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On benefits and family coming to stay with us


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We are retired and receive Housing and Council tax benefit. 


We have close family i.e. daughter & family emigrating from South Africa to the UK and initially they will stay with us until they can find employment and rent a place.  At this point they are unsure if they will have employment when landing on our shores as both are skilled workers.  They also have a young son of 14.


They will probably be with us for about 6 weeks and we are unsure how it will affect our benefits as they will have money when they emigrate and will probably buy their own food and contribute towards electric and water costs. 


The other thing is that last year we paid a deposit for a short holiday in the UK as at the time we were not aware that they would be coming to live in the UK.  If we go ahead with the holiday, we would be away for about two weeks so again unsure about the benefit thing.


We do not want to lose the benefits and then have to go through the stress of re-applying for the sake of about 6 weeks. 


Any advice would be appreciated. 



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Housing and council tax benefit will need to be reviewed by the Council taking into account two other adults will be living with you, so can make a contribution.


So yes you could see a reduction  in Housing amount paid and you have to pay more Council Tax.


Declare it as soon as they move in with you and the Council will send a review form. And when they move out another review form will be required to readjust the benefits again.


If it were only for say less than one month and this was a definite time period, the Council may just see it as two guests for a short period and not need to review.


The holiday for two weeks is not an issue.






We could do with some help from you.



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