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UK169, Jack Wilkinson, ECU Solutions Brentwood Essex


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Well, here I am again,

following on with a new saga after being scammed by Oak Tree cars last December.

Yewtree cars/James Harrison - court claim issued **WON** - Page 2 - Vehicle retailers and manufacturers - Consumer Action Group


The gearbox had gone in the car I looked online for a garage that could replace it with a reconditioned one. I went on a site where you list your problem and garages will contact you with a quote. The garage in the heading seemed the best one. Jack appeared to know what he was talking about.


My car was collected by a 3rd party company at the beginning of February and taken to Brentwood (I’m in Winchester). He originally quoted £1800 for the work.

After inspecting the car, this turned into £3000, but he assured me that with this work done, the car would have many more years of life. It was supposed to have taken 2 weeks for the work to be completed.


Every week I would telephone him and there would be a new problem and reason why it wasn’t ready. Covid (feasible), short staff because of Covid (again, feasible). Then he was having to take time off because his daughter was having surgery for a brain tumour and her prognosis was bleak (received my full sympathy).


Next problem to arise was something to do with the fuel intake (not a problem before he had it). Another £2000 was required to do something or other. As this was obviously an unforeseen problem, he was going to be just charging me for the parts and not for the labour. He was now making a loss on this job.


We’re now into July and the fuel problem seems to have transformed into an electrical fault. Apparently all of the wiring had been hacked about (this is a vehicle that prior to me buying it, had always been serviced and maintained by Land Rover!) Each week I was promised that it would be ready the following week.


The next issue was it needed a new ECU (I have no mechanical knowledge, so forgive any glaring mistakes here). This was going to cost another £350 (not paid yet). Then this part turns out to have some problem, causing more delays. In the meantime, Jack has developed cancer and is undergoing treatment. All through this, he has repeatedly told me that he is doing me a favour, not charging labour, having to sneak the car in on to ramps as his accounts department are going mad at him for not charging etc etc. 


I had had very strong doubts about him for quite some time, but however much I searched, I couldn’t find anything bad about his business. Then, a few days ago (the car was due to come back this week) he sent me a text to say that he has Covid, really ill and bed ridden. That’s when the penny truly dropped.


Ironically, I also came across a VW forum and was astounded to read loads of compliments about him. Everyone’s story was almost word for word the same as mine, going back a couple of years. He had had one person’s car for 5 YEARS!


I also found out that his business address is just a remote reception, he doesn’t actually conduct his business there.  I really can’t believe that I have been rolled over twice in less than 12 months by 2 different fraudsters!

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Please give us the name and address of this person

By how much are you out of pocket?

Where is your car now?

How far away from you is he?

Have you got anything in writing?

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Jack Wilkinson 


His address is one of those virtual offices, ie the actual business doesn’t operate from there and nobody seems to know where his garage is .However it’s 3 The Drive, Jubilee House, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3FR


I have paid him £5000 to date He’s place is about 2.5 hours away from me, but I currently live most of the year in France.


I’ll attach the only piece of written evidence that I have from him. This was supposed to have been a report on the condition of the vehicle for my court case against Yew Tree Cars, but is pretty useless to be honest.


He telephoned me last week to say that he was ill with Covid, but would be back at work the following Monday and the car would be returned tomorrow (4th December 2021).


I sent him a text with information that I required from him before I would accept delivery of the vehicle (£175 each way). Text is added as an image below.


This morning I had a phone call from his wife, with no caller id, who said that he was very ill in hospital with Covid, but he should be out on Monday.


she said that they were going to take  the car to be MOT’d (it did have a 12 month MOT on it when it was collected last January) but apparently one of the 2 turbos has gone. She said Jack was going to source a replacement (obviously from a breakers yard) and fit it for free.


Then it was discovered that the entire engine has to come out to fit it, which is going to cost in the region of £2000! Obviously I have no intention of paying anymore money to this person. The call ended with her telling me that Jack would telephone me next week to discuss it.


Under normal circumstances one would imagine that him getting Covid is credible, but with his track record, I just see it as another delaying tactic.


