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I’m after some advise,

I had a RTA in march where the third party took full responsibility for the accident.

The accident resulted in my car being written off.

My premium did go up as a result of this. 

I have recently had another accident on a back road which will be deemed as 50/50.

With the damage to my car, the insurance will write it off.

I’m wondering if I claimed and brought the car back how this will effect my premium? 


Both accidents have happened whilst in work and if I claim that will be two crashes in a year.

Any advise will be much appreciated. 
Thank you.  

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I doubt it will make any difference at all. 


Every insurer has their own internal 'rules' for how  they calculate premiums but generally an accident will still be taken into account even if not your fault - but not as much as if it were your fault.


Fault and whether you make a claim  will be more relevant to what happens to your No Claims Bonus.


Have you reported the second accident to your insurer yet? If not you should, whether you intend to claim  or not. There's usually a policy condition requiring it. But also while you think it will be 50/50 that may not be what the third party thinks. You could receive a claim from him or his insurance company holding you 100% responsible for the accident. If that happens you will have a problem if you haven't reported the accident to your insurer.



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When renewal time comes around you might want to think about phoning a few insurers for quotes, rather than going online only. I say that because, many moons ago when I was at university, I worked for Post Office car insurance, and our internal systems allowed me to differentiate between a fault and non-fault accident. From memory I don't think many online quotation tools do, they simply ask you if you've been involved in any accidents within the past 5 years.


It may also be worth seeing what the quote to renew is from your current insurer. They will of course know liability for the first accident was fully accepted by the other side and so it shouldn't put your premium up. In those situations it's normal to retain your NCD as well.


Edit to say I agree with Ethel, you must inform your insurer quickly about this latest incident. You are obliged to do so, and in any case you must protect yourself against any 3rd party claims for damage or injury.

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