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Previous Foster 'Carer' not saved money for the children.

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I have two long term foster children with me. The previous 'carers' should have not opened saving accounts for the children, this has never happened. As a result they are 4 years in the system with no savings. I have reported this to the social workers who are looking into this. They are obliged to do this whether local authority or private agency.



  • The Local Authority have 'Corparate parental responsibility' for the children, so they should have checked this was happening? Can I chase them?
  • Can I contact the previous carers on behalf of the children and ask for payment ?


I view this as at best immoral and worse, well words fail me. Stealing from venerable children?

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Hi @Paul Walton


I'm not an expert on this but I have some indirect knowledge. I am assuming this is a local authority foster care placement with you. I also assume you meant "The previous 'carers' should have not opened saving accounts for the children, this has never happened". You believe they should have but they haven't.


From what I know,


- Definitely do not contact the previous foster carer. Your relationship is with the local authority social services department and you must raise these concerns with your social worker contact there. If questions need to be asked of the previous foster carer they must be asked by social services, not by you.


- I understand that there is an expectation that foster carers will put some savings aside from the money they receive from the local authority but there is no legal obligation that they do this. So, to make a totally hypothetical example, a foster carer might say " well, I could have put money into savings but we chose to spend the money taking our foster child on exciting foreign holiday instead".


I don't know whether anyone has done anything wrong here. But the only people at this stage you can raise this with is the social services department  who have made the placement with you.

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Hi Ethel,


Sorry for the delay - yes, my typo !


I have the children via an agency. Money is saved for the children, before I get the allowance.


 Even with LA children they should save a certain amount for the children in care. I believe this is compulsory. I have requested help from social services, and informed the IRO ( Independant review officer) I have been informed they have, in the past chased Foster Carers for savings.


Just seems very unfair, they have just spent all the money.



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Just a quick update. I have escalated the complaint to the LA stage 2. They don't have a policy as such that says you must save money, but it's encouraged. they will be reviewing their policies. That does not help the children, i also understand there is a fostering ombudsman service i will try if all else fails.

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