 7.10pm(surely that's after office hours?!). She is non-stop calling, texting and emailing me outside of our appointments. She is also sending me jobs which are miles away from me (I don't drive and need to work during school times but close enough that if my asthmatic child has an episode I could get back quick to help) 


also I told her the sector that I would like to work in and she is literally giving me anything. She is calling me whenever she feels like it outside of appointment times, making telephone appointments for the next day when I don't pick up and making me face to face appointments that I don't even know are happening until the day before when I receive a reminder text and email, they never appear on the 'portal'.


The office I need to go to is also 2 buses away from me which takes 45 minutes to nearly an hour depending on traffic. The last face to face appointment I went to I waited around for 40 minutes as she had double booked and didn't realise I was coming, furthermore I had my young child with me as I had a doctors appointment booked for him (which we missed due to her not letting me go, even though I was on time for her!). During that appointment she very abruptly insisted I spoke to a carer agent who was looking for someone to look after an autistic child, again not something I am qualified to do or interested in doing,


I was NOT expecting to be thrown in the deep end like that and being barked orders at such as...tell her this and tell her this is what your looking for. I'm really stressed with the prospect of seeing this woman again and to continue having to ignore her constant phone calls and text messages in fear of being sanctioned. I am actively looking for work myself but don't want to be thrown into something that I am not happy with or feel good with, miles away from my children. My mental health is not the same as before starting Ingues!       

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You need to go back to the Job Centre Work Coach and tell them about the problems you are having.


Ask them to contact Ingues to ensure they are tailoring the programme so that it supports you finding suitable employment.


If you were referred to Ingues, this suggests that you have not been in employment for quite awhile and DWP are required by Government to provide assistance to you to get you into work as quickly as possible.


Another way to quickly resolve this is to find a part time job working say 16 hours per week and then this would get both Ingues and Job Centre off your back.

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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You need to post on your Journal that this person is effect your mental heath and proper boundary's need to be set because of this. Dont ask tell them. Tell them that due to safety and security you will not be answering your phone during these times as its school rules. Also after XX time of night as you are receiving calls very late. 



OFT debt collection guidance


Please remember the only stupid question is the one you dont ask so dont worry about asking the stupid questions.


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