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PRAC/BW chasing deceased mothers £89 EON bill.

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9 hours ago, Ethel Street said:

Sorry to hear about your mother's death @HertsCorn


I had a similar situation with E.On when my mother died and I was her Executor, although not involving DCAs. Some organisations seem unable to grasp that the person they claim owes the bill is no longer alive. I did find though that once I'd provided the Death Certificate that was the last I ever heard of it. Even debts my mother had owed and I was willing to pay from the Estate were never collected.


Can you clarify your post #7. Have BW agreed that they will not pursue you for payment and won't contact you again? Have they confirmed it in writing?


In answer to your general question about whether they can pursue you personally the answer is no (assuming you weren't personally guaranteeing your late mother's E.On account, which I'm sure you weren't). As Executor you have to settle the bills of the deceased out of the Estate but you were fully entitled to assume that E.On had closed the account as they'd sent you the closing account balance by cheque after you had given them the final reading. Neither Executors nor family members are legally responsible for the debts of someone who has died. And even if the Executor had been negligent no-one is likely to pursue court proceedings for £89.









BW haven't agreed to anything in writing or by phone. Just got a letter saying your (dead mother) credit rating may be affected we may send collectors etc.


When I called them they just said send in a copy of her death certificate with a covering letter. 

I assume this will be the end of it all and never hear from them again. 


I sent a letter and copy of death certificate to all parties (Eon, BW and PRAC) and sent a copy of each company's letter to each other as well. 


Yes I know that they can't chase me for my dead mother's alleged debt. It's just the principal of it all. 


Surely these companies have systems in place to know the customer is dead after 18 months ? 

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I'm really not clear as to what you want to do here.

You clearly have a way of gaining some compensation if you want.

If you'd rather just get it shut down then as you say the best thing to do is to send them your mother's death certificate – but as they are completely wrong about everything, it seems – and also on the dates you have given anyway, they are breaching the backbilling code, you can hit back if you want.

You have just said that it is the principle of it all. If that is really what it is then that might be sufficient basis for striking out at them.

I don't think there's much else to be discussed on this thread

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