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Claim to an estate letter


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My daughter was doing  some research for her boss yesterday and came across an article which showed my aunt had died last year.

No one had got in touch to inform us of her death or funeral arrangements. The fact she was quite well off may have had something to do with it and was the reason we hadn’t spoken for a while as I had told her what some of my cousins were doing behind her back but she didn’t want to believe it.

I now have a week left to make an interest in her will to the solicitor’s dealing with it but I don’t know how to write the letter.

Could anyone help me please?


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Send a letter with proof of your identity making an inquiry about the estate of your late Aunt.  Ask whether  your Aunt left a will and what the current position is with Solicitor dealing with the estate.


You need to explain who you are in relation to your Aunt, when you provide proof of your ID (birth certificate copy, photo page from your passport, plus something confirming your address such as a copy of a utilty bill).


I think that is all you can do.



We could do with some help from you.



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To start with you don't need to do anything other than write to them saying "I am the nephew of ....... who I understand died in [month/year]. I believe you are adminsitering her Estate. Please let me know if I am a beneficiary under her Will." You don't need to make a claim as such. Just let them know how to contact you. If time is short phone them and let them know the letter is on its way.


If they want more information, proof of ID etc, they will ask you for it. Might as well wait and see what they ask for before sending them stuff.


If Probate has been granted (sounds like it has) you can get a copy of the Will here. It costs £1-50. 



Search online for a will, grant of representation or probate document for a death in or after 1858




As a matter of interest how did you find out you had a week to let the solicitors know of your interest?

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The article my daughter came across was the solicitors notice for the Pursuant of the Trustee Act 1925 in a local paper. I've done what you suggested on that link and (as I knew it would) everything has been left to the cousin. The money I don't care about, it's the thought there were very few there to say goodbye to her which is hurtful.


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