The forum that I found this information on is https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/threads/ecu-solutions-brentwood-essex-any-reviews.1776159/page-4


I’m in the situation of not knowing what work he has actually done. I have no idea whether he is telling me the truth or anything.


A thought that crossed my mind, after reading people’s posts on the VW site, is that he uses his customers vehicles to take parts from for other cars and then waits until a similar car comes in to replace them. I just can’t figure out the scam here, but there definitely is one!


TEXT SENT ON 26/12/2021

Dear Jack,
Further to our telephone conversation yesterday, I request the following from you please:

1. A full breakdown, including receipts, for the payment made to you by bank transfer to your account named 169UK for the amount of £3000 paid on the 14/01/2021.

2. A full breakdown, including receipts, for the payment made to you by bank transfer to your account named 169UK for the amount of £2000 paid on 05/02/2021.

3. Your VAT number and address of your business premises. The car wash centre where customers are requested to deliver/collect their vehicles from is not acceptable.

Neither is the ‘dummy’ office that you use at Jubilee House, Brentwood, Essex. This is not your business premises.


Under UK law, it is a legal requirement for you to provide this.
You advised me yesterday that my vehicle will be returned to me by the end of next week, being 03/12/21.

Before accepting receipt of the vehicle, the following is required:
The documents requested in points 1-3, to be sent by email to **************@gmail.com 
A photograph of the current mileage.
A video of the exterior and interior of the vehicle.
Evidence that the vehicle is running as it should be.
12 months MOT certificate.
Warranty documentation for the replacement gearbox dated from 03/12/2021, again to be sent by email, before receipt of the vehicle will be accepted.
Yours sincerely,

Trying to upload the photo of the document  that he sent to me by text (jpeg) but it won’t let me.


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Is this the same car you bought for £4500 in December 2020 and then spent a further £7k on including a new gearbox?


And now you've spent another £5k on it (including a second replacement gearbox?) with somebody who has had the car for the last 11 months and you've had no use of it in all that time?


(I wondered if perhaps UK169 had carried out the original work and repairs after you had first bought the car last year, but you said on your other thread that you'd spent £7k on repairs, not £5k.  It's a bit confusing... )


EDIT:  Reading again, UK169 did carry out the original repairs etc after you bought it from Yew Tree although you did say on the other thread £7k not £5k.  So in the 11 months since you bought the car, it's only been in your physical possession for a couple of weeks and the rest of the time it's been with UK169?  Did you get any money back from Yew Tree?

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Yes, sorry it’s £5000 not £7000 that I’ve spent on repairs. I know it sounds ridiculous, but originally I was quoted £1800 for the gearbox.


As I’d bought the car and obviously wasn’t going to get anything back from the promised warranty from Yew Tree cars, it was a decision that seemed the most realistic under the circumstances.


But then the scenario gets worse and it gets to a stage that you’ve invested such and such amount, constantly being assured that once this job is done the car will be in A1 condition……


To summarise:

Car bought 29th December 2020 

Went to Autoessentials aka 169UK beginning of January 2021.

Amount paid to above £5000

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still waiting ….. 12 months this week. Before Christmas I was told that a turbo had gone. A lot more blah blah blah, but he was going to sort it out. I didn’t bother chasing him again until last Monday. Said the car was now at the MOT garage, as they were going to sort it out. Today, the usual excuse, I’ll phone them and see how it’s going and call me back around 2.30pm. As usual, nothing.

What has been your experience, regarding what your vehicle went there for and what has happened since?

 I did manage to get his address though:

Unit 4 /18 burnt mills road north Benfleet Essex SS12 9JX

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Anymore contact with Mr Wilkinson?

I phoned him last Monday and was told it should be done this week blah blah blah and to check MOT status online. Surprise surprise, still not done!

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36 minutes ago, Adam_hargreaves said:

Hi Saints60, can you please contact me regarding 169uk.. i think iv had the same issue.. 

If you want help and support on any issue from either the site team or other people who have similar problems, then you should start a new thread.

Thank you

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