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Little woods / cap quest backdoor CCJ

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Making this post as advised to do so in my other thread.


Basically in a nut shell reviewing my credit file there stands a CCJ dating back to November 2019. The address on the CCJ is from an address vacated in 2015. 

I had an account with them for a number of years , always paid on time never any problems .


When I was with my ex partner the account was used to buy all

sorts of things basically maxed out.


I’m not blaming her 100% but she basically used me and rinsed me dry.


The payments ceased following me having to resign my job when I was off on sick leave. In 2018 my health deteriorated and I was appointed a CPN nurse . I could not function with anything basic in life , and unfortunately this debt is one thing that has been found in the heap of numerous other things and troubles I have when I was burying my head in the sand

So.. to cut to the chase .. 


Do I have grounds to appeal this CCJ?  Yes I know I should of got in touch to update my circumstances but to be frank it was the least of my worries. 

I know I can wait the CCJ out for another 3 years but seeing as I’m trying to get on top of everything I thought this might be worth a shot? 

Can anyone give me any insight or advice into what I should do about it? 

Thanks ..

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How much was the CCJ for?


If it was possible to get the CCJ removed and the cse reheard in court what would happen if you lost? Are you now in a position to pay that amount of money if you lost th4e case and the court orderd you to pay it?

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