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Cover change on auto-renewal


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My van insurance auto renewed at the beginning of the year. The previous year I was insured for business use and social because I'm self employed and use my van to drive to different job sites for work. When they auto renewed the policy, for about £50 more, they changed they cover to just social/domestic use. Are they allowed to change cover like that without informing me? They did send me an email before the renewal entitled "important changes to your policy" but nothing is mentioned about it.


The only reason I found out is because I rang them to let them know I was going to be cancelling my policy and get a quote for my new van, which I've now insured through a different company.


Now they are trying to charge me almost double the total remaining cost for the year to change details on my policy and cancel it. They've said if I don't pay they will un-insure my old van in 7 days and I'll be fined. However my old van is absolutely knackered and getting picked up by a scrap company over the weekend anyway.

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If it's a renewal then I would have thought that a renewal means that they continue the insurance on the same terms. If they want to vary terms that they would certainly have to give you reasonable notice.
Furthermore, I would have thought that any variation would have to be for a good reason such as market forces or something or inflation.

I imagine that it says something on their terms and conditions about this and maybe you could have a look and come back to us.

I imagine that it says something about this in their terms and conditions and maybe you could have a look and come back to us.

You say that your old van is being picked up by scrap company. Does this mean that you are transferring the insurance to a new vehicle? It's not very clear what you are saying

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Agree with Bankfodder that renewal would be on existing terms unless there wss an issue with providing the same cover, but they would have to tell you, when sending the renewal notice.


If you cancel the old policy after the renewal date, there may be some premium to pay for the period the cover was provided, but this should be for the time on risk, plus any cancellation fee as stated in the policy terms.


On the your new policy for the new van, see if they will also provide temporary cover for the old van, just to cover it until you have scrapped it.  If they can cover the old van,  then contact your previous Insurers and cancel the cover with them.  And when you contact them, ask to register a formal complaint about their handling of your renewal.  

We could do with some help from you.



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