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    • Thanks Badtimes123, yep I've had a good read. I'm still worried about the de-forestation which might be sent to my folks' address. They are so old and fragile it could destroy our relationship.   I've got no fear of DCA's but my parents' are old school and do.   I've read around the site, there is no answer. I shouldn't have got myself into this position to start with! But I did. I own it.   Can you tell me - direct question please - if I change my TSB account to my sister's address in Spain will that stop anything attaching to my parents/my address in UK?   Appreciate your answer please.   SB    
    • Basically as the title says.   My son owned a car, and due to splitting up with his girlfriend and having to move etc, he decided to sell his car to ease his finances. Having arranged it with the dealer, at the very begining of Feb 2022 (this year) he drove the car there, I drove my car there and we met at the dealer. The car was sold, the V5 logboog was split, both parts were filled in, our half was signed, put into an envelope which was addressed, I had some stamps in my wallet and on the way home we posted it. As far as I im concerened and aware, our legal responsibility has been fulfilled and we just wait for the letter to come confirming the car is no longer registered to us.   The next correspondence we got posted to his ex girlfriends address where he used to live was dated the 14 march, we got it a few days later, which was headed FAILURE TO TAX VEHICLE telling him he was being fined £80 for failing to either tax or SORN the vehicle and giving him a number of ways to pay and/or inform them he no longer owned the vehicle.   I rang the DVLA on the number on the letter and was met with a flat response that the only option was to pay the fine, they were not prepared to discuss it and as I was not ringing them to pay the fine, they ended the call. I rang again on the DVLA customer service number that I found on the internet and a spoke to a lady who told me that there has obviously been a mistake, although it was my fault for doing it by post instead of doing it online (Im 55, it didnt even occur to me that you could do it online, ive always registered or transfered cars by post ever since I learned to drive when I was 17). She advised that we filled in the back of the form where there was a statement box where we could state the car had been sold to  dealer and we had posted the transfer slip and that once they recieved that it would be resolved.   So we did exactly that, explained we had posted the registration slip and the car had been sold to a dealer and posted the form off.   The next letter we recieved posted to his ex girlfriends house, was dated the 30 April 2022 It states the following:   Dear Mr xxx Thankyou for your recent letter. The information you have provided us will be used to update our records and you should recieve an acknowlegment letter. While you may no longer be the keeper of the vehicle, we did not recieve notification at the relevant time and therefore as the registered keeper, you are responsible for licencing the vehicle or making a SORN. It is not a valid defence to claim that you allowed a motor trader or other third party to notify the DVLA of disposal and any acknowledgement letter we issue after the commencement of procedures will not be accepted as mitigation. Consequently you remain liable for the £80 penalty. Furthermore the arrears of the vehicle duty to date remain outstanding.   Then there is some information on how to pay.   When we filled in the previous form, at no point did we ever claim that we had allowed anyone to notify the DVLA on our behalf. We posted the correctly filled in registration slip, in a main post office letterbox, on the way home, and stated exactly that in the statement box on the back of the previous letter so I dont know where that claim has even come from.   I rang the telephone number on the letter and spoke to an extremely rude lady who literally told me either I was going to pay her the money or she was going to end the call, and then she did exactly that while I was mid sentance.    I spoke to the car dealer who told me that the car had been sold on to a new owner, the same month that my son sold it to him (Feb 22) and we checked the gov.uk website where it shows the car as currently taxed (which one must assume is by the new owner). So I rang the customer service number again and spoke to a very helpful person who explained to me that the car was still registered to my sons name and confirmed that yes he was still responsible for the current vehicle tax as well as the fine for not declaring SORN or taxing it. I explained the situation and he looked at the vehicle records for me and agreed that an attempt to register the vehicle by someone other than ourselves in Feb, however the registration and payment was rejected and so in his words, "the ownership of the vehicle 'reverted' to my son and so he remains liable as the registered owner". I asked if our conversation could be logged and he told me that wasnt possible, no notes or record of our conversation could be added to the case, it would never be possible to update or amend any information or even record the fact that I had telephoned in and spoken to anyone. So he then advised me that the only possible course of action was to request an appeal pack, fill in the appeal forms with any new information and take it from there. I asked if he could please send the forms to our correct address as it was a 45 mile round trip to his ex girlfriends house each time to pick up the letters, at wich point he said he could no longer speak to me or send me any further correspondance as they could only correspond with or speak to a person who lived at the registered address. And he basically ended the phone call.   SO going on the fact that he just told me there was no possible record of the conversation we had or that Id phoned in, I rang back, used my sons old address and got an appeal pack sent.   I now have this in front of me and it states very clearly that only any new evidence that I can supply will be considedered, any evidence or statements previously considered will not be accepted.   Ive got until the 9 of next month to get this letter sent, ill do it by registered post.   Please help with any advice. This is an appauling way to to be treated and it looks like we are going to ahve to pay a fine and backdated tax when we have done nothing wrong. Talking to the DVLA is like banging your head against a post...   Many thanks in advance for reading this long ramble and any advice given   Nick  
    • Hello, welcome to CAG.   Could you tell us a bit more about the sequence of events and how the confusion happened please? People should be along to advise later.   Best, HB
    • fair enough - apologies again. Something doesn't smell right, like someone who can't be bothered to read law books and just hits up online.    Been there done that!     SB
    • Hey SB   Did you make that large drink and have a good read up?   Re-read your thread, everything you need is in here already, try not to complicate things just now.
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got default judgement against apple re:macbook 2mts old that failed - sent in HCEO's - Apple sols now saying wrong claimant?


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Oh yes I've checked and it all appears fine. I've made very minor changes and certainly nothing prejudice or law based. I just changed the date of the phone call transcript to Apple as I initially got the date muddled up. 


I aim to send all documents via email to the court tomorrow evening and send the letters in the post on Wednesday. My niece has signed all the correspondence so it's just a case of making sure everything is sent correctly. 

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Sounds great. Thanks.


What is the date of the conversation please?

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Thanks. Nothing that makes any effective difference then.

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Hopefully we need them because there is a good chance that SCS will accept the proposal you've made and we can then put it all to bed.

However if they decide to be stupid then it will probably be a good idea to prepare a spreadsheet which refers to the calls, and the way that I suggested earlier

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Does your Notice of Hearing not allow you to object to telephone hearing  ?

We could do with some help from you.



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