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Accountants been paid & done no work


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Hi I got a new accountant & they asked for half payment & the rest on completion of the accounts, but then asked for more money so paid them a little bit more leaving still a quarter of the payment left to pay on completion of my accounts.

With endless texts emails & phone calls still not getting back to me, since then I have had to get a new accountant because now companies house has fined me & give me 28 days to submit the accounts or bigger fines can I pursue my previous accountant for a refund

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The answer is yes you can pursue the accountant for a refund but you probably have to be very careful.

If they are accountants then they will be very canny about the way they handle this.

You say that you have sent the messages. Have you sent them an email asking them why they haven't paid you and do they have any objection to anything that would justify their non-payment so far.
If you have done this then you should do it immediately without selling any deadlines but simply ask the question.

If you don't get a response within about five days then let us know and we will help you through the next step.

I suggest that you post a draft of the suggested email here before you send it off.

How much money are we talking about here?

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Despite all my emails phone calls & messages to yourself, you still have not done any work & now I have fines to pay from companies House.
I have had to instruct a new accountant to sort this matter out so I don't get any more fines which would put a big impact on my company & could possibly close it.
I would therefore request all my money back which has already been paid to you, unless you give me no option but seek legal advice.
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Can you just clarify please – is this what you are proposing to send?
You haven't addressed the question as to how much money we are talking about.

I wouldn't start saying that you are going to seek legal advice. This is effectively saying that you don't know what you're doing and there is still some way to go.

You need to act much more quickly and much more assertively.

You need to show that you are in control.

Have you contacted the accountants professional body?

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Well it wasn't the best letter to send – but you sent it so I suggest that you wait until next Wednesday and if you have no reply then come back here.

In the meantime start looking on this forum about the steps involved in taking a claim in the small claims court.

No point in contacting the professional body yet but when you start an action and certainly when you get a judgement then you should do so and we may well mention it in the next letter that you send him – which will be a letter of claim.

In terms of being able to recover money for future penalties which have not yet been incurred I'm afraid these will be your responsibility. As you are aware of the penalties and the action needed to avoid them, the responsibility rests with you and you should get a move on in order to mitigate your loss.

You should certainly be able to recover any penalties incurred so far

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By the way, here are some things which occur to me.

Did you contract with him as an individual? Or is some kind of limited liability partnership?

I think it probably would be a good idea to visit the website of his professional organisation to check that he is indeed registered with them.

Has he done work for you before or was this the first time?

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Think she is a sole trader, I am a limited company, plus I got all the gateway codes that she needed & the letters came back to me saying that she has requested them as my new accountant.

No never only just gone with her 

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