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Wickes messed up order, dragging heels on refund


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Hi folks

Newbie here so apologies if I have posted in wrong place. I'll try to summarise the issue as best I can.

We ordered 22 lengths of decking from Wickes online - about £500+ in total along with a workbench and box of decking risers. The order arrived on time but 18 out of 22 turned out to be damaged. Have repeatedly asked Wickes to collect items and issue refund but after 2-3 weeks this still hasn't happened.

The issue seems to be them contacting the supplier of the decking (I believe a company called BSW Wood) who have twice arranged for a courier (DX Delivery) to pick up items - however on both occasions, DX have tried to pick up incorrect items - the workbench and decking risers. When I informed DX that it was the 22 lengths of wooden decking they needed to collect, they said I couldn't do it and referred me back to Wickes again. This issue with DX has happened twice.

I have emailed, phoned, tweeted Wickes and also been into my local Wickes store (so it is me having to do all the chasing). On every occasion, I have been told that the supplier has been contacted and the items will be collected in 2 -3 days. However, each time this hasn't happened so I have had to go back to Wickes again. It is getting pretty tiresome so am looking for some advice as to my next steps? It feels like Wickes needs to take 'ownership' of this, pick up the decking, refund me and THEN sort out whatever issues they have with their supplier separately. 

Any advice as to what to do would be welcome.


Many thanks


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Are you an individual or a business ?

Where are you keeping all this stuff in the meantime ?


Does it take up a lot of space?



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Also, what is the value of the decking which needs to be collected?

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Hi thanks for responding


I am an individual, not a business.

It is 22 x 4.8 metre lengths of wood so currently sat in our garden and taking up space that could be better used.

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Thank you. Please tell me the value .

Also how did you pay?Also how did you pay?


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First of all, I would contact your bank and commence a chargeback procedure .

Explain exactly what has happened to the bank and that they will not pick it up and that you want your money back because it is not as described and also not fit for its purpose .

Your bank won't be happy about this but insist and also get a reference number .


Secondly, are you prepared to threaten and then bring a legal action ?

I don't think it's worth mucking around with these people and I think it's worth going straight in in an extremely aggressive and assertive attitude .

They haven't collected it and I understand that you have had £500 worth of timber sitting on your back garden for about 3 weeks and it is unusable .

It seems to me that it's not unreasonable to levy a storage charge and so I would say that you should be looking for £5 per day from the date that it was delivered and discovered to be damaged.


If you're not able to get the money back from your bank then I would be threatening and then bringing a claim for the refund of the money, the storage until the wood is picked up but also laying a deadline of say, 3 months, after which time you will dispose of it yourself and you will add the cost of disposal to the money you are seeking from them .


It's up to you. As you can see, this approach is a no mucking about approach.

If they do collect the wood then frankly I would still chase them for the storage fees .

It's not acceptable that they haven't organised this and they need to feel a sense of responsibility .

3 weeks at 5 quid a day is over £100 And maybe this kind of cash is useful to you .


Of course you would have to pay court fees to get it but your chances of success are extremely high and frankly they would probably put their hands up before it went to court.













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How local is your local Wickes. I ask as have you thought of going down there and demanding to speak to Manager. 


I find that can be helpful.  

OFT debt collection guidance


Please remember the only stupid question is the one you dont ask so dont worry about asking the stupid questions.


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Posted (edited)

Thank you. Extremely helpful! I'm  going to have a look into some of those suggestions later when I'm back in front of my pc and not on my phone.


I have been into my local branch which is not too far away.


Out of all my Wickes interactions, this was the most positive as the girl on the customer services was helpful and seemed to be doing the best she could. She even let me know what days she is working should I need to come back in over this issue.


Speaking to the manager is certainly something I will consider though if she isn't able to deal with it - it might well be above her paygrade as it were.


Just to check:

Is the chargeback the first option I should be looking at?

And if that doesn't work, then I go more aggressively with a claim?

Just want to check which step should be taken first.

Regarding the claim option, is there a link to a page on here which explains the procedure? 

And is there some sort of template letter or document which I can use for the storage fees idea?

Thanks again.


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