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Curry's Dishwasher 7 weeks in packed up. Already being messed around

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Hisense dishwasher bought online from Currys. 20/1/2022


Packed up 12/3/2022


Followed their curation to report to manufacturer. 15/3/2022


Manufacturer booked a (sub contracted) engineer to arrive today - 22/3/2022


Engineer did not show despite 2 chasing calls to HiSense, whose attitude is "we'll try again for next week".


I don't feel this is acceptable and that they have blown their chance to repair (by not turning up). So a refund from Currys is in order.


Do I just go via MCOL with what I've detailed here ? 


I found this site as I was looking for the address for service.



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What you are getting here's the usual form of treatment from Currys.

Currys are completely responsible and you should continue to badger them.
What was the value of the dishwasher?

Under the consumer rights act, if a defect occurs within the first six months then the supplier is entitled to have a single opportunity to repair after which you can insist on a refund or replacement at your option.

You need to assert this right in writing and although it's open to question whether their failed attempt to get somebody to look at it satisfies the requirement, I think that you would be better off erring on the side of caution and assert the right.

This means that you should write to Currys immediately. But the more formal notice that the dishwasher has broken down and that you are giving them a single opportunity to repair after which you are rejecting the dishwasher and you require a full refund. Tell Currys that as they already broken one appointment, you are giving them a further seven days to repair otherwise the rejection is in place and if they don't make immediate arrangements to remove the dishwasher then you will start charging them a storage fee of, say, £2.50 per day until it is removed. Make it clear that you are prepared to enforce this by means of legal action.
Only say these things if you mean it.
If you wanted eventually to take legal action against Currys then we will help you. It's very straightforward – although I'm afraid it's not quick – between four months and six months.

Make sure that the letter sent by some kind of recorded delivery because Currys are useless in everything including filing their letters or reading them properly.

Unfortunately since the demise of people like Comet – which wasn't much better – there isn't really a lot of competition for this kind of stuff around unless you go to smaller stores which themselves can cause problems.

It is standard practice for Currys to tell people to go to the manufacturer. That means that they are able to unshelled are the responsibility and to get on with their business of selling goods to customers and then rushing out on their obligations when things go wrong.

if you have to source a replacement washer before the old one has picked up to you have somewhere to store the old broken one?


Also, can you afford a new one if they don't organise a refund pretty well immediately?

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Thanks for such a great post.


Have storage and totally prepared to charge £2.50 a day for it. And (fortunately) can also source a new replacement in the interim (not a HiSense from Currys though).


The biggest question is what address to use ? Can I trust Google ? Point about RD noted too.

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  • dx100uk changed the title to Curry's Dishwasher 7 weeks in packed up. Already being messed around

Which address did you buy it from? Send it to the same address.

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Yes, but if they do break down – and they do sometimes, then Currys will still fob you off to the manufacturers instead of directly honouring the customers consumer rights.

One of the few retailers of this kind of product that we have had very little problems with and in fact have been surprisingly consumer-friendly and who seem to take their responsibilities seriously are


AO - the destination for electricals. Incredible deals, free delivery and price match on a great range of washing machines, fridge freezers, TVs, laptops...



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Send your Complaint Letter about this FAO The Manager of the Currys Store you purchased the Dishwasher from but also mark it FAO A Baldock Chief Executive Currys PLC and send the Chief Executive a copy of the letter you send to the Manager of that specific Currys Store.


Here is the Chief Executives Details for you:


Mr A Baldock
Chief Executive
Currys PLC
1 Portal Way
W3 6RS


Email: [email protected]





(note: keep a copy of the ceoemail link above for future reference it will be useful at sometime in the future if you have issues with other companies)


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Thanks for such quick help all.


After a further call with HiSense, it turned out that the company they used to subcontract repairs to in the Midlands had stopped working for them a while ago. Hence my missed appointment.


On the basis the earliest they could arrange another visit would be 1/4/2022 (i.e. 3 weeks after the fault) they said they would provide an "uplift number" that would allow me to get Currys to refund or replace.


That was 24 hours ago (but is captured on my and their call recordings).


Final question is what do I do with this number to get a refund.


Wherever the next dishwasher is sourced (Hughes have been good in the past) it will be bought on Barclaycard so they can feel the pain next time.

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It sounds to me as if this uplift number means that they are unable to repair it and they accept that.

In that case you should write to Currys and tell them that according to the manufacturers the item is under repairable and you now require them to remove it.

Tell them that you are giving them seven days after which you will charge them a daily storage fee of £2.50.

Tell them about the missed appointment. It's not your fault that this company stopped working. It's up to Currys and if they try to say what it's not our fault the company stopped working then it's just another example of a fob off.

If you had to take any time off work and you lost money then tell Currys what that was as well. Let us know here and we will help you claim it back – even if everything else works out.

Currys has a nasty dishonest of latitude to their customers and they need teaching a lesson again and again. We will help you do that. It will also give you confidence dealing with these kinds of companies in the future

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Incidentally, buying with Barclaycard is a good move – but don't imagine that there will be the end of your troubles. The banks are also reluctant to respect their obligations.
I'm afraid at the end you have to rely on your own confidence and persistence – and the Consumer Action Group.

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Because I don't trust anyone, I called HiSense again. Seems they also wanted a photo of the serial number,  but weren't going to tell me. I may have imagined it but the agent seemed surprised that not only did I have a photo, but I could send it by return which I did.


I'll call again in half an hour to see that they got it and push things forward.


Many thanks again for the support.


It seems that once I have this uplift number, I can relax a touch ? Nice recorded delivery letter to Currys outlining this saga. (The temptation to give them a collection time of 8am-8pm and be out when they call is powerful.)


What galls most is if you listen to the recording of the first call I made to HiSense when I asked "What if the engineer doesn't show ?" I was told quite brusquely that doesn't happen. I bet they "can't find" that recording.





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You are absolutely right not to trust anybody and at the very least that is a good lesson which comes out of this problem.

In terms of how to deal with Currys, give them seven days. Make sure they have the storage costs warning and if they don't sort it out after seven days then send a letter of claim.

If you wanted you could send the letter of claim now including all the details – seven days, storage fees et cetera and tell them there at the end of day 14, there will be a legal action.

Have you read our customer services guide?

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So, finally got this blessed code from HiSense. They kept talking about a "replacement" or using it towards another item from Currys but I want my refund. So I will use the letters above to push for it.


The irony is with suppliers not having any stock, it looks like I'm still washing dishes by hand for a week.

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Good luck with Currys – don't imagine that it's the end of the story.

Keep us updated

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Well if that goes ahead then it is much better than I had expected and I can only say well done .

Let's hope there's no problem with the refund.

How did you pay?



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Old dishwasher already collected. (We'll put to one side how it can take Currys 2 weeks to deliver and less than 24 hours to collect).


Apparently I should have got/will get a receipt by email. Which I haven't yet, but since I have an email confirming the arrangement, I'm not too worried.


The recorded message  before I spoke to an agent said refunds take 14 days to process. So we'll see.


Sadly I paid for it using a debit card. However I ordered a replacement (and gawd help me for sticking with the same model from HiSense) from AO as recommended and paid by *credit* card. Which will be paid off in full next month.


No complaints about the actual dishwasher - when it worked. But at the end of the day, it's probably the most simple appliance in principle there is after a toaster.

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Okay it sounds as if you are on your way.

Debit card is not too bad – if you don't get the refund then you could approach your bank for a chargeback.

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Email from Currys: "Your refund is being processed" 


They're also refunding the fee for removing the old one, which I call a "right result".


Many thanks again.

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