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Xbox Store Purchase - refund declined @XboxSupport


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My son made a purchase of digital content through the Xbox Store using his Microsoft account credit, however the digital content did not materialise on to the game it was for.


He submitted a refund request to be told he had 'exceeded' the amount refunds allowed in a year... which was 2.  We submitted another refund request on the basis that if goods (even digital) are not delivered, they should be refunded, regardless of the amount of times it has happened previously.


The 2nd request was also declined.


We've submitted a 3rd request today which I'm expecting to be declined again, however for me this behaviour does not seem either fair nor legal to decline a refund in a reasonable situation where the goods have not be delivered - regardless of how many times a refund has been granted in the past.


Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I can take this action further?   The monetary value is low (£7.99) but to a 12 year old who has spent his (earned) pocket money on goods that are not received, its the principal of standing up for himself when something is not right (at least in our eyes).


Does anyone have experience of this kind of practice of online digital content providers applying a blanket refund policy without actually considering the validity of a refund?


Hoping you can help! :-)

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You're quite right. If the items which had been ordered were never delivered then clearly it is a breach of contract.

As you say, the value is low – but maybe this is a nice opportunity to take your son through the process of enforcing consumer rights. It's a shame that it has to happen at this age – but he may as well get going and you never know it may lead to greater things.

Maybe he will eventually become a member of the site team here!!

I think you now have to send them a letter or email telling them that they are in breach of contract because the digital content which was ordered and which they agreed to supply was not supplied.
Give them a few days to knock you back – then come back here and we will help you send a letter of claim. It will be you who is suing on behalf of your son as he is less than 18 years of age.

If he takes vision interest you never know maybe it could be turned into a class project. Why don't you involve his teachers?


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Thanks for the response - it is a shame that such things can't be deferred for a bit longer but as he now has his own prepaid card card for making purchases and receiving pocket money, its likely to occur more in the future I fear!


I'll wait the 72 hours or so they give themselves to respond to such requests and take it from there, thanks again!

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So Xbox support came back to me with the expected decline of my request for the refund.  They cited the fact that the purchase occurred more than 14 days ago which goes against their refund policy.  So I've now had three refusals to refund for two different reasons.


I think I now need to show them we are serious and send them something more formal.  Would this be a letter of claim or is there anther step before that?


I've also been trying to figure out where to send any further correspondence as at present its all been done their online messaging platform, which doesn't feel formal enough...



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Yes the next step I think is a letter of claim.

If you are not familiar with them already then please read up on this forum the steps involve taking a small claim in the County Court. It's not difficult but it's worth knowing the steps in advance so that you will be confident.

Draft a particulars of claim and post it here.

Keep it short and sweet

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