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    • Hi Yorky and BT   Thanks for the reassuring advice.   I’m in Scotland Yorky, so factor is just the management company but I think it’s one of the priority bills you mentioned but not entirely sure.   I take on board though that I should stop using the cards so maybe paying them off to use isn’t the best plan.    Also, I think I’ve offered more than I should have trying to keep the OCs  happy rather than what is affordable. Probably made a few errors of judgment and got a bit confused too.   My wife doesn’t have an income.   Offering £1 rather than maintaining them sounds a good way forward.   Starling and Monzo have put an arrangement in place but I can still use the account, they said they wouldn’t ever take more from the overdraft than the agreed amount.    So I’m a bit confused that I’ve offered pro rata but not getting defaulted and instead getting arrangements to pay and keeping the accounts open.    I thought doing a CCA on a new debt (from 2021) with a DCA would be easy for them to get the agreement, that is interesting if you know any more, this is another reason why I was trying to do it the way I was but I feel like I’m drowning rather than getting anywhere but feels so close at the same time to making it through.   Do you mean paying full and final on a credit card for £100 for example, pay it in full or offer a percentage. Just a bit unsure on that, I’ll have more of a good read on the forum.    It’s good to see other perspectives on it, I think I’ve got really stuck and just have stopped going anywhere focussed and need to get back on track.   I think the usual moral dilemma is playing a part too especially as some of the original creditors have been quite understanding. Others haven’t as much.   Thanks again  
    • Hi  Yes , I have been searching for answers over the years and coming to a dead end . To answer your question six months after I had the loan they took me to court for  arrears as I explained to the brokers at the time that I was not working and they told me that I would get money from the loan to cover payment  for a while  which I never received . so I was  stuck and got the suspended order .    I did appoint the  mortgage  company and you are right I did get scammed . I did not take Swift to court , they took me again this time they supplied the paper work and I saw the  cheque they said they gave me , hence I refuted this and the court requested they send me a copy of the cashed  cheque  which they did not  to date .   The date was 2017 . Then I became very ill and had other  matters to deal with . I then got some money and paid the arrears to them .   In respect of the interest the balance to date they stated was 68,000.   I can only ask the question if the money they stated  they gave  to me does not add up how can you  put interest on monies not  given to a customer .   In respect of uploading the paperwork I am slightly worried as you can understand I really do not know  whom I am really talking to , hence the caution.   Sorry if I took up your time I was just checking  but I am grateful for your response to date .    
    • It is an excellent document but to be nit-picking, you might like to change  November 25th 2021 - I was served court papers at an address I was no longer living at to simply        court papers were served at an address etc as they were not actually served on you Also in point 6  you have missed out 'when' in the second sentence. Not only was I no longer at the address              the claim forms were issued,
    • no there are no ws templates there can't be , as each case is slightly diff, the basic points are the same but some points need customisation and other points not covered specific to you need adding.   threads like doomtroopers etc that are already here are your best places to research for your one. you are the person before the judge there is no good in using templates as they simply allow copy and paste and if you don't understand what and why you are putting things in a WS you will be exploited by the claimant rep.   dx  
    • LOL with the Tories with most seats LOL LOL LOL in the mail/Brex-press and Truss' twitter feed perhaps   All the polls I see show labour with 70+ seats over the Tories - down from around 120 a few weeks ago, although god knows why its gone down.   Add the 50 ish SNP seats while they are part of the union .. and i cant see the Libs pairing up with the cons again any time soon  ..     Australia's got rid of the conservatives too  
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FTR Fast Tax Rebates Ltd HMRC demanding repayment in full from son


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7 minutes ago, DWJo said:

Me too!

I am a victim of Alan O’Hara and his company Fast Tax Rebates (FTR) deception and fraudulent activity. I am extremely worried as HMRC are demanding I repay £13,229.00 by 8/12/2021 of which I personally received only £4354 as I do not have the money.  I was referred by a friend who himself has discovered he has been deceived. I was led to believe that I could claim tax relief/rebate on work related expenses.
After lots of searching, 

I have, only this morning, found this group and just read through the whole of this thread. 

Please can you advise if I need to request SAR from HMRC and FTR and complete the other actions you advised?

My action to date:

1. I have investigated and researched Alan Francis O’Hara (AFO).

2. Reported AFO deception and fraudulent activity to Action Fraud. No reply received to date.

3. Written to HMRC enclosing copies of:

- all emails between myself and ‘Mike’, ‘Claire Marshall’;

- AF form;

- Copy of my bank Statement showing deposit from FTR.

After finally speaking to HMRC yesterday who informed me that they have literally hundreds of cases where EIS is the scam that dishonest ‘tax agents’ have used.

I have been advised to lodge a review/appeal against this HMRC decision which I am in the process of writing. 

Any advice you can give me about writing the review/appeal would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Please could you start up your own thread on this issue.

It's very important because it makes it easier for people to understand which piece of advice is given to who.

Also, the more individual threats we have about this, the more significant it is to Google and the higher up in the rankings it will go and that will attract more attention.

Also, every new thread which started here is sent out on our Twitter feed and that will also attract a lot more attention

Please will you start a new thread

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I'm afraid that I'm not following any of the threads and not at all aware of the issues. However, I can tell you that there is never a downside to sending an SAR to anybody. It's all free. It takes 30 days and it's always wise to get it going earlier than later

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  • dx100uk changed the title to FTR Fast Tax Rebates Ltd HMRC demanding repayment in full from son

